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JandG 22nd October 2006 05:50 PM

Wide range driver questions for xo..
I have been trying get bye the active route in the critical range, by using wide range 4" drivers of so called fast nature & then using ribbons for top help & active plates for the bottom end to 150hz, Vifa m26wr's for those, Alnico Coral for the 4" & Fountek Neocd3 for the ribbon. After 3 days of soldering & not 1 time using a coil on the Coral I did it today, cut at 5800hz .22uf foil coil.
Then 4uf cap on the ribbon,5800 also....Now after seroiuse frustration...there it is...everything that drove me nuts is gone...? Do any of you go this wife range route & use a single high quality coil for the wideranger..? I tried to get away with direct amp hookup to the Coral, but it gets very wierd on top..even taking the ribbon way up past 14000, still nothing realy gained for me. now..this 1st order x @ 5800 low & high , is intresting, very good.
If anybody is doing this simple type set up please give me some feedback on it. Everything I read shows most either active which I run very high quality 300B amps & no class A is going to do it for me, so there is a problem,,& ging with cheap active units,, might be a problem for me.. I dislike op-amps .. terribly.. Or everyone is x'ing very high which I see problems there also..The coil is the concern, I did not seem to loose to much..? I was biend stubborn & should have tried it sooner.
J & G

soongsc 22nd October 2006 11:30 PM

I've always used wide range drivers for the main part of the audio spectrum. Recently added a tweeter from 10KHz up to the limit I could measure. (48KHz)

Not sure what you are trying to say. Is it the XO you have problems with or the driver selection?

JandG 23rd October 2006 12:11 AM

The xo itself...
I have been steady collecting wide range drivers from around the world, german Saba's with large DEW, black & green etc... & the sort also alot of small Corals that go un-noticed..I seem to like the light paper cone alnico type for my vocals & such, heck .. I just like em..but full well no there limits. I listened to my first fostex earlier this year & that was all it took, I sold all my speakers & now build them..No wizzers for me..I have established that with myself.. so ...Goal for me is or am trying my damdest not to put a active or passive filter in the range of 150-200 to 5000..I could not get what I wanted without putting a coil on the wideranger for 1st order 5800hz, I put a Vitamine Q @ the inputs of my 300B PP amp for a 100hz cut on the Coral fe103a variant. I was having great difficult time integrating the Ribbon tweeter... I figure after 3days of hard testing, it had to be a bad deal in the large over lap when trying to bring the ribbon in @ anything below about 18k or so...actually putting it farther out was better for some damn reason before I cut Coral with a foil coil @ .22mh. The ribbon now has a 4uf cap on it for 5800, there should be plenty of flat over lap each way..before it had a bad peak in the midrage that was driving me nuts, similar to Lowther, or Fostex shout.....that is all gone. I would like to go active, but op-amps freak me out, I hate em...all of them.. tube xo's seem o.k., but still alot of crap put in the signal signal path is clean with TVC & ouput stage by-passed DAC, no op-amps....I do run active plates ran to 150 for the Vifa's m26wr's,, but would like to get them to 200 or so, I will see if they are mod for that. What do you use for xo's in this game..? Which is the worst loss, a single coil or a bunch of op-amps. I do not know as of yet..
If I can keep the 200-5000hz range ran clean or fairly so.. I am more at home there.. the 10,0000' of copper in that coil does bug me though.... The Fountek neocd3 pictured is now sitting on a form tube just inside the cabinetsat about 34",, much better for now, @ ear level.Imaging has not been sacrifised & detail & smoothness is still good, very good, but effeciancy is definately lower, that is why I cut the bass @ 100 with a .022 cap @ input of amp, Clean spl's to way loud.. I am new, so don't laugh to loud..!!!!!!!!!
J & G

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