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xshanesworldx 23rd February 2014 02:17 AM

how to properly wire a crossover & 2 amps.
I have a:
Bbe Max3 2way stereo/3way mono sonic maximizer.
Pyle pt3300 amp.
Pyle pqa 5100 amp.
Harbinger hx 15.2 pair for pt3300. 600 rms/4ohms.
Rockville rsg 15.2 pair for pqa 5100 amp. 1500rms/4ohms.

I currently have ch1 low to pt, hi to pqa.
ch2 low to pqa, hi to pt.
My speaker cabinets all have high, mid, low speakers. Therefore, I don't want to make one amp for low, & the other for high, or else one set of speakers plays only low, while the other set is just high.
I am also daisy-chaining the speakers.
Is there a better way to make this connection better, which I believe so.
Thank you.

conanski 23rd February 2014 04:54 PM

You have 2 stereo amps and 4 speakers correct? If so each speaker is connected to it's own amp channel and that's it.. you can't daisy chain(link) the speakers together as well this serves no purpose and would short out the amplifiers. And if you want all 4 speakers to run fullrange then you can't use the BBE either just come from your console(mixer) to the inputs of the first amp and add a little jumper from the first amp to the second amp.

xshanesworldx 23rd February 2014 05:08 PM

Thanx for your reply. I do want to use the crossover for the clarity of sound it reproduces. Further, the amps can go to 2ohm with a higher wattage output. So it is beneficial to daisy-chain.

conanski 23rd February 2014 06:35 PM

Maybe you're not understanding.
You can not connect 2 amplifiers to the same speaker.
If you daisy chain two speakers together that creates a load at 1/2 the impedance of a single speaker and it still cannot be connected to more than 1 amplifier.
If you want all speakers to create fullrange sound you can not use the BBE device. It is first and foremost a crossover that splits sound into separate high and low bands and there is no way to bypass that processing.

xshanesworldx 23rd February 2014 08:45 PM

I'm no connecting two speakers to the same amp. It can work if I put a low and high from the xover to one amp. Will also still work if I put two highs to one amp& two lows to another amp. I'm using the xover freq knob to get speakers putting out high mid and low.
Looking for other ways, if either isn't really the correct way.
Do thank you for your time.

sreten 23rd February 2014 09:09 PM


Your arrangements with the x/o make no sense at
all with your amplifiers and passive 3 way speakers.

The active x/o really cannot do anything useful.

rgds, sreten.

xshanesworldx 23rd February 2014 09:49 PM

Ch1 high to amp1. Ch1 low to amp2. Ch2 high to amp2. Ch2 low to amp1. Then I daisy-chain a set of speakers from each amp.
Or if I put both lows from xover to amp1 & both highs from xover to amp2. Daisy-chaining speakers still. Works both ways. Adjusting the xover freq range.

conanski 24th February 2014 01:23 AM

If you're doing what I think you're doing you are risking destroying your amplifiers, it may work for a while but only because of the amplifiers built-in protection circuitry, sooner or later you're gonna blow them up.

You also need to explain what you mean by "daisy chaining", to everybody in the audio industry that means connecting 2 or more speakers systems together on a single amplifier output but I suspect that's not exactly what you're doing.

Maybe draw a simple line diagram of how you have things connected and post it up.

xshanesworldx 24th February 2014 01:45 PM

Yes, that is how I'm daisy-chaining. All speakers are 4ohm. My amps are rated to go to 2ohms. So daisy-chaining is okay.

conanski 24th February 2014 02:43 PM

Well that is OK but are you connecting a high and low amplifier output to the same speaker terminals? If your speakers can be configured for bi-amplification meaning there are separate connectors that are labelled hi and low that's perfectly fine, but if they only have 1 connection point for all drivers in the box then you cannot safely connect two amplifier outputs.

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