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2sick2pray 20th November 2012 02:38 PM

My first attempt at a PA for Digital Flac Music
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I've just got moved into a 60yr old cinema theater , that was once apart of the Canadian Armed Forces air base. A good friend was able to buy the entire complex from a large Oil Co. and is planning to use the theater for many different venue apps.Right now he's waiting for the approvals to proceed so in the mean time, I've been blessed to set up on stage with a system I've been putting together, while on disability the last few yrs ($950/mos). I'll attach pics of gear and the stage. At the moment I've just received a condenser mike to auto allign the speakers, what a huge difference as I am just learning to use my Behr DCX2496, coupled with a old EV EX18 2 way, to go 3 way stereo and one summed Sub. My problem is that I aquired a USB to R232 DB9/DB25 and my Compo will not pick up the Behr. The driver installed properly and was updated OK while I run Win7. Still no Behr. Is there a work around or do I need another type of R232? I appreciate any and all help and I'm studying every day to become a better sound guy. Regards 2S2P

PS I found to the horn and Altec driver built into the stage. It appears to be whats left of a Baby Vott A7 and the drivers cone was hororified by some Moron and the horn had been chainsawed off of the original A7 (circa 1951). I will endeavor to rebuil the A7 and a 2nd one to bring the stage back to it's former glory. I attached the horn to my Paradigm PS1000 and slid back into place. 2S2P

Gyuri 20th November 2012 02:46 PM

Maybe your solution is an other USB -> RS232.
Or Windows 7's XP mode.

dangus 25th November 2012 12:23 AM

I used the serial connection at first, but at gigs a laptop just got in the way. The DCX2496 isn't that hard to set up using the front panel controls. Or, maybe you can scrounge an ancient laptop that has a built-in serial port.

It may be better and cheaper to just buy new Eminence drivers than rebuild old Altecs. You can get a PSD2002 compression driver cheaper than a replacement Altec diaphragm.

Paradise_Ice 14th December 2012 07:44 PM

If the coil is intact on the drive unit you could rebuild it with a cone kit and surround. Maybe not a most cost effective as drive units are cheap these days. But its a great feeling repairing an old solid unit. What else do you have planned for this place?

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