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DJ RB 2nd May 2012 12:50 AM

Mobile line array
So basically what I'm trying to do is build a line array from scratch that I can take apart and use less for smaller gigs and load onto my trailer...

So far this is my idea which I'm always open to suggestions...

Have 6 cabs/boxes total, 3 seperate boxes per side (stage right and stage left), each box containing 2 12's and a compression horn. The 12's are 8ohm each and id just wire each box parrallel and the horn for each box would be 8ohm and run out by itself from each box. Between each of those boxes is a 4-6" pole mount tube that I cut from one longer one. The boxes will have a recessed pole mount on the sides and the top box will have one on one side and one on the bottom. This way for smaller gigs I only use the top box and stand it up like a normal system and for bigger gigs I can add one box or 2 boxes to either side. Same with the amps. I have one big gator box for all 4 amps or I can use my 4 space box for smaller gigs and have just the highs amp and the mids amp. My lows would be a seperate gator box with my mic setup. My question is can I use the internal crossovers from my amps (crown xls series) or should I buy externals to go on top of them? Ive always had just mains and subs and called it done but I wanna try and rent this out to bands and I'd be the one running sound and also use this for my mobile DJ setup. Any help is apprieciated :D

Hopefully I explained all that right lol

dangus 2nd May 2012 08:07 AM

Personally I like the idea of passive crossovers for compression drivers. There's too much chance of something going expensively wrong if amps are connected directly to the diaphragms.

And as for line arrays, I'd like to try smaller drivers, perhaps the ones Eminence promotes for line sources, with maybe a slot tweeter for the top end. I have no practical experience with this arrangement. I just figure smaller drivers do better midrange, and the line source has a useful radiation pattern.

DJ RB 2nd May 2012 07:09 PM

Thats what I have always heard too, was to stick with 12" or smaller for mids. Everyone I have seen uses 6-10" I just need that extra little since I'm using it for smaller gigs as well. I had planned on dual 15" mains but since I'm running 18" subs there would be no point since they basically play the same freq's. Thats why I bumped it down to 12's and make it a sealed box to get the punchy mids. I'm putting all 4 of my subs into this setup as well, so I need something that is loud enough to be heard clearly. Running 4 x 18" subs, ported, and 750rms each and 101db 1/w. The 12's are 450rms each and rated IIRC 99-100db 1/w. I really want the 44XT's but they are waaay out of my budget and I'm also trying to keep the weight down. I was thinking something more in the line of the D220ti's, because there will be times when I don't have my friends with me to help set this up.

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