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Rixsta 22nd April 2004 12:41 PM

Rock - Progressive Rock ->>>
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Those of you who like pop music or are afraid of different music this might not be for you.

Ok what is progressive rock you might be wondering
(a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s; associated with attempts to combine rock with jazz and other forms; intended for listening and not dancing)

If you ask a dozen different fans of progressive rock for a definition of "prog", you're going to get a dozen different answers. But most of the definitions boil down to one of two groups.

Definition 1 - defining it as a genre: Some people think of prog-rock as a specific type of music. They either define it by the song structures (songs that are 20 minutes long with multiple movements, songs with lots of counterpoint, etc), or by the instrumentation (songs featuring a mellotron or lots of synthesizers, songs with instruments not usually found in rock like flute, violin, etc). This sort of prog is usually based on classical forms. People who define progressive rock this way tend to prefer the symphonic prog bands from the 70s, and the "neo-prog" bands of the 80s and 90s who play in a similar style.

Definition 2 - defining it as an attitude: Other people think of prog-rock as any music that is only classified as rock-and-roll because it can't be defined otherwise. Anything that pushes the boundries or breaks new ground. Stuff that there's no chance in hell you'd ever hear on the radio. The instrumentation and song structures don't have to fit any pre-conceived categories. These people are usually as open to new bands as they are the experimental older bands.

My personal definition falls somewhere in between. I love many of the bands of the 70s, but not quite as many newer bands playing in the same style . I also like Progressive metal, like dream theatre. ect
And my favorite prog bands are Cressida, Nektar and man

So how about you guys and girls here?

You can add your favoruit bands or just discuss.

The following is a list of Progressive Rock bands for the search engine & diy audio

Please exuse the length of this.

A Piedi Nudi Aardvark Abacus Abel Ganz Abercrombie, John Abiogenesi Abissi Infiniti Abou-Khalil, Rabih Abrahams, Mick Abraxas Abraxis Absalom, Mike Absolute Elsewhere Absolute Zero Abus Dangereux Academia Accademia Accidente A.C.E.M.S. Acezantez Achim Ache Acintya Acqua Fragile Ad Infinitum Ad Vitam Adisos Aditus Advent Aelian Aeoliah Aera Affinity Afflatus After Crying After Dinner After The Fire After The Stranger After The War Agam Agamemnon Agamon Ageness Aghora Agincourt Agitation Free Agnus Agora Agoston Trio Aguaturbia Aguilar, Ildefonso Ahora Mazda Ailana Ain Soph Ainigma Air Airbridge Airey, Don Airlord Airto Akacia Akasha Akineton Retard Akkerman, Jan Akritas Aksak Maboul Aktuala Alamaailman Vasarat Alameda Alarcen, Jean-Pierre Alas Alaska Albatros Albatross Albero Motore Albion Alcatraz Aleacion Alembic Virtual Aleph Alex Algaravia Algebra Alef Algarnas Tradgard Alias Eye Alice Alien Planetscapes All Ice Allen, Daevid Alliance Allesandroni, Allesandro Alluminogeni Allusa Fallax Alma Da Terra Almqvist, Thomas Alpha III Alpha Centauri Alpha Du Centaure Alpha Ralpha Alphataurus Alquimia Alquin Alsur Altair Altais Altmayer, Michel Altona Alto Stratus Altura Alux Nahual Alvaro Ama Amalgam Amarok Amaxis Amazing Blondel Amber Route Ambrosia Ame Son Amenophis Amirkhanian, Charles AMM Amon Duul Amos Key Anabis Anacruza Anal Magic Analogy Anamorphose Ananga Ranga Ancient Future Ancient Veil Ancient Vision Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe Anderson, Don Anderson, Laurie Anderson, Jon Andromeda Andrst, Lubos Anekdoten Ange Angipatch Anglabarn Anglagard Angra Anima Anima Sound Animal Couch Animator Ankh Ann Douar Bras Anna Sjalv Tredje Annalist Annexus Quam Anno Luz Anode Anonima Sound LTD Anonymous Anoxie Ant-Bee Antares Antonius Rex Anubis Anyone's Daughter Aptrea, Coste Aphrodite's Child Apocalypse Apocalypsis Apogee Apologia Lupi Apoteosi Apres La Pluie Apsaras Aqsak Maboul Aquarell Aquarelle Aquelarre Ar Bras, Dan Arachnoid Aragon Arakontis Araujo, Marco Antonio Arbete och Fritid Arc Arcadium Arcane V Arcansiel Archaia Archimedes Badkar Architectural Metaphor Arco Iris Arcturus Ardley, Neil Ardo Dombec Area Arena Argent Ariel Ark Arkadas Arkangel Arktis Arkus Armageddon Arnold, Horacee Arrakeen Ars Nova Arsenal Art Art Bears Art In America Art Moulu Art Rock Circus Art Zoyd Art Zoyd III Artcane Arti E Mestieri Artman, Gilbert ARTSRUNI Arzachel Asfalto Asgard Ash Ra Tempel Ashra Ashquelon Quilt Ashule Asia Asia Minor Aside Beside Aslan Association PC Associaux Associes Assolo di Bongo Asterix Astral Dance Astral Navigations Astralsia Astre Asturias AT Ensemble Ataraxia Atavism Of Twilight Atheist Atila Atkins, Chet Atlantide Atlantis Atlantis Philharmonic Atlas Atmo Atmosphera Atmosphere Atoll Atomic Rooster Atomsko Skloniste Aton's Atria Attacca Attention Deficit Aubrey Small Aucan Audience August Aunt Mary Aunt Sally Auracle Autograph Automatic Fine Tuning Autumn Autumn Tears Avaric Avgerinos, Paul Aviary Aviator Aviolinee Utopia Awaken Axelrod, David Axis Axolotl Ayers, Kevin Ayers Rock Ayreon Azahar Azazello Azigza Azoth Babylon Bacamarte Bach Two Bach Bachdenkel Back Door Backhausen Badarou, Wally Badger baG Bagsby, David Bainbridge, Harvey Bakery Bakmak Balance Balestracci, Franck Il Balletto Di Bronzo Bambibanda E Melodie Banana Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso La Banda Del Lago Banda Elastica Banfi, Giuseppe Bang, Billy Banks, Peter Banks, Tony Banzaï Baptiste, Jules Barbarella A Barca Do Sol Barclay James Harvest Bardens, Peter Il Baricentro Barimar E Capricorn College Bark Psychosis Barnabe, Arrigo Baroccos Barrett, Syd Del Barrio, Eduardo Barrock Jim Bartz Basikova, Bara Bass, Michael Bassman, John Group Basso, Luciano Batish, Ashwin Battiato, Franco Bayon B.B. Blunder Be-Bop Deluxe Bead Game Beaver And Krause Becvar, Bruce Bedford, David Bedful Of Metaphysicians Beggar's Opera Tom Behrens Beia Come Aba Begnagrad Bel Air Belew, Adrian Bell, Teja Bella Band Bellaiche, Alain Bellaphon Ben Benko, Laszlo Bensusan, Pierre Berkley, Michael Thomas Il Berlione Berluc Between Bevis Frond Bhatia, Amin Bi Kyo Ran Bibic, Bratko Bierylo, Michael Big Amongst Sheep Big Big Train The Big Dish Un Biglietto Per L'Inferno Bijelo Dugme Bikini Bilinski, Marek Biomechanoid Birchall, Steve Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Birth Control Bittova, Iva/Pavel Fajt Raoul Bjorkenheim Black Jester Black Page Black Sun Ensemble Black Tape for a Blue Girl Black Widow Blackthorn Blåkulla Blackwater Park Blake, Tim Blast Blegvad, Peter Blezqi Zatsaz Blind Guardian Blind Owl Blocco Mentale Blodwyn Pig Blonde on Blonde Blonski, David W/allasia Bloom Bloque Blossom Toes Blue Chip Orchestra Blue Efekt Blue Gene Tyranny Blue Morning Blue Motion Blumen des Exotischen Eises Bob's Your Monster Bodin, Tomas Bodkin Body Boffo, Jean Pascal Bognermayr and Zuschrader Boiled in Lead Bokaj Retsiem The Bollenberg Experience Bond, Graham Bonfire Booker, Andrew Emmanuel Booz Borden, David Borne Bort, Eduardo Boud Deun Boule, Christian Boyle, Gary Bozzio Levin Stevens Bradford, Scott Braheny, Kevin Brain Forest Brain Laughter Brainbox Brainchild Brainstorm Brainticket Brakaman Bramlaan Brand X Brave New World Bread, Love and Dreams Breant, Francois Bregent Brenner, Vytas/La Ofrenda Brett, Paul Broselmaschine Broughton, Edgar Brown, Pete (and His Battered Ornaments) Browne, Duncan Bruce, Jack Bruford Bruno Porter Bryngelsson, Peter Bubblemath Bubu Buccheri, Francesco Budgie Buldozer Bunn, Roger Buon Vecchio Charlie Burant, Alan Burmer, Richard Burnin' Red Ivanhoe Bush, Kate Byrd, Joe and the Field Hippies Tom Byrne Byzantium Cabesas de Cera Cafe Jacques Cafeine Cahen, Francois Cai Cairns, Maryen Cairo Cajo De Pandora Caldera I Califfi California Guitar Trio California, Randy Calliope Calvert, Robert Camel Campbell, Mont "Dirk" Campo Di Marte Can Canarios, Los Canvas Capability Brown Capitolo Sei Capra, Marcello Capra, Vaccina Lino Capricorn College Capsicum Red Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Captain Beyond Caravan Cardeilhac Cardiacs Carmen Carpathia Project Carpe Diem Carrion, Alfredo Cartoon Cartwright, George Casino Cassiber Cast Castanarc Il Castello di Atlanto Catapilla Catharsis Cathedral Catherine, Philip Catley, Marc and Geoff Mann Catweazle Ceccarelli, Andre Celeste Celluloid Centipede Cervello Chac Mool Chain, Paul Chainsaw Jazz Chakra Chalis Chandelier Changing Images Chaos Code Chapter Three Charisma Chatham, Rhys Cheer Accident Cheiro de Vida Chekalin, Mikhail Chemical Alice Chenevier, Guigou Cherry Five Cherubin Chevalier, Jean-Luc Chilsonia Orchestra Christmas Chrome Chronicle The Churchills Chute Libre Cid, Jose Cinderella Search Cinema Cincinntto Cipher Circle Circus Circus 2000 Cirkel Cirkus Citadel Citizen Cain Citta Frontale City City Boy Clannad Clear Blue Sky Clearlight Clepsydra Cliffhanger Clivage Clockhammer Cluster CMU Cobham, Billy Cobraa Cobweb Strange I Cocai Cocciante, Riccardo Cochrane, Steve Cocteau Twins Coda Codice Codona Coeur Magique Cofradia de la Flor Solar Coincidence Collage Collegium Musicum Color Colorstar Colosseum Colosseum II Columbus Circle Combo FH Comedy of Errors Companyia Compost Comus Confessor El Congreso Connors, Bill Contact Trio Continuum Contraction Controlled Bleeding Conventum Cooper, Lindsay Copeland, Stewart Corea, Chick Elektric Band Cornucopia Coronarias Dan Corte Dei Miracoli Coryell, Larry Cos Coses The Cosmic Jokers Cosmos Factory Coto En Pel Couer Magique Cousins, Dave Covenant Coxhill, Lol Crack Crack the Sky Craft Cranioclast Cravinkel The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Creative Rock Cressida Criollo, Agustin Cro-Magnon Cross Cross, David Crucible Cruciferius Crucis Cry Freedom Cry 3 Crystal Haze Crystal Maze Cuixa Cul De Sac Culpeper's Orchard Culto Sin Nombre Cultural Noise Curlew Current 93 Curved Air Cyan Cybotron Cynic Czar Cziglan, Istvan Czukay, Holger Dagmahr D'Or, Laren Dall'aglio, Gianni Dallio, Patricia Dalmation Car Dalton Dando Shaft Dark Dark

Rixsta 22nd April 2004 12:42 PM

Daryl Dr. Dopo Jam Doctor Nerve Dr. Strangly Strange Dr. Z Doctors Of Madness Dogma Dolphine DOM Domaci Capela Dome Dorian Gray Double Helix Doubling Riders Dracma Dragon Dragonfly Drake, Robert Drama Dreadnaught Dream Dreams Dream Theater Dreamworld Drop-O-Rama Druid Dry Jack Dschinn Duchesne, Andre Dudin, Sergey Duello Madre Dugrenot, Joel Duguay, Raoul and Michel Robidoux Duke, George Dulcimer Dull Nife Dull Schicksal Dun Dunaj Dunwich La Düsseldorf Duty Cycle Dwalin Dyson, John Dzyan Earth And Fire Earthling Earthrise Earthstar Earthstone East East of Eden Easter Island Eastern Orbit Echolyn Eclat Eden Edgar Allan Poe Edge Edge, Graeme Edhels Edith Edition Speciale Eela Craig Egan, Mark Egdon Heath Egg Ego on the Rock Egoband Eh! Eider Stellaire 801 Einstein Einstürzende Neubauten Ejwuusl Wessahqqan Ekseption Elastic Band Elecampane Electra Electric Electrica Dharma Frankenstein Electric Light Orchestra Electric Sandwich Electromagnets Elektriktus Elfenbein Elfhouse Elias Hulk Eliomis Elixir Elohim Eloy Embor Embryo Emerald Web Emergency Emergency Exit Emerson, Lake and Palmer Emerson, Lake and Powell Emond, Redjy Empire L' Empire Des Sons Emtidi Enchant Eneide Engel England Engoulevent L' Enid, The Eno, Brian Ensemble Nimbus Ensemble Raye, L' Entrance EOS Epidaurus Epidermis Episode Epitaph Epos Epsilon Er. J. Orchestra Era Di Acquario Ergo Sum Eris Pluvia Eroc Errata Corrige Errobi Erwing, Robert Esagono Escapade Eskaton Esperanto Espiritu Esposito, Toni Esqueixada Sniff Esquire Estructura Ever Evidence Et Cetera Etcetera Eternal Call Eternidad Eternité Ethos Etna Etron Fou Leloblan Eulenspygel Eurhybia Everon Everyman Band Excalibur Exchange Exclusive Raja Existence Exit Exmagma Exodus Experimental Experimental Audio Research (EAR) Exploit Exsimio Extradition Ezekiel's Wheel Ezra Winston Facade Fafner Fairfield Parlour Fairport Convention Fairy's Moke Faithful Breath Falsini, Franco Famiglia Degli La Ortega Family Family Fun Fancyfluid Fang, Forrest Fantasia Fantasy Far East Family Band Far 'n' High Far Out Faraway Folk Farkasok Farpoint Fates Warning Faust Fear Of Flying Feigenbaum and Scott Fermáta J. L. Fernandez Ledesma Festa Mobile FFN Fibonaccis I Fholks Fields Fields of the Nephilim Fifty Foot Hose Fili D'Erba Final Conflict Finch Fine, Pete Finisterre Finnegan's Wake Finneus Gauge Finnforest Fiori Di Campo Fire Fire Merchants Fireballet First Aid Firyuza Fish Fitzgerald, G.F. Fitzpatrick, Gregory 5UU's Flairck Flame Dream Flaming Bess Flaming Youth Flash Flashman I Flashmen Flasket Brinner Flea Flea On The Honey Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Fleurety Flied Egg The Flock Floh De Cologne Flora, Fauna E Cemento The Flower Kings Flower Travellin' Band Flowers Fluence Flught Fluxury FM Focus Fonya Foodbrain For Absent Friends Force Majeure Forest Forever Amber Forgas, Patrick Forgotten Suns Formas Formula Formula 3 Formula Tre Fossati, Bambi 4Front 14bis Fourth Estate Fourth Way, The Foxtrot Frágil Free Action Freedom French TV Fripp, Robert Frith, Fred Fritsch, Eloy Froese, Edgar Froggie Beaver Frohmader, Peter Fromage Fruitcake Frumpy Fruup FSB Führs and Fröhling Fulano Full Moon Full Moon Trio Fushitsusha Fusion Orchestra Fusionaires Fusioon Fuzzy Duck The Fyreworks Fylling, Egil GÄA Gabriel Bondage Peter Gabriel Galaad Galactic Supermarket Galadriel Galahad Galaxy Galaxy-Lin Galie Galleon Galliard Gamalon Gamma Ganbara Gandalf Garden Wall Gardner and Gayle Garrison, Michael Igor Garsnek Garybaldi Gash Gate Gathering, The Gauthier, Patrick Geinoyamishirogumi Gen Fuoco Genco Puro E Co. Genesis Genest, Michel Genet-Plouvier Gentle Giant Geodesium Gerard German Oak Gerrard, Denny Gerrard, Lisa Gestalt Ghost I Giganti Gila Gilbert, William Michael Giles, Giles and Fripp Gilgamesh Giltrap, Gordon Gipsy Love Giraffe Il Giro Strano Giulini, Hanno Gizmo Glass Glass Hammer Glass Harp Glass, Philip Glaxo Babies Gleaming Spires Gleeman Globalys Gloria Mundi Gnidrolog Gnomus Goblin Godding, Brian Godfrey and Stewart Godfrey, Robert John Godley and Creme Godspeed You Black Emperor! Goebbels, Heiner Golden Avant-Garde Golden Cups Golgotha Golowin, Sergius Gomorrha Gone Gnags Goma Gomez, Ray Gong Gong, Mother Gong, New York Gong, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, Planet Gongzilla Good God Good Rats, The Goodman, Jerry Goodthunder Gopal, Sam (Sam Gopal Dream) Gordian Knot Goricon Gorizont Gothic Lunch Gothique Gotic Gottsching, Manuel Goude, Jean-Phillippe Gowen, Miller, Sinclair, Tomkins Grace Gracious! Grail Granada Grand Stand La Grande Famiglia Granfalloon Gratto Gravy Train Gray, Billy Greatest Show On Earth Greaves, John Grechuta, Marek Green Isac Green Space Greenslade Greenwood,Nicholas Greinke, Jeff Grey Lady Down Grime Grimes, Carol and Delivery Grimskunk Grits Grobschnitt Gronich, Shlomo Groovector Grosso Autunno Ground Zero Group, The Group 1850 Group 87 Group Ohm Le Group 'X' Group Therapy Groupa Sven Grunberg Grupo Síntesis Gruppo 2001 Gryphon Guadalquivir Gualberto Guercia Guerilla Welfare Guillard, Alain and Yvon The Guitar Orchestra Gulliver, S. P. Gun Gunesh Ensemble Guru Guru Gustavson, Jukka Gwendal Gygafo Gyllensköld, Geijerstam and Friends Gypsy Haack, Bruce Haas, Daniel et Yves Hamadryad Hamster Theater Hasselmann Habibiyya Haboob Hackett, Steve Hades Haikara Haizea Hallelujah Halloween Hamel, Peter Hammer, jan Hammill, Peter Hampton Grease Band Hancock, Herbie Hands Han L Pada Hannibal Hanuman Hansson, Bo Happy Family Happy the Man Hardcake Special Hardscore Harlequin Mass Harlis Harmonia Harmonium Harmssen, Uli Harnakis Harold Juana Harris, Don "Sugarcane" Harsh Reality Hart, Mickey Haskell, Gordon Haslam, Annie Haslinger, Paul Hassell, Jon Hatfield and the North Hattler, Hellmut Hawkwind Haystacks Balboa Haze Headband Heaven's Cry Heavy The World Hecenia Hedges, Michael Hedren, Johan Heimat Heldon Helicopter Hellebore Helmerson, Anders Henry Cow Hepp, Hardy Here and Now Heretic Hermetic Science Heroic Verse Hess, Klaus Hidria Spacefolk Hieronymus Bosch High Tide High Wheel Hillage, Steve Hinn Islenski Thursaflokkur Hirayama, Terutsugu Hitchings, Tracy Hobbits Hoelderlin Hoenig, Michael Hokus Poke Holde Fee Holding Pattern Holdsworth, Allan Holland, Walter Holy Lamb Höst Honeyelk The Hooters Hopper, Hugh Horizont Horizonte Horky, Robert Julian Horrific Child Horslips House of Usher Howard, James Newton However Höyry-Kone Hughscore The Human Beast Hurdy Gurdy Hush Hwong, Lucia Hyacintus Hyaena Hydravion I.D. Company I Drive Ibio Ibis Ibliss Icarus Icconoclast Ice Iceberg Iceburn Collective Iconoclasta Idetemp El Idioma Azul Idiot Flesh Ie Rai Shan If Igginbottom's Wrench Igra Staklenih Perli Ihre Kinder Ihtiyac Molasi Ikarus Ilitch Illenberger, Ralf Illes Illusion Ilous & Decuyper Iluvatar Iman Califato Incredible Expanding Mind**** Independiente In Cahoots In Spe Inada, Morio and Be Mi Family Inaki Indexi Indigo Infinity The Insect Trust The Intergalactic Touring Band Invisible Inward Path Iona I.P.Son Group IQ Iris Irish Coffee Ishizawa, Hiroyuki and IO Isildur's Bane Isis Iskander Island Isotope It It Bites Itoiz It's A Beautiful Day Ithaca Itziar IV Luna Ivory Izukaitz IZZ Jackal Jack Knife Jackson, David Jackson Heights Jacula Jade Warrior Jadis Jail Jaivas, Los Jakino's 7th World Jam Camp Jane Janus Jaraka Jarre, Jean Michel Jarzombek, Ron Jasper Jay B. Jay Jeremy The Jeremy Cubert Project Jericho Jericho Jones Jeronimo Jester's Crown Jester's Joke JET Jethro Tull Jigsaw Jobson, Eddie Joco-Dev-Sextett Jody Grind Johansson, Bjorn Joker's Memory Jonathan Jones, Mazlyn (Nigel-Mazlyn) Jones, Percy Jonesy Lach'n Lars Jonsson Joy Unlimited Julian's Treatment Julverne Jumbo Junco Partners Junipher Greene Junior's Eyes Justice, Kim Kaamos Kaarst Kada Kafka Kaipa Kaizen Kak Kalaban Kalacakra Kaleidon Kaleidoscope Kalevala Kamaeleon Kansas Kanzeon Kaos Moon Karat Karelia Karn, Mick Karpat Mobius Karrer, Chris Karthago Karuna Karussell Kaseke Katharsis Katmandu Kayak KBB Kebnekajse Kedama Kenso Kerrs Pink Khan Khazad Doom Kick Killing Floor Kin Ping Meh Kindler, Steve and Teja Bell King Crimson King's Boards Kingdom Come Kirchin, Basil Kirikyogen Kistenmacher, Bernd Kistenmacher and Grosskopf Kitajima, Osamu Kitaro Kittyhawk Klaatu Klan Klockwerk Orange Kolab Kolinda Kollar, Atilla Kollar, Paul Kollektiv Kombo Komintern Kong Kopecky Kornelyans Kornet Koska Kotebel Kotilainen, Esa Kraan Krabat Kraftwerk Krakatau Kraldjursanstalten Krel Kriget Kristina, Sonja Krokodil Kromlech Krutzen, Henry Kultivator Erkki Kurenniemi Kvartetten Som Sprangde Kyrie Eleison Kzat Aheret La Rossa Labanda Laboratorium Lack of Faith Lacrymosa Lady Lake Laflamme, David Lagger Blues Machine LaHost Lake Lambert, David Lancaster, Jack and Robin Lumley Land of Yrx Landberk Landmarq Lane, Lana Langsomt Mot Nord Langsyne Lanz, David and Paul Speer Lard Free Laser Last Laugh Last Turion Latte E Miele Laura Lava Lavitz,

Rixsta 22nd April 2004 12:44 PM

T. League of Crafty Guitarists League of Gentlemen Leb i Sol Lee, Sung-Woo Left Coast Lefty's Head Legend Leger de Main Lehmejum Leimer, K. Leone, Gianni Leprino, Franco Lethe Leviathan Levin, Tony Libra Lied Des Teufels Lievano, Joaquin Life Lifetime Lift Light Light of Darkness Lightshine Lightwave Lilental Lily Limbus Limbus 3 Limbus 4 Limelight Lindahl, Thomas Lindh, Björn J:son Lindh, Pär Liquid Tension Experiment Lisker Little Free Rock Little Tragedies Lives and Times Living Life Living Music Lizard Llabador, Jean-Pierre Llach, Lluis Load, The Loadstone Local 7 Locanda Delle Fate Loch Ness Lockwood, Didier Locomotiv GT Locomotive Kreuzberg Lodestone Lodge Logan Dwight Loo, Alan Looking-Glass-Self London Underground Look De Bouk Lord of Mushrooms Loreau, Bertrand Lorenz, Rudiger Lorenzini Lotus Love Sculpture Love Live Life One Lowblow Loy E Altomare Lucifer Lucifer Was Lucifer's Friend Luna Lunar Chateau Lundsten, Ralf Lupe MacArthur Machiavel Mackenzie Theory Macromassa Mad Curry Mad Puppet Made in Sweden Madison Dyke Madrugada Maelstrom Maestro Trytony Magdalena Magdeburg Magellan Magenta Magic Elf, The Magic Muscle Magic Mushroom Band Magical Power Mako Magma Magna Carta Magpu Magus Mahavishnu Orchestra Mahjun Mahoujin Maina, Pepe Mainhorse Malibran Malicorne Malombra Malone, Sean Mammut Man Mandalaband Mandel, Harvey Mandillo Mandragora Mandragore Maneige Manitou Mann, Geoff Manfred Mann's Earth Band Mangala Vallis Manning, Guy Manticore Mantler, Michael Mantra Sunrise Manzanera, Phil Maquina Maquina de Hacer Pajaros Mar de Robles Marathon Marcel Marco Marcoeur, Albert Marge Litch Maria Marianus Marillion Mark 1 Markusfeld, Alain Mars Everywhere Marsupilami Martin Circus Martz, Jason Mary Newsletter Maryson Masfel Masque Massacre Mastedon Mastermind Matching Mole Materia Gris Material Matraz Matrix Matter Max Maxophone May Blitz Mays, Lyle MCH Band McChurch Soundroom McCully Workshop McDonald and Giles McKendree Spring McKennitt, Loreena Medina Azahara MegaXBrand Meisenfloo Mellow Candle Memoriance Men of Lake Menayeri Mentaur Mephistopheles Mergenthaler, Andre Merlin Mersmak Merzbow Message Metamorfosi Metaphor Metcalf, Thomas Metheny, Pat Metro Meza, Arturo Mezquita MIA Midas Midian Midnight Sun Might of Coincidence Mighty Baby Miklagård Milkweed Miller, Phil Millo, Mario Mind Gallery Mind Over Matter Mindgames Mindworm Minefield, The Miner, John Mini Minimum Vital Mink Deville Mink, Ben Minotaurus Mirage Miranda Sex Garden Miriodor Mirkwood Mirror Mirthrandir Misin, Andrei Missing Persons Missus Beastly Mr. Albert Show Mr. Doctor Mr. Sirius Mr. So and So Modry Efekt M Efekt Mo. Do. Modulo 1000 Mogul Thrash Mohodisco Mona Lisa Monk, Maria Monkman, Francis Monolith Montefeltro Montesano, Gustavo Montrose, Ronnie The Moody Blues Moon Fog Prophet Moondog Moongarden Moor, The Moraz, Patrick Morgan Moria Falls Mormos Morning Sky Morpheus The Morrigan Morse, Steve Morte Macabre Moscow Mostly Autumn Moto Perpetuo Motor Totemists Guild Moulle, Alain Moullet, Patrice (and Alpes) Mountain Ash Mouse The Move Moving Moving Gelatine Plates Il Mucchio The Muffins Mugen Mujician Multi-Story Munju Murphy Blend Murple Museo Rosenbach Mushroom Music Magic Musica Elettronica Viva Musique Noise Mutantes (Os Mutantes) Muvovum Mychael Myers, Allen Mysia Mystery Mythos Na Margon Nadma Namlook, Pete Napoli Centrale Narell, Andy Nash the Slash Nathan Mahl National Head Band National Health Natkaravanen Natura Natural Tension Nautilus Nazca Nazca Line Ne Zhdali Necronomicon Nefilim, The Negasphere Neil Nekropsi Nektar Nelson, Bill Nemo Neo Neon Rose Neptune's Empire Nervewerks Nessie Netherworld Network Neu! La Neura Neuronium Neuschwanstein The New Idea of Neutrons A Heaven New Trolls New Trolls Atomic System New York Rock and Roll Ensemble Newcross Newman, Tom News From Babel NHU Niadem's Ghost Niagara Nice, The Nice Beaver Nico, Gianni, Frank, Maurizio Niemen, Czeslaw Night Sun Nightcrawlers Nightrider Nightwalk Nightwinds Nik Pascal Nimal Nimbus Nine Days Wonder 1919, La 99 Names of God 99.99 Nirvana No-Man No Man Is An Island No Secrets in the Family Nobilis Factum Nocenzi, Gianni Noetics Noetra Noir Noisy Room, The Nolan, Clive I Nomadi Norlander, Erik North Star Northwind Nosferatu Not Drowning, Waiving Notturno Concertante Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites Nova Novalis Novela November Now Nowy Group, Ralf Nu Nuance Nucleus Numi Nuova Era Nuova Idea Nurse With Wound Nyl Nyman, Michael O'Donnell, Joe O'Hara, Wittox O'Hearn, Patrick O.P.M.C. Oaksenham Ocarinah Ocean October Octopus Odin Odissea Odmenn Odyssice Offenbach Offering Ohm Oldfield, Mike Oliver Olivia Tremor Control Olyam Olympic OM Art Formation Omega Omni 101 Crustaceans Onza Open Air Open Mind Opeth Opus 5 Opus Avantra Orange Peel Ordinaires Organisation Oriental Wind Orion Le Orme Orquestra Mirasol Orthotonics Os Mundi Os Mutantes Osage Tribe Osanna Ose Osiris Osjan Oskay and O'Domhnaill Oskorri The Othello Syndrome Ougenweide Out of Focus Outer Limits Outsiders Outskirts of Infinity Overdrive Oxygene8 Ozone Player Ozone Quartet Ozric Tentacles Ozz Knozz Pablo "El Enterrador" Pacheco, Fernando Pacific Drift Pacific Eardrum Pacific Sound Il Paese Dei Balocchi Paga Pagani, Mauro Pageant Paikappu Paladin Pale Acute Moon Palkovic, Tony Pallas Palmer, Bruce Pancake Pandemonium Pangee Panna Fredda Panos Dracos Panta Rei Panta Rhei Pantheon Paper Bag Paperhouse Pappert, Johannes Pappnas Par Example Paradise Lost Paradox Parallel or Ninety Degrees Paranoise Park Lane The Parlour Band Alan Parson's Project Parsons, David Parzival Passport Pataphonie Patch Paternoster Patterson, Rog Patto Pavlicek, Michal Pavlov's Dog Pazzo Fanfano di Musica Peacock, Annette Peck, Nick Pegasus Pelican Pell Mell Pembroke, Jim Pendragon Penguin Cafe Orchestra Pentacle The Pentangle Pentola Di Papin Pentwater Perathoner, Serge and Jannick Top Percewood's Onagram Pere Ubu Perez, Gualberto Garcia Perez, Luis Perferia del Mondo Perigeo Perry, John G. Persephone's Dream Peru Pesky Gee Pesniary Pestilence Petrus Castrus PFM PFS Phaesis Phantom Band Phenomena Philharmonie Phillips, Anthony Phish Pholas Dactylus Phoenix Phoenix Eye Phospho Phreeworld Picchio Dal Pozzo Pickett, Philip Picklelegaz Pierrot Lunaire Piirpauke Piknik Pillion Pinguin Pinhas, Richard Pink Fairies Pink Floyd Pink Mice Pirana Planet Of Man Planet P Planetarium Planeten Sit-In The Plastic Cloud Platypus PLJ Band Pluto Plus Pohjola, Pekka Pohl, Bill Pointer, Noel Poisoned Electrick Head Polestar Pollen Pond Ponty, Jean-Luc I Pooh Poor Genetic Material Popol Ace Popol Vuh Porcupine Tree Pork Pie Portal Potemkine Prat, Jean Paul Praxis Pre Prelude Premiata Forneria Marconi Presence Present Present C.O.D.

Rixsta 22nd April 2004 12:46 PM

Few More
Performance Presser, Gabor Preston, Don Pretty Things, The Priam Primitive Instinct Primus Prism Procession Procol Harum Programme D'Experience Progres 2 Progressiv TM Project Lo Prometheus Protos Providence Prudence Psychomuzak Psychotic Waltz Ptarmigan PTS Public Foot The Roman Pulsar Punishment of Luxury Puppet Show Pussy Pythagoras Qoph Quantum Quantum Jump Quarkspace Quarteto 1111 Quasar Quasar Lux Symphoniae Quatebriga Quatermass Quaterna Requiem Quatro, Michael Queen Queensryche Quella Vecchia Locanda Quidam Quiddity Quiet World Quill Quiet Sun Quintessence Quoi De Neuf Docteur Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno The Rachels Rachel's Birthday Radio Piece III Radius Rael Ragnarok Rain Tree Crow Rainbow Theatre Rainman Rainy Season Ramases I Raminghi Ramses Random Hold Randone, Nicola Randy Pie Rare Air Rare Bird Rascal Reporters Ratskevitch, Vladimir Rattlemouth Raux, Richard and Hamsa Music Raw Material Raymaker Reale Accademia Di Musica Realm Reaves, Giles Rebekka Recordando o Vale Das Maçãs Recreation Red Red Crayola Red Dirt Red Jasper Red Masque, The Red Noise Redd Tristes Noticias Redfins Redshift Reform Refugee Reichel, Achim Reichel, Hans Reign Ghost Relayer Release Music Orchestra El Reloj Renaissance Reportaz Resa The Residents Return to Forever Reverberi Rey Reyes, Jorge and Antonio Zepeda Rhamann Rhondo Veneziano Rialzu Riba, Pau Rich, Robert Richard Wahnfried Richard, Ferdinand Richter Band Ricordi D'Infanzia Riechmann, Wolfgang Rift, Zoogz and His Amazing Shitheads Rigoni and Schoenherz Ring of Myth Rising Sun Ristovski, Laza Ritual Rivendel Roach, Steve The Roar Of Silence Rockenfield/Speer Rocket Scientists Rocky's Filj Rodulfo, Raimundo Roedelius, Hans-Joachim Rogerson, Diana Romislokus Rongey, Kurt Roots Of Consciousness Rosalia Ross, Alan Round House Rousseau Roussel, Coco Rovescio Della Medaglia, Il (RDM) Roxy Music Royal Hunt RSC Rudess, Jordan Rudess Morgenstein Project Ruins Ruja Rumble Rumblin' Orchestra Rumplestiltskin Rumplestiltzkin Commune Runaway Totem Rundgren, Todd Ruphus Rush Rustichelli E Bordini Rypdal, Terje S Vremena Na Vreme Sab Saba, Alex Sadistic Mika Band Sadus Saffron Saga Sagittarian Sagrado Coracao Da Terra Sahara Sailor Sailor Free Saint Just St. Tropez Sakre Sakuraba, Motoi Salamander Salem Hill Salis, Antonello I Salis Saluki Samadhi Sameti Samkha Samla Mammas Manna Samson Samurai Sand Sten Sandell Sandrose Sangiuliano, Antonio Sarax Satin Whale Saunders, Merle and the Rainforest Band Savage Rose Savarin, Julian Jay SBB Scenario Schaffer, Janne Schatka Scheherezade Scherpenzeel, Ton Schicke, Führs and Fröhling Schickert, Gunter Schmoelling, Johannes Schoener, Eberhard Schoenherz Schulze, Klaus Schunge Schutze, Paul & Phantom City Schwarzarbeit Scope Script Scythe Sea Level Sea Train Seastone Sebastian Hardie Second Hand Second Movement La Seconda Genesi Secret Cinema Secret Oyster Seedog Seffer, Yochk'o Selena Moor Semiramis Semnal M Semool Sensation's Fix Sense Of Wonder Senses Sensitiva Immagine Sepsis Ser Un Pejalero Serry, John Seru Giran Seven Reizh Seventh Wave Seyminhol Sezon Dozhdei Sfinx Shaa Khan Shades of Dawn Shadow Gallery Shadowfax Shadowland Shakary Shampoo Shape Of The Rain Sharons Sherman, Greg Sherman, Jeff Shingetsu Shirakawa, Yoshinobu Shiva's Headband Shortwave Shreeve, Mark Shturtzite Shub Niggurath Shylock Sidney, Toni Sieges Even Signal Signiori della Galassia Sigur Ros Silver Apples Simmonds, Mickey Simon Says Simonluca Sinclair, David Sinclair, Richard Sindelfingen Sinfield, Peter Sinister Street Sinkadus Sirius Il Sistema Sithonia Sitting Bull Skaldowie Skeem Skeleton Crew Skryvania Skrzek, Jozef Sky Skyeros Skywalk Slapp Happy Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Sloche Smak Smash Smell of Incense Smile Smith, Grahame Smith, Steve and Vital Information Smyth, Gilli Snakefinger Snopek, Sigmund III Snowball Social Tension Socrates Soft Head Soft Heap Soft Machine Soft Shoe Software Soho Orange Ivan Sokolovsky Solar Plexus Solar Project Solaris Soldat Semyonov Solid Gold Cadillac Solstice Solution Solution Science Systems Soma Sombre Reptile Songs Between Sorrenti, Jenny The Soundchaser Project Soundscape Space Art Space Circus Space Farm Space Negros Spacecraft Spaced Out Spada, Tony Spastic Ink Spectrum Speed, Glue and Shinki Speer, Paul Spekstar Spektakel Spellbound Sperrmull Sphere3 Spheroe Nik Turner's Sphynx Spin Spinal Tap Spirit The Spirit of Christmas Spirogyra Spirosfera Spitaleri, Davide Split Enz Spock's Beard Sponsor Spriguns of Tolgus Spring Spud St. Elmo's Fire Stackridge Stairway Staltieri, Arturo Starglow Energy Standarte Stanza Della Musica, La Stapleton, Steven Starcastle Stardrive Star****ers Start Startled Insects Stealing the Fire Steamhammer Michael Stearns Steel Mill Steeleye Span Steensland, Simon Stencil Forest Step Ahead Stereokimono Stern Combo Meissen Sternmadchen Stewart, Dave Stewart-Gaskin Still Life Stivell, Alan Stolt, Roine Stormy Six Stradapetra Straight Shooter Strange Days Strangers On A Train Stratos, Demetrios Strawbs Streetmark String Cheese String Driven Thing Strinx Strobe Stromboli Strunz and Farah Stuermer, Daryl Sub Subject Esq. Dr. L. Subramaniam Subterra Suchilin, Andrei Sugarcane Harris Sui Generis Sume Sun Dial Sun Trader Suncokret Sunforest Suñé, Max Superior Supernova Supersempfft Supersister Supertramp Suprieze Sur Pacifico Sutai Sutin, Paul Suzan, Alain Sway Sweet'd Buster Swegas Sylvan Symphonic Slam Symphony X Syndone Synema Synergy Synkopy Synopsis Syrinx Syrius System System 7 System Seven SzaMaBa Trio Szajner, Bernard t T2 Tabula Rasa Tag-yr-it Tai Phong Tako Tale Cue Talix Talizman Tall Dogs Tangerine Tangerine Dream Tangle Edge Tanned Leather Tantra Tarantula Tarkus Tasavallan Presidentti Taurus Taylor, L. M. Taylor's Free Universe Tea and Symphony Tea for Two Tear Gas Teclados Fritos Tellah Tempano Tempera, Vince Tempest 10cc Tenchi-Sozo I Teoremi O Terco Terpandre Terraced Garden Terreno Baldio Terrilli, Armando Teru's Symphonia Teska Industrija Teubner Thalassa Theatre Thee Image Theta Thibault, Laurent Thinking Plague Third Ear Band Thirsty Moon Thirteen of Everything This Heat This Is Serious Mum This Mortal Coil Thollot, Jacques Thomas, David THONK Thor Thornley, Jeff Three Man Army Threshold Thrice Mice Thule Thurow, Matthias Thursaflokkur Tibbetts, Steve Tibet Tideline Tiemko Tikanmaki, Anssi Tilburi Time Time Machine Timothy Pure Tipographica Tippets, Julie Tippets, Keith Tipographica Tirelli, Armando Tisaris Titus Groan To Be Toad Tollhouse Tolonen, Jukka Isao Tomita Tomorrow Tomorrow's Gift Ton Steine Scherben Tonton Macoute Too Much Tool Topos Uranos Topper Torman Maxt Torre dell'Alchimista, La Tortilla Flat Tortoise Touch Townscream Toy Matinee Tr3nity Trace Tractor Trader Horne Traffic Traffic Sound Transachetion Transatlantic Transister Transit Express Transylvania-Phoenix Trapeze Tre Milenio III Milenio Trees Trembling Strain Trespass Trettioariga Kriget Tri Atma Triana Triangle Triangulus Tribal Tech Tribute A Triggering Myth Trilogy Trinity Trip, The TriPod Tristan Park Triton Tritonus Triumvirat Troc Il Trono Dei Ricordi Troya Trubrot True Myth Tryo David Tuchmanov Tudor Lodge La Tulipe Noire Tully Turms Twelfth Night 2066 And Then 23rd Hour Twice Bitten Twin Age Twink Tyburn Tall Tyndall U Totem UK Ultimate Spinach Un Known Under The Sun The Underground Railroad Underwater Traffic Uni Sono United States of America Univers Zero Universal Totem Orchestra Universe Uno Uovo Di Colombo, L' Ur Kaos Urban Sax Urbaniak, Michal Uriah Heep Utopia Utopian Fields Uz Jsme Doma Uzgin Uver Uzva Vagabond Poet Vail Vajta Valinor's Tree Vampires Sound Corporation Van der Graaf Generator Vander, Christian Vangelis Varga, Marian Variations, Les Vechni Zov Vega Velvet Universe Velvett Fogg Venegoni E Co. Vent D'Est Venus Tebla Verdaguer Verde, Antonio Verdeaux, Cyrille Vermilion Sands Versailles Versus X Verto Vertu Verve Via Lactea Via Lumini Vian, Patrick Viana, Marcus Victor Vidales, Alfonso Vienna Vinegar Violet District Violeta De Outono Virgo Virus Visible Wind Visokonoye Leto Visual Cliff Vital Duo Vitale, Lito Vita Nova VoiVod Volapuk Voldarepet Volo, Il Von Deyen, Adelbert Von Zamla Vow, The Vox Dei Voyage Vysokonoe Leto Waiting For The Sun Wakeman, Rick Wallenstein Walpurgis Waniyetula Wanka Wapassou Wappa Gappa Ward, Paul Warhorse Warm Dust Watanabe, Kazumi Watch Tower Water Watkins, Kit Watson, Ken Wavemaker Wavestar Way We Live, The Way, Darryl We All Together Weather Report Web, The Weed Wegmuller, Walter Weidorje Weingarten, Carl Wejah Welcome Werwolf Wetton, John West, Michael Wha Ha Ha Whistler White Fang White, Lenny White Noise White Willow Widemann, Benoit Wigwam Wilding/Bonus Wind Windchase Windflower Winter Wisehammer Wishbone Ash Wishing Tree Witch Hunters Witsend Witthüser and Westrupp Witthüser, Bernd Wlud Wolf, Darryl Way's Wolfstone Wolstenholme, Woolly Womega Wood, Robert Wooden Ear Woodenhead Woody Kern World Of Silence World Of Oz World Trade Worlds Collide Woznicki, Paul Wright, Richard Writing on the Wall Wulforst, Pete Würtemburg Wyatt, Robert X Religion Xaal Xang Xhol Xen XII Alphonso Xisle Xitizen Cain Xixxo Xolotl, Bernard Xploding Plastix Yamashta, Stomu and Go Yanagida, Hiro Yatha Sidhra Ybo2 Ydov, Shlomo Yes Yeti Yezda Urfa Yonin Bayashi You You And I Young Flowers John Young Young Scientist Z-Axis Zaboitzeff, Thierry Zabu Zafra Zakkarias Zamla Mammaz Manna Zao Zappa, Frank Zaragon Zarathustra Zartong Zauber Zauner, Stefan Zazen Zazu Zebra ZED Zello Zenit Zepeda, Antonio Zerfas Zero Zero Zero (000) Zeus Ziff Zingale Zinkl Zior ZNR Zomby Woof Zon Zoambo Zoet Workestrao Zodiac Z.O.U. Zoo Zorn, John Zoroaster Zoviet France Zut Un Feu Rouge Zweistein Zyma Zymovi Sad Zzebra ... and that's a whole lotta bands ...

Rixsta 22nd April 2004 12:56 PM

2 Attachment(s)
If you want to hear some try here

The Thread starts here.. lol

phase_accurate 22nd April 2004 01:10 PM


I also like Progressive metal, like dream theatre. ect
Though I am generally not into heavy metal I recently purchased the latest Dream Theatre album and I must say it is pretty cool.



Rixsta 22nd April 2004 01:22 PM

Exelent Stuff

I sommetimes find dream theatre a bit too much but 70's prog is
fine.. all depends what mood im in

I also wanted to mention the fact that this type of music takes you somewhere like pink floyd's meddle album..

If you listen to it with your eyes shut your mind can conjure up all kinds of images without being on acid.. he he
Progressive rock is to me the lost world of music that to a musician like myself makes very good listening material.

Brian Donaldson 27th April 2004 02:12 AM

Jesus Christ man. Did you type all of that or cut and paste from somwhere.
I loved Electric Light Orchestra up to (and including) Out of the Blue.
Tons of other cool stuff too, but hard to read


Pink Floyd (of course)
Roger Waters (you forgot)
Wham! (not)
Jon-Luc Ponty
The Police (They were less mainstream than Floyd in the begining)
Weather Report
Chicago (before that whiny *** pu$$y Peter Citera crap)

I'm still adding

grimberg 27th April 2004 02:46 AM

What is the point of dumping the entire index from Gibraltar in four very loooooooooooooooong posts? There are a few good originals mixed with a ton of imitators and wannabes. With the exception of a select few innovators, most prog bands today copy Genesis, Renaissance, ELP, and others. Not to mention King Crimson and Gentle Giant. Those are by far the most often ripped off.
:scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

joensd 4th May 2004 07:42 PM


and others.
like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Great stuff and original!

Used to be a fan of progressive rock as well (and played in such a band),
seen Dream theater live 3 times but now it´s just 4 instrument genius for me. Too much theater for my taste.

For me the real start of "progressive rock" was actually the "new wave of british heavy metal" but everybody defines it differently if at all.
Don´t listen to that stuff anymore but miss Iron Maiden in your list.

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