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PASY 9th November 2012 03:35 PM

Small powered monitor (PA) project
Hi everybody,

I'm a musician. I play ancient wind instruments and I'm also a singer. My instruments doesn't play very loud so I would like to give them a boost. I bought a week ago the small B205D from behringer. It broke! I'm tired of buying things and don't be able to repair it!

I need that kind of device and I would like to build something like it. A monitor (PA) powerful enough to fill a room with 50 persons. Actually, I want to build two devices so I can get stereo sound. I want it to be self powered so I can just plug the speaker and play. I also want to be able to use it as a monitor on stage. I don't play in a rock band... ancient-contemporary-jazzy music so I don't need a big thing!
My questions:
I would like to use the Fostex FF165WK 6.5" Full Range. Do you think it's enough? I want something small!
What kind of amp do I put in one cabinet? Mono amp? Suggestions?
If you have suggestions don't please tell me!
You can consider that I have a certain experience in soldering I made a tube stereo amp kit, several small amp kits, solar panels...
I also have woodworking experience I build musical instruments, hurdy gurdy, toys, i'm building a house...
Here you can here the kind of music that I play

Thanks for your help!!!

tinitus 9th November 2012 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by PASY (
My questions:
I would like to use the Fostex FF165WK 6.5" Full Range. Do you think it's enough? I want something small!

absolute not, no sir
but lets think about it ;)

any size limits(box) ?

hmm, I have small guitar preamp, with additional stereo input for ipod or what you want to use for music
where are you located in this world ?

btw, a stereo head phone amp and a small jfet input booster might be ok
what mics do use for your instrument ?
we need to know impedance

speaker, thinking of Fane 12" fullrange(12-200LT)
high Qts, but seems to be fine in about 100liter closed box
not sure I would build amps in the speakers
powered speakers as they are called appears a bit too 'inconvenient' to me

Osvaldo de Banfield 9th November 2012 04:12 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Although i'm not musician but electronic engineer, I may suggest a simple TDA2003 powered from a 12V 7Ah gel battery. In a separate box you can make a simple battery charger around a LM317. In few minutes you can have it working, and it is inexpensive.

PASY 9th November 2012 04:36 PM

Cool! Already some answers!

I'm from Québec (Canada)

any size limits(box) ? Let's say approx 16"X10"X10" I really need it small!

I use
a AT pro 61 (dynamic)
a condensor mic AT3035.
a preamp M-Audio DMP3
and I often use my laptop for effects and loops.

I would like an easy build project with a full range driver if possible.
I'm looking foward to your suggestions!


Osvaldo de Banfield 9th November 2012 04:46 PM

It depends in the bass limit you want, the higher the low frequency limit, the smaller the box can be done. Remember that a hermetically closed box increases the low frequency cut off of the speaker, causing bass response miss.

tinitus 9th November 2012 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by PASY (
a preamp M-Audio DMP3

ouch, 25liter box limit :scratch2:

your mic preamp is probably fine
but you may need one more booster/preamp to drive power amps

a battery chip amp sounds cheap, at least :D

PASY 9th November 2012 04:51 PM

for the bass... I will probably make a subwoofer later...
Now what I need is really a simple small portable effective unit with a nice sound.
I know I'm asking a lot... :)

PASY 9th November 2012 04:56 PM

any idea for the driver?

Osvaldo de Banfield 9th November 2012 04:56 PM

What is "nice sound"? TDA2003 has been used in car radios/stereos by a decade. I'm currently using them to drive my K15's with plenty of power sufficient to vibrate the walls of my house, listening to Sabina and Serrat.

PASY 9th November 2012 05:06 PM

Thanks for the diagram. I did put it in my folder!
I'm trying to get as many ideas as possible.


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