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SigFire 29th October 2007 10:59 PM

BluesNews ...your favourite monthly Releases and Re-Releases
Execution as threatened on Oct. 17th .....
A little Foreword be allowed.
1. This thread is intended to inform about my/your favourite new Releases and Re-Releases of CDs/LPs/DVDs that are in some way or the other "affiliated" with what you may call "Blues"or related "Stuff". More general discussions should still be handled under "The Blues". (There's more to the Blues than just "News-Releases" ;-)) !)
2. At least my opinion will be biased and heavily so on occaisson.
(Did I write that word correctly ?).
So everybody is invited to share a discussion if he's sees a necessity to do so. (For general discussions still use: "The Blues")
You're also invited to share your own favourites (New and Re-Releases and information related to them).
Posting news shall be once a month, except for this time, the first time.
3. Some of the CDs/LPs/DVDs may not be available worldwide, may differ from country to country as to e.g. titles, covers, prices,
release dates, etc.
4.There may be a slight delay between release and review, but I suggest that this should not be more than 3 months to maintain "freshness".
Ready.......Set......Go .....see next posting.
....and thanks for your collaboration, suggestions, critics, support etc., etc. advance...
Siggi K.

SigFire 29th October 2007 11:47 PM

My Favourite CD in September
O.K. ...this may be a bit late...but it took time to make up my mind
for this thread .....

On The Jimmy Reed Highway (45:57, 12 Tracks, 2007, Ruf Records RUF 1122)
Kent "Omar" Dykes - Vocals, Guitar/Jimmie Vaughan - Guitar
feat. :
Lou Ann Barton - Vocals/Ronnie James - Bass/Barry Bihm - Bass / Derek O'Brien - Guitar, Vocals/ Gary Clark Jr. - Guitar, Vocals/
Wes Starr - Drums/ George Rains - Drums/ Jay Moeller - Drums/
Jake Dykes - Drums/ Kim Wilson - Harp/ James Cotton - Harp/
Gary Primich - Harp/ Delbert McClinton - Harp, Vocals
Jimmy Reed Highway (4:04) Omar Kent Dykes, Steve Callif/Baby What You Want Me To Do/Bright Lights Big City (5:09) Jimmy Reed/Big Boss Man (3:09) Willie Dixon, Smith/Good Lover (3:07) Jimmy Reed/Caress Me Baby (5:08) Jimmy Reed/Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth (4:00) Jimmy Reed/You Upset My Mind (3:16) Jimmy Reed/I'll Change My Style (3:45) Parker, Villa/Bad Boy (4:01) Eddie Taylor/Baby, What's Wrong (3:15) Jimmy Reed/Hush Hush (3:01) Jimmy Reed/You Made Me Laugh (3:50) Omar Kent Dykes, Steve Callif---
Jimmy Reed is not regarded as one of the most versatile of all Bluesmen even by most of the Blues Afficionados that I know.
I'd even say the quality of his music may be open to discussion.
This said it's also true that he and some of his sidemen, most notably Eddie Taylor influenced a lot of musicians.
So I think an appropriate "tribute" was long overdue -- for both
Reed AND Taylor. And Boy -- this little CD here is it!
And why so ?
Because of the people involved. Rumour has it that Derek O'Brien has been planning this for a bit of a time and being one of the real Texas blues Icons that he is (Antone's !) he had no troubles recruiting that kind of line-up we have here.
And if it wasn't for the "guests" we have here both main actors "in best shape" namely a certain Mr. Dykes how this time shows what capable singer he REALLY is (and not gettin' on my nerves for doing "would-be-Howlin-Wolf") ! My excuses for occaissionally tearing up some of your recordings. This here recording favourably states your case, Mr. Dykes !
There we also have a certain Mr. Vaughan -- not the one of "Superstar Fame of the 80s" but rather the one who taught THIS guy a thing or two about guitar playing. Mr. "Genius of Minimal Guitar Playing" -- the antithesis to Folks like Steve Vai.
(Yes, in this case: Less IS More !!). Jimmie (Lee) Vaughan !
Behind them are bassplayers and drummers who make even the most boring rhythmic conception fun to listen to.
(By the way: With Kim Wilson, Ronnie James Weber and Jay Moeller joining in--- does this qualify for a "Original Fab T'Birds Reunion ?? ;-) !)
Well ...and the whole collective is rollin' rockin and swinging through a selection of what we would call "Jimmy Reeds most Populars", augmented with one Eddie Taylor Original ( His Signature Song) and some of Omar's own.
To cut it short: If you dislike Jimmy Redd you may rather not like this recordings -- although I have experience a nummer of exceptions at the shop where I work.
But if you like some old style Blues and especially Jimmy Reed ....
this is the "bee's knees", the "real McCoy", "the one to have" ...
The Cover at:

This line-up on AUSTIN CITY LIMITS :
(Will there be a Live-DVD or CD -- as usual. A frined of mine had the opportunity to see Dykes and Vaughan in Austin about a month ago -- he still is somewhat "smitten" by thie experience !)

BTW: Was this Gary Primich's last recording ??


Siggi K.

SigFire 30th October 2007 12:37 AM

I tend to repeat mistakes: Heres my favourite Re-release for September
Breakin' It Up & Breakin' It Down
(EPIC 7774478; SONY/BMG)
Medley: Black Cat Bone--Dust My Broom/Can't Be Satisfied /Caldonia/ Dealin' With The Devil/Done Got Over It/How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong/ Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Love Her With A Feeling/Trouble No More/ Got My Mojo Working

These recordings are a part of a number of hitherto unreleased live-recordings on EPIC and Columbia from the 70's that have occasionally been released during the last five years, e.g. "Allman Brothers Band -- Live At The Atlanta Pop Festival" or, most recently, "Trio Of Doom -- Tony Williams/John McLaughlin/Jaco Pastorius".
The team responsible for it :
Sony Legacy
C/O Seth Rothstein & Steve Berkowitz
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
This release, like most of these, is more a new release than a re-release, though, but since the tracks were recorded in 1977, it think this qualifies as re-release, though.
If I got the liner-notes right, the tracks are from a recording made at the kick-off of the "Hard Again"- Tour in 1977, predating the
"Muddy Mississippe Waters Tour". (The recordings of which I never really liked !)
In short: Much better in every aspect than "Muddy Mississippi Waters Live", more bite and coherency than the "Live At Warszaw"-Stuff from 1976 and a match for my (late) favourite "Live At Mister Kelly's". Recommended.
The best at last: No full price release. Mid-Price even Nice Price in some counties.
(BTW: There were romours that "Live At Mr. Kellys" should have been releases in full -- that is about 3 hours -- but I never found a release note. Anybody got informations for me ??)

Siggi K.

SigFire 4th November 2007 01:30 PM

October's New Relaease Favourite: Jason Ricci & New Blood
Rocket Number 9
Time :ca. 74:09, 12 Titel, 2007, Electo Groove EGRCD 502;
(Electo Groove is a Division of Delta Groove Productions)
The Rocker (Ricci/Stachurski) (7:00)/I'm A New Man (5:14) (Ricci)/Loving Eyes (Ricci) (11:16/ ) /Dodecahedron (5:17) (Stachurski)/Mr. Satan (3:23) (Ricci/Stachurski)/Deliver Us (4:40) (Ricci/Stachurski/Edmunds/arr. Porter)/The Blow Zone Layer (3:51) (Ricci/ arr. Ricci/Stachurski)/The Way I Hurt Myself (6:32) (Ricci)/The Eternal Is (5:28) (Stachurski)/Snowflakes And Horses (4:37) (Ricci)/Sonja (6.22) (Ricci/Stachurski)/ Rocket Number 9 (10:38) (Herman “Sonny” Blount a.k.a. Sun Ra)---
New Blood is:
Jason Ricci - Harmonica, Vocals and Nose Flute (?!);/ Wayne “Starsky” Stachurski – Guitar & Back-Up Vocals/ Ted “Buck Weed” Edmunds – Fretted And Fretless Fender Jazz and Precision Basses, Clavinet, Hell's Bells & Back-Up Vocals/ Ron Sutton – Drums & back-Up Vocals--
Special Guest :
Michael Peloquin- Tenor Sax (Track 4)--
This CD is a direct successor of my September's favourite "On The Jimmy Reed Highway" in my CD-Player.
It's a nearly completely diffrerent, though.
Is it Blues ?! Yes, even after repeated listening I still think so.
Stilistically it's rather a mix of Blues, Rock, Funk, Soul and even Jazz. The lyrics and the only "commissioned song"-- the title track, which is a composition of Herman "Sun Ra" Blount tell what this record is all about. It's tale of Up and Downs, it's very personal -- and it's Blues. All this is carried by musician's that are technically up to the tales they are trying to tell us.
Is this "virtuoso" ? Well, ---yes but more in a sense of what we call "Spielwitz" (~playing wits ?) or "Spielfreude" (Joy of playing).
It's music on a high level --- that's a lot of sheer fun to listen to. Now I've heard a lot of good things about Jason Ricci from fellow harmonicaplayers, fellow musicians and critics alike. I had no chance of veryfying these "claims" by means of listening to a CD of Mr. Ricci before. But one thing is clear after listening: He is easily one of the "Top Scorers" of modern Richter-(Diatonic-/Blues-)-Harmonika-Players today. These recordings state the case of his renown.
And, as we all should know that making music is mostly "team sports", my praise goes out to his bandmates, too.
(Bit:Into each life a little rain must fall: Mr. Ricci's vocals maybe up to discussion, but that simply is best left to the listener's taste.
I know it's double trouble: trying to sing well while having to watch that little reed bending like they shoulda, --- mmmhhh.... nearly simultaneously).
Try it ...otherwise you may be missing something .......


As to new Re-releases this month, my scrutiny for them hasn't made too much progress due to lack of time. By chance I recently ran into two 6-CD-Boxes with what I would identify as recordings "already released but not available anymore" by Eddy Clearwater, Luther "Snakeboy" Johnson and other (mostly) unsung heroes of the blues. In case I've got the time to look at them closer, I'll post the results here.
Bye for now. Happy listening.
Siggi K.

steenoe 23rd November 2007 06:24 PM

My man Jason Ricci has some new filmklipzs up on Youtube:

Absolutely an amazing guy on the harp.......


steenoe 23rd November 2007 06:27 PM

This is Jasons gallery at Youtube:

All of it is worth a peek:)

SigFire 25th November 2007 09:35 AM

Maybe a bit Off-Topic, Steenoe, but ...
W--W--W--W--O--O--O--O--O--W--W--W--W--W--W--W--W--W !!!!

...and thanks a LOT !
(I'm afraid you have to put me on the list of hardcore J.R.N.B. fans now !!)


steenoe 27th November 2007 06:57 PM

Ya' welcome my friend....
Here is another guy that you might want to add to your buddý list


steenoe 27th November 2007 06:59 PM

And this is the main attraction:


SigFire 27th November 2007 09:01 PM

........ looks a bit like "Bob Log III", uhh ?!
(I think one of my colleagues already gave me a nod in Steve's direction before, but I ignored it, obviously, because Bobs CD was more in reach. Maybe I'm mixing up these two.)
When will Jools H. release THIS one ?
Seems there is a need for a "Strange People in Blues and Jazz",
definitely NOT starting with a certain Jalacy Hawkins a.k.a
"Screaming Jay" H. !


Siggi K.

I have no Idea as to which CD gonna be "Miss November" or "Miss Senior November" if I may say so, but gladly I found some favourites, though not as clear as the two CDs before !
Nightynight yo'all.

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