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illacov 1st September 2007 06:02 PM

Please help me repair my PA speakers
It looks like I have blown my pa speakers.

They "were" Behringer P2520s, but due to some unfortunate events, along with the worst electricity in town, our speakers blew after months of fine service.

So now, I am in the position of replacing the speakers.

The P2520s are a cabinet that houses 2 - 15" speakers along with 1 - 1.75" tweeter.

My problem surrounds the built in crossover in the cabinet. Obviously the tweeter can't take full bandwidth and i was convinced about the eminence cabinet ready series (cross overs). However they (the eminence x overs) can only take a 400 watt load.

So the question remains about how to wire this damn thing up!

Im already under the impression that a resistor or circuit of some kind is in place in the cabinet to crossover what gets sent to the tweeter, versus the 2 15" woofers. I would feel a whole lot better if I were to replace that entirely, so that I wouldnt have to worry about it.

Can anyone shed some light on the subject for me??

What am I missing??

I have a few friends who might be able to help me with this situation, but this site seems like its brimming with knowledgeable people.

Right now the only real missing piece to the puzzle for me is the whole crossover issue INSIDE the cabinet, meaning what should i use?

I would greatly appreciate the help.

BTW, the rep at parts express said the speakers he recommended would be a 1200 watt rms setup for each cabinet!

He recommended (2) - Eminence Kappa-15LFA (8 ohm)

and (1) - Eminence PSD:2002S (8 ohm)

Now originally the p2520's were 4 ohm cabinets. I have no clue how this would work, since this looks like there would be 2 - 8ohm woofers/drivers and 1 - 8ohm tweeter.

Im not really getting alot of straight answers about the whole 2 way speaker business.

I would like just do drop in replacements for this. I think that would be the best option. To just wire and soldier (if necessary) in whatever needs to be replaced.

One last thing, I have a 2400 watt amp. It puts out 750 watts a side in stereo at 4 ohms and 2400 watts at 4 ohms bridged.

What I was thinking is to get another amp, if I put together two cabinets like this so I can drive them effectively.

Please somebody help me out here.

Langston Masingale
CEO, Mt. Olympus Records

Inductor 1st September 2007 11:41 PM

Sure people will help, illacov, but do you want to DIY. Do you have the time? It's a good choice for your speakers (Eminence). If not you can just buy from the shop.
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illacov 12th September 2007 05:03 AM

So here's the deal:

I took my speakers to a local repair/service shop and before hand I'd looked up the whole Eminence line and decided on this:

Each double 15" cabinet would have (2) Eminence Delta 15b woofers
and one Eminence PSD2002 driver.

I chose the 15bs so that when the woofers were wired in parallel (internally) each set of woofers would have an 8 ohm draw. This would allow me to run both cabinets in parallel for a 4 ohm load, which allows me to bridge my amp and feed each set of woofers 1200 watts.

The hi drivers (PSD2002) would be getting a good dose of juice from my crown amp, but they would be able to take the watts.

I also had the tech re-wire the original terminal plates (remove the pos crossover from behringer) and set up the cabinets for biamping (he also installed another set of terminal plates, because I like having dedicated terminals instead of stripping my speakon cables) so that I can just use my active crossover.

This is all being done for the grand total of 594.00 after taxes.

When you think about it for small club use this should be a pretty rocking system, the tech seems to think so as well. And for under 600 bucks this is one heck of a price.

Any comments?? My new babies should be done by next week.


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