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renfrow 16th July 2006 05:03 AM

OLD Stoner Rock
As Sy referenced in the 'Stoner Rock' thread, there's a difference between what us old geezers call 'Stoner Rock' and what the young geezers call it :-).

Here's some of what I considered stoner rock from 60's and 70's:

It's a Beautiful Day
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Pink Floyd
Procol Harum
Jethro Tull(Thick as a Brick!)

Can't think of any more, off hand :-) What do you think?


kmj 16th July 2006 05:48 AM

Oh, Stoner for me are bands like Cathedral, Orange goblin, Astroqueen amd such.

facundonu 16th July 2006 06:30 AM

black sabbath of course!!

and the second and third pink floyd era, from ummagumma to animals.
first was more about LSD than pot, and later they obviously got into cocaine.

SY 16th July 2006 11:50 AM

"It's a Beautiful Day" was a wonderful flash in the pan. Many years later, I found myself playing one evening with Dave LaFlamme. I felt like Chris Farley, "Hey man, remember White Bird? It was awesome." (BTW, this was in Salt Lake City)

Tull was a funny one. Their fans were by and large stoners, but Ian Anderson was (and is) militantly anti-drug. TAAB was much less of a stoner album than Benefit. And (to me) much less interesting. Blodwyn Pig, a Tull offshoot, was more about drinking and getting into bar fights.

How did the Grateful Dead miss your list? The Ultimate Stoner Band. King Crimson, MacDonald and Giles, The Nice, Family, Captain Beefheart, lots of great old school stuff.

poobah 16th July 2006 01:30 PM


You danced oh so carefully around ELP? ...stoner for sure.

Early Yes, like "Tales from Topographic Oceans" was stoner too. Most of that hit me like Beethoven. Didn't go down so well at first... it had to grow on you. And as good as they all were, you did have to be stoned to appreciate it.

Something about "taking a face from the ancient gallery and walking down the hall" should earn the Doors a mention.

Edit: OOPS: Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane...


SY 16th July 2006 01:39 PM


You danced oh so carefully around ELP?
I got two out of the three. Maybe I should have added Arthur Brown or Atomic Rooster to hit the trifecta. But really, ELP was just a gussied-up Nice.

poobah 16th July 2006 01:47 PM

True... but I think Trilogy was the pinnacle of things. I still have the vinyl... and the C3, the restoration of which still pending.

SY 16th July 2006 01:50 PM

Ewww. That was after they started taking themselves seriously, which is death for a rock band.

pinkmouse 16th July 2006 01:53 PM

Has anyone mentioned Genesis yet?

poobah 16th July 2006 01:54 PM

It was always the Emerson does Ginastera show... and you're right... they should have bought restaurants and hotels after Brain Salad Surgery.

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