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dice45 11th July 2002 02:07 PM

Scott Joplin: need hints!

can anyone recommend a good, maybe outstanding perfomance of Scott Joplin's ragtime, played on the piano?

Thanks in Advance!

Duo 11th July 2002 02:11 PM

Hmmm, I'm not sure where to find something like that. I play piano, but not well enough to play what you wanted. Have you tried checking in a library, they usually have music there. Or try to download it on the internet...

GRollins 11th July 2002 03:29 PM

I believe Wilson Records (American audiophile label) had two volumes of ragtime, but I don't know how available they'd be where you are; you'd have to buy them used. Their recordings always sounded good, but I wouldn't be able to vouch for the performance, not having bought them.


Geoff 11th July 2002 03:29 PM


You don't mention which format you are looking for. I had an excellent LP many years ago but unfortunately cannot remember the pianist or label. If you are looking for a CD, my ancient (10 year old) 'Gramophone' good CD guide lists the following:

RCA Victor Gold Seal GD87993, entitled 'Piano Works' and performed by Dick Hyman.


dice45 11th July 2002 08:25 PM

Grey and Geoff,
WilsonAudio and Dick Hyman. Good start.

Format: Did you really expect i limit myself to vinyl if it comes to music? Me music maniac? :)

I take every format , any format, hand-engraved left cut wooden discs, Edison cylinders, shellacs, even 15" transkiption disks, MD, vinyl, CD, tape, VCR. OK, making fun, tapes, DVD-a and SACD would be a pain, would have to have a buddy transfer them for me on CD or MD or whatever.

Geoff, do you still have the LP you mention in storage? i'll be patient, could you look it up for me?

Any further hints for Scott Joplin?

Geoff 11th July 2002 08:36 PM


Sorry, I no longer have this LP, nor any others. All my collection was lost during an enforced move (divorce).


Robert_NC 12th July 2002 02:55 PM

If you are looking for Scott's ragtime, get the cd to "The Entertainer" has some of his stuff.

buchignani 22nd July 2002 09:26 PM

Joplin piano recordings
There are tons of these. Two I have that are pretty good are titled:

Scott Joplin (played by John Arpin)
Scott Joplin Piano Roles (of course, played originally by Joplin).

FYI, I play a lot of ragtime, and could dig up other CDs of relevance. Joplin has a lot of interesting contemporaries...


Thomas 22nd July 2002 09:39 PM


Originally posted by Geoff
RCA Victor Gold Seal GD87993, entitled 'Piano Works' and performed by Dick Hyman.


I own one Jazz CD performed by Dick Hyman, it isn't this one, but I can tell his performance on piano is exelent.

dice45 23rd July 2002 01:01 AM

Thanks, Folks!

So i have two votes for Dick Hyman :)

would be very interested if you could dig around a bit. TIA!

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