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Prune 2nd January 2005 04:34 AM

Unpopular music
I just wonder if I'm the only person that listens to Roxette. When my friends find out they usually laugh. At least they haven't seen my Aznavour CDs... :eek:

(I was born in 1980 so I've heard lots of such music in my childhood, which maybe explains why it's found a place in my collection)

peranders 2nd January 2005 06:45 AM

I must confess I have a few Roxette CD's but they are also swedes so it is perhaps less embarrasing.

Did you know the band Gyllene Tider formed by Per Gessle did tour the summer 2004 and almost 500000 saw they in Sweden! They got equally much audioance as Pink Floyd, Stones, Bowie etc. They filled the football/soccer arena Ullevi in Göteborg with over 50000 people.

demogorgon 15th January 2005 11:37 PM

That has to be the sadest thing I'v ever heard.. ;)

Roxette is relativly popular here in Norway too, but then, they'r our neighbours, so we feel we have to buy their records :D

Jimmy154 21st January 2005 03:06 AM

For me it's Ace of Bass or nothing.

I saw the sign and it opened up my mind :clown:

What popular/crappy songs does/did Roxette have?

bobhayes 23rd January 2005 11:51 PM

I just love Take on me by A HA. Are they swedish or Danish? Can't remember. Can't remember any Roxette songs either, but they come flooding back when you here them on the radio!
Abba rule!!!!

phn 1st February 2005 06:56 PM

Maybe I'm missing something. But Roxette isn't exactly what I think of when I think unpopular music. It's the very definition of popular music. It was tailored for the FM stations. In Roxette's case, I'm pretty sure it was tailored specifically for the American market. (The European FM stations used to be better than the American ones, but are virtually indistinguishable today.) It was designed not to be different than anything else playing. It was designed not to rock the boat. It was designed to be mucus.

Roxette made more money on one album than most jazz artists do in a lifetime. So, yes, I would most definitively call jazz unpopular music. And had it not been for Europe, jazz artists the world over would have been in the poorhouse. Of course, if you want really unpopular music, try something like Einstürzende Neubauten.

Sorry for going on a rant here.


perhaps less embarrasing
You wish. ;)


What popular/crappy songs does/did Roxette have?
Try "Joyride."

And A-Ha is Norwegian.

Joules 1st February 2005 07:22 PM

How about the Thompson Twins ? ... Hold Me Now. Take me up. ect

And how about something obscure like Triumvirat.

Ropie 1st February 2005 07:26 PM

...Doctor, Doctor

Embarrasing bands - how about The The? :D :D

Joules 1st February 2005 07:47 PM

...Doctor, Doctor
Here, Here

By the way, Roxette's big thing in the US was "She's got the look"

Any 70's Wierdos out there?

phn 1st February 2005 07:58 PM


By the way, Roxette's big thing in the US was "She's got the look"
Yes, I remember that one. But I didn't want to sound too knowledgeable. Nah, I had completely forgot about that one. But once you mentioned it I could hear the refrain in my head.

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