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22306 23rd November 2012 02:19 AM

help 2 receivers connect
I have 2 receivers and set A speakers and set b speakers. What want to do is to be able to connect speakers A to amp A and connect amp b withspeakers group b. I want group speaker be to also be connect to amp A but i want to be able to switch that on and off. So if i don't want group b connected to amp A i want to be able to switch it off but have amp B always connected to group speakers B.

Speedskater 23rd November 2012 10:54 PM

But receiver "A" may not be happy powering speakers "A" & "B" at the same time.
It might be easier to take a line level signal from receiver "A" to an input on receiver "B".

chrispenycate 25th November 2012 02:27 PM

Two different amps driving the same speakers at the same time is a no-no. You could mix the output of amp A, suitably attenuated, into the input of amp b, and use power amp b, or you could devise a switch (relay or manual) to change speakers b (both wires for each speaker; do not common output grounds) between amps A and b, but without serious resistive isolation (involves losing about half of your power) you can not parallel up power amp outputs.

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