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paperman 7th February 2012 11:21 AM

New to PA need help on set-up with current gear
I am president of a fireworks club in Michigan. We bought a Peavey XR 8600 powered mixer and a set of PR 12 cabs to go with it. It sounds OK for our normal use. I built a pair of SS15 last week and was looking at a Crown Xti 4000 to push them. Can anybody tell me if this will would be an OK set-up or do I need additional harware to make it all work together. My assumtion was the Crown can do the EQing for the lows by itself? Feel free to tell me Im a dumbass and need to read more if thats what it takes. Thanks for the time.

Mike Caldwell 7th February 2012 01:53 PM

I take it that SS15 is a sub/low end cabinet and you want to use the Peavey Pr12 cabinets for mid/hi's. If so the XTI4000 can do what you need to bi-amp the system. You will need to download software from Crown to be able to fully program and set up the amp. The "band manager" version of the software will work fine for what you need to do, the full version of the System Architect software is a much larger download and it set up operate all of the Harmon group equipment.
With the amp software you can set up the crossover functions, EQ, and limiting. I would set ch.1 for the lows and ch.2 for mid / hi's. Select the Y input mode. Using just the one amp your system will be mono.

paperman 7th February 2012 01:56 PM

You have my basic idea. The mixe is powered with a pair of 600w amps internal. The mixer is powering the two 12" cabs for our use now. It just does not have ( as it was nto intended to have) much for low end. I am really looking for the best way to to feed the amp off of the mixer and ge the best sound.

Speedskater 7th February 2012 08:55 PM

I never heard of a fireworks club. What does it do?

col 7th February 2012 09:21 PM

Hi Paperman,

Jbell the creator of the SS15 swears by the Crown XTI amps, you should be able to easily acchieve a good setup. Running the XTI as a stereo subwoofer amp, use a high pass filter 24db at 40hz. Then a low pass at around 100-120hz. On the powered mixer it will have a fullrange signal pass-through, or booth out, connect that to the XTI. On the Powered mixer you would then simply cut the frequencies using EQ below 100hz to the mid-highs. Makesure the switch on the EQ is pointing to main mix.


paperman 7th February 2012 09:26 PM

We are a group of folks that like to build and use things that make loud noises and pretty colors. We have 5-6 permited shoots per year where people bring shells that they haev either built or bought. We also have a big following of the consumer level guys. Shells from 1" up to home built 24" 180# monsters. is our group or look at for the national level.

We use this system to announce the shells being fired to give the crowd notice of what the shell effect is, size and who made it. Some of our displays are shot in time to music and that is where the subs with bottom end come into play. PGI 2010 - MPAG Display, Part 1 - YouTube One of big dispalys over 3000 shots in 20 mins.

paperman 7th February 2012 09:30 PM

Thanks col. thats what I figured, should be pretty straight forward.

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