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freedom 20th November 2004 12:56 PM

Music to listen to
Dear all.

Would like to hear your opinion on these 2 pieces of music.

Hang On Extended
Take My Heart

Being the artist on these songs i have the possibilty to allow you to listen to them in uncompressed quality without getting any copyright organisation on my back. You´re hereby allowed to burn them on a CD-R.

Note: This is pop-music.

I know it takes some time to download .wav files. However i thinks it better than .mp3 (No compression discussion in this thread - thanks)

The tracks can be downloaded at:

user: diy
pass: audio

Hang On was a #1 hit in Denmark during 2000-2001 and nominated for a Danish Music Award 2001. The album had 12 tracks, on of them (the best i think) is Take My Heart.

The album went gold and Hang On was double platinum single.

Now, sales doesn´t necessarily guarantee good music or good quality. So what i would like is your opinion when listening without prejudice.

The music is produced by danish producers Raven and KayDee and are recorded and mixed at Lundgaard Studios Denmark on a Euphonix CS2000 desk. This desk has since been upgraded to a CS3000 for further information.

Take My Heart is mastered at Tocano Mastering in Copenhagen by Jan Elliason

Hang On 2002 is mastered by world known mastering engineer Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room in Stockholm, Sweden. Check his CV at

So every effort within possible reaches on every aera of these recordings has ben put into it.

I would like comments on these tracks. All kind of comments.

Spend some time with them - i belive it´s worth it - even though i´m naturally disqualified to discuss!

Thanks in advance :-)


Hans-Henning /Denmark

PS: Note that the ftp is at my personal address, and has a limited bandwith of 512 kbps upload. So if the some of you has trouble getting the files - try again later.

freedom 28th November 2004 07:44 PM

Hi everyone

So far 99 views, but no comments.

I´ve noticed that some of you have taken the time to download the music.

I´m looking forward for the comments - no news is in this case not good news i presume... :-)'



Bigfoot15 27th December 2004 08:30 PM

After listenning to both songs, I'd say I prefer "Take my Heart" because it feels "warmer" and the vocal are balanced a little better with the musical part of the song (to my personal taste anyway). Vocals are great.

My first impression is that it's better quality than most pop music I listenned to so far, and it sounded very good on my speakers.

Please note that I listen to about every styles of music and that I only have a few hundred CD's, so I don't have that much of each kind.

I'm not into technical stuff about recording, I only listen although I occasionally hook up a bass guitar on my system, playing along with the music. When nobody's around, especially neighbors : I have 30" subs in my main speakers and I'm not very good.

Le Basseur 27th December 2004 09:05 PM


Originally posted by freedom

So far 99 views, but no comments.

Maybe it's the wrong forum...try on

saharirannejad 11th July 2005 06:53 AM


I want the song "Hang on" please. but maybe the pass of ftp site is changed because i can't log on.

What should i do ?


freedom 15th July 2005 07:33 AM

Hi there!

Sorry, but an error invoked by me, causes the FTP to not function. It will be fixed within 24 hour - then you have access again. :-)

Thanks for the interest. Please do send me comments!


Hans-Henning, Denmark

freedom 15th July 2005 07:40 AM


Originally posted by saharirannejad

I want the song "Hang on" please. but maybe the pass of ftp site is changed because i can't log on.

What should i do ?


Hi again.

Now it is working :-)

Regards, Freedom, Denmark

saharirannejad 15th July 2005 04:45 PM


I have heared a part of song "hang on" in a clip of Dj Aligator "Denmark 2002 Music Award" . It really sounds good. I am going to listen to it .

Thank you.

freedom 15th July 2005 08:52 PM

Hi again. Now it is there with an .mp3 in 192 kbps.

As an artist I will not compress it more than that in order to preserve atleast some audio-quality. It is around 7 MB.

Happy listening :-)

Regards Hans-Henning, Denmark

saharirannejad 16th July 2005 11:21 AM

thank you very much . and why you use this slogon "if you cannot measure it,you cannot improve it." ?

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