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moe29 17th December 2004 04:52 PM

Colored Vinyl Sound Quality
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Was just wondering, is the sound quality of colored vinyl considered
to be inferior to black vinyl? I'm not asking about picture discs,
just red, pink, etc.



(listening to his new pink copy of Tori Amos's Under the Pink)

((on his new VPI Scout / Grado Sonata / diy Pearl / PD-Brian GT Gain Clone / B&W 805 Matrix))

(((music is cool))) ;)

Mad_K 17th December 2004 06:01 PM

I my experience the colored discs give me a lot of surface noise :(

BTW sounds like a nice system you've put together moe. How do you feel the GC manages to drive the 805's ?

moe29 17th December 2004 06:32 PM

The GC seems to run the 805's just fine at my listening levels.
It runs out of steam a little at high levels, but my living room isn't
a disco :) I was surprised at how good it sounds. Probably has a
lot to do with Peter and Brian's design and the lovely chasis.

My main speakers are a pair of Bottlehead Straight 8's,
that i usually pair with an Aleph 3 or my Zen, X-SOZ, or other
lower powered amps. The 805's came over from the home theatre
side of things just for fun.

This is the first vinyl i've had in my stystem since '85 or so!
Building the Pearl made me get a turntable. I'm listening to a lot
of music, so the combo must be doing someting right! :)

Good to hear from you Mads!

jeff spall 24th December 2004 11:06 AM

Hi, I think it's generally recognised that coloured vinyl was used for sales rather than sound.

The carbon that makes a record black is in there, I think, for a a number of reasons and maybe more than these ones I have heard of:
1 as a carbon atom is a few hundred times smaller than a vinyl molecule, adding it results in smoother groove walls which will allow a theoretically higher dynamic range and lower niose.
2 It helps stiffen the groove walls which has to be good for accurate reproduction
3 A stylus generates a *lot* of local heat when tracking and adding carbon helps dissipate it. Without carbon, there can be local melting of the groove wall, which is maybe why coloured LPs don't last long or sound noisy very quickly.

Not sure about this, but maybe also the mechanical impedence of the record changes, too (??)

regards, Jeff

Dude111 12th September 2014 02:28 PM

I had a QUIEX record once (See thru) the sound quality was disgusting compared to a traditional record!!

Ill take reg black anyday!!

multisync 12th September 2014 02:36 PM

I prefer yellow vinyl, a more softer subdued sound. Green vinyl is too bright. Pink, well we all know about people who like pink.

On a more serious note there is bad black vinyl and good black vinyl. I am sure coloured is the same.

Dude111 13th September 2014 07:39 AM

Ya Im pretty sure you right multisync cause I have heard BAD BLACK!!

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