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fat_terry 8th November 2006 06:05 AM

Bi-amp 3 way design selection and calcs
After following the good advice on this forum some time ago, I ended up with an excellent Shiva-based sub as my first speaker project. Im now up to doing my first speaker. Electronics and woodwork are no issue, so I have decided to built a bi-amped three way since I already have the amps and PSUs.

Not having built anything other than the sub, its hard to select drivers other than based on more experienced folks subjective opinions. And with that Ive started with :

Peerless 850146 woofer
Vifa PH13WH0008 mid
Vifa TDG4506 tweeter

Using Unibox I see the 3db rolloff point for the 850146 is around 50 or 60Hz (as raf as I can see on the graph). I f I dont include the effects of Le (which I presume I dont since the driver is running directly off an amp) I also have a nice flat response. SPL @1m is 87.3dB.

For the PH13 I assume Unibox is of limited use because I am only using the mid-range portion of its response. Unibox's vented box recommendation refers only to base response. I assume this is correct, because my response for a closed box is somewhat less than flat, although tells me my enclosure should be 2.2L. Am I on the right track here ?

I also see the PH13 handles only 40W, producing 88.9dB @ 1m, a contrast to the 850146. But its moving a lot less air, so I guess that is also OK ?

And for the tweeter Im looking at the sensitivity of 90dB @ 1m, Im not sure how else I should be modelling it ?

If someone can provide some guidance on if my selections and assumptions are reasonable, and from here I should pick crossover frequencies and design the mid to tweeter crossovers.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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