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TroelsM 20th June 2007 06:30 AM

Semi-PA-Mid-horn-DIY ?

This might be a dumb question, and in that case i apologize in advance.

I have no experience with horns, but I have a basic electro-acoustic knowledge from my EE-education.

I know that there are a few design program floating around the web that lets me simulate bass-horns, but would they also be able to simulate mid-horns?

If I would like to play loud ( and sometimes I would...), I might get the crazy idea that a number of 5" full-range-speakers could be horn-loaded and play from approx 300Hz to where ever a Piezo/bullet/treble-horn could take over.

Bottoms could be like this: -> horn Sub Jr

I would imagine that a horn with a (decent) response from 300Hz to say 4KHz would be somewhat tricky to calculate and perhaps even trickier to make. I have the skills and tools to do the woodworking, but I need a starting point.

Could this be done?

What kind of "boost" could I get from a horn?

If a full-range is used from 300Hz and up, how much "more power" could it absorb? -Twice the full-range-power?

(You may ask "why?" and it would be a good question.... Because it could be fun and horns look wicked and I have 8 5" philips fullrange-speakers...)

Regards TroelsM

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