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Xplorer 9th June 2004 05:39 AM

music w/ some BASS
Hey everyone, i just got some new subs and speakers in my car and was looking for some music (mainly hip-hop/rap/r&b) that has alot of bass or any good deep bass hits in it to show off the system. ex.Keepin it gangsta by fabolous. thanx

NB23 12th June 2004 10:33 PM

I'll suggest three six mafia-da unbreakables album. Has lots of RMS bass.
The new D12 world album w/eminem, is also good.

Sebastiaan 12th June 2004 11:54 PM

Dear Explorer,

Herbie Hancock, "This is da drum"! This is by far the sickest low end I ever heard at any cd! There is a lot of low information in the upper lowend betweem the 20 and 35 Hz.! Further, If you can appreciate the great synth lines of this great Synth/piano player you are in heaven :)

Good luck!

Kind regards,

5th element 13th June 2004 01:06 AM

Lauryn Hills Do wop (that thing) has some serious low thumps in it also.

trans192 13th June 2004 03:01 AM

Try Techmaster P.E.B.
if you like techno this is a great disc with "ultra low bass" "Caution: Ultra Low Bass May Damage Speakers" it says right on the cover.

For a little less radikal music try Sarah McLaughlin, the Solace album, track 6, Back Door Man

Xplorer 13th June 2004 10:19 PM

Thanks everyone for the replies, im gonna DL all of them and check em out. I think three-six mafia is more my type though.

Hybrid fourdoor 14th June 2004 05:53 AM

Chances are if you download 128kbps songs (as most Kazzaa type stuff is), it won't have all that low end in there. Alot of the MP3's I have don't have much low low bass, but that might also be from being downloaded in a Napster type era :rolleyes:

SkinnyBoy 14th June 2004 05:57 AM

I Love Big Speakers...

SkinnyBoy 14th June 2004 06:00 AM

what speakers you got anyway?
Chris 8inch Venoms are nice.. :D lol

I tried a 12inch sub, in a tuned box.... it didn't go as low, or as loud.. :p I don't think its tuned quite as low as the 8's :(

mashaffer 21st July 2004 03:26 AM

I know you were interested in showing the system but I thought I would add some thoughts on testing and tweeking.

To really test bass capability you will have to dump the Hip-Hop. :bigeyes: ;) But for some rock suggestions see the end of the post.

But seriously there are several aspects to good bass reproduction including balance, coloration, extension and transients. Just about any sub will produce a one note thump in the 40-70 Hz range. If you are interested in true fidelity I would suggest some of these tests.

Extension: Pipe organ - Not your style I imagine but if you can find a good recording of a large quality instrument using 32 foot pedal stops the low C is about 17Hz. To my knowledge no other instrument goes as low (electronic synth of course excepted). At high volume levels you will soon find out whether your system has adequate output before clipping or bottoming the drivers. The organ is a "slow" instrument thhough and won't tell you much about transients. The tone quality between instruments and different stops is so variable that it is difficult to detect coloration and balance problems.

Coloration and balance: Good orchestral recordings of classical era chamber music. If the string bass, cello and bassoon don't sound right you have a problem with ragged response. Large orchesta and choral won't be as helpful here because there is so much going on that makes it difficult to focus on smooth response. Some times small brass choir can be helpful here also.

Transients: Drums. If you can get some vintage 70s recordings by Kansas you will often hear the double kick drums getting a good workout. Listen for clean separation between the strikes and sharp attacks. A poorly set up system will oftem blur this type of thing into mushy, thumpy mush. Tympani is also a good test. They may not sound like they are very low on the spectum but they do have a sharp bass transient. A sustained roll should sound smooth but a hard initial strike should be sharp and punchy.

As for just impressing folks there was a song that Boston used to do (I can't remember the name to save my soul) that had a electronic intro in which there was a nice sustained low note which was pretty good at rattling the windows. :D

Vintage Kool and the Gang is also good. There recordings had the requisite low pulse but seemed cleaner than most to my ears. They also made very effective use of brass which gives a nice zing to the upper midrange as well. The overall result is very pleasing to my ears. If your system is unbalanced in the high end it will probably show up with this also.

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