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Tenson 5th April 2007 09:57 PM

Tymphany LAT
Thinking of giving the LAT a go as I'd like to build something small but with decent bass. Tymphany claim it allows you to get a big subwoofer sound in a TV or what have you. But I don't see how. The driver may be small, but doesn't it still need a large box?

On WinISD I think it needs at least 70liters to work well. Can anyone give suggestions on how this driver is supposed to be used to get good bass from a small enclosure? Do they just expect you to EQ the crap out of it?

joe carrow 6th April 2007 12:05 AM

Where can you even purchase these things? All of the claims looked to be on the border of "too good to be true" the last I checked, but still plausible. I'd be interested in these drivers as well, but I didn't think that they were publicly available yet.

Tenson 6th April 2007 12:08 AM

Solen have them as far as I know. You have been able to get them OEM for a while now too.

joe carrow 6th April 2007 12:41 AM

Very interesting! For a radiating surface of 525 cm^2 (equal to a diameter of 10 inches), and Xmax of 5.5 mm, I would hardly say that the LAT 500 is equivalent to "two 10 inch subwoofers". One good 10" woofer, yes. Two subs? Eh...

The really interesting thing is that it's only 7.5 inches wide and 17 inches tall, this driver has the potential to bring unheard of spousal approval factor to a reasonably high fidelity driver. The mounting depth looks quite shallow, so the possibilities are wide open for how you integrate it into a finished speaker.

Tenson, sorry if my input hasn't been more helpful for figuring out how to work with th LAT. It really does look like you need to EQ it. They list 250 watts power handling, and with two physically separate motor assemblies I wouldn't be too skeptical about good thermal power handling. It seems like this is a match made in heaven for those fancy DSP and class D gadgets that are now possible.

Tenson 6th April 2007 12:56 AM

Linear excursion of the LAT 500 is rated as +/- 6.7mm which is obviously 13.4mm peak to peak. The XXLS 10" sub has a surface area of only 352cm2, but a linear excursion of +/-12.5 or 25mm peak to peak!!

So yeah, nearly twice the surface area of a 10" but half the excursion of a really long throw woofer.

Still, think what a LAT could do in a 4th order band pass :O Talk about big bass from a small box! How about bass to 24Hz in a 50liter cabinet.

joe carrow 6th April 2007 02:58 AM

It's definitely interesting, I'll give you that. The price of entry is just a bit too steep for me at $250 each.

At first I thought you were wrong about it having double the Sd of a 10" subwoofer, but then I checked the figure for the Peerless XLS 10", and sure enough- they only list it as 333 cm^2. The lat isn't quite double that, but it's close.

I haven't played with the sims yet to see what could get the most out of this driver. What sensitivity did you find with that bandpass alignment?

newfinish 17th December 2007 12:53 PM

i just finished my box with the lat 500 in a 60 liter box ported with 3"x15" x2.and works really well but my room is to big for this sub.

but when you put a song it's good but not a 25hz note on the matrix bottoms out easily.

blank527 18th December 2007 09:18 PM

Nice!!:cool: :cool:

Could you give more info?

Remco Blankesteijn

newfinish 18th December 2007 09:30 PM

well i got 3 cubic foot enclosure which gives the lat a good extention down to 25hz but you could use it in 2 cubic feet also.
all i can say for ht it's perfect,the bass is tight fast but not articulate enouogh in my opinion for a good 2 channel system,the bass don't seem to be realistic but for a movie it's fun,definitly faster then an ordinary driver...

oh and the ports are 3"x15,don't forget you need 2 of them

i have a 1000W g amp with it but it's waaaaay overkill can't bring it more than 3.5 on the volume,so a 250w would suffice and in parrallel it gives out 4 ohms and more sensible to 89 db at 8 ohms so it should be at 92 to 94 db at 4 ohms,so shouldn't be to tough on the amp.

my room is 38' by 13' so cut the 38 in half and should fill in the room plenty

newfinish 18th December 2007 09:35 PM

by the way mine would be available for adoption (buy)

what i have is a prototype so the frame is in aluminium not pvc like the other are gonna be,at least that's what i was told at solen.

so if interested p.m. me for the price
i know i shouldn't be selling here but this is where the interest is...

it's in excellent condition got about 3hrs of use.
it's just not big enough

i'm gonna go with a 18"

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