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Tomac 14th September 2006 08:58 AM

another Open Baffle project
After reading so much about Dipoles/OB's, I decided to build an OB speaker. I had an idea of making a 3 way with following drivers
P.Audio C15-300 for the bass
Visaton w130s for mid
and still unknown tweeter (I think this won't be a problem,there are plenty of good tweeters on market)
My approach was inspired by Jamo R909 and Visaton NoBox, to build a passive dipole speaker, instead of active. I know that active solution is more flexible but currently I don't have enough money to afford enough amps. I played with Thorsten's sheet and got some nice results.
P.Audio with some added resistance rolls of at 40 Hz -3dB at 60cm baffle, but has a rise (due to baffle size) of 6dB from 100Hz to 200Hz. From that point is more or less flat. I thought of flattening that with 12mH inductor, so the roll off begins somewhere at 200Hz. I thought of making a crossover point between bass and mid somewhere between 300-350Hz. I know that Jamo had simmilar approach when doing R909, so i thought I could also do that. Now, i'm aware that thing could get a lot different when I hook the things up, but i have measuring equipment...
Sanity check welcome...

barfind 14th September 2006 09:11 AM

All sounds OK Tomac. You will find that you will have to play around abit once you get things running. Your room will have a big effect on your finished results. Also think about getting a dipole tweeter. BG make one thats about US$90, but your soundstage will be much better using a dipole tweet.


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