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Salas 15th August 2006 04:17 PM

Single or stereo speaker evaluation
I want to make a small research among us.

Do you prefer to evaluate a speaker prototype as a single or a stereo pair?

Stereo has comb filtering issues, more reflections, but more even room modes (LF) and is closer to what is going to be asked to do.

But there is HT and there is semi pro which may need multiple speakers. Single speaker evaluation is nearer to measuring and more absolute.

What is your preference and why?

inertial 15th August 2006 04:47 PM

Hi Salas,

talking about 2CH reproduction ,
Always and only with 2 speakers. Because IMHO high end is an
affair of "imaging" , depth, localisation, in others words I want
to see with my ears........ :)


Salas 15th August 2006 04:52 PM

You never check in single? A good single does not make a good pair, or 7 or more?

kevinkr 15th August 2006 05:43 PM

I now listen in stereo and measure in mono.

I do both nearfield measurements of individual drivers with and without cross-overs. Room measurements I do in mono at 1M, 2M or further away. (listening position)

Impedance magnitude change with frequency measurements coming soon.

I am still learning how to do meaningful measurements, how to interprete the results, and what I think I should do once I have identified what I think is an issue.

I rely on a combination of measurements and my own auditory preferences to determine whether I need to make changes.

I have no "instinct" for what is right, and want to educate myself about how what I measure relates to what I hear.

I listen with my ears and measure with instruments, not vice versa.

I designed and built my current speaker system from the ground up.

Acoustically speaking I am a beginner, wet behind the ears, a newbie ... :D

inertial 15th August 2006 05:49 PM


perdone me for my poor english.
I have referred only at stereo 2CH, not others.
And no, IMHO a good single do not make necessarily a good pair.
That is my personal experience.


Svante 15th August 2006 05:53 PM

When listening: 2 speakers, when measuring 1 speaker.

Salas 15th August 2006 05:55 PM

Do you find that you tend to readjust your speakers when you judge em in stereo?

Comb filtering between channels is one issue since our ears have distance (hopefully not empty) between them plus complex shadowing and pinna effects.

Maybe the shortage of mono program maybe is the sole cause.

I like to listen to pink noise in single mode first. Then pink noise in double mono, and when the central phantom is right after positioning experiments I continue with stereo program.

I have made speakers that I prefered to adjust solo than stereo which proved better when in pairs in unexpected rooms.

I am afraid of combinining certain domestic spaces in the equasion.

This is an issue that I have not seen being touched in general.

More opinions, expertise?

inertial 15th August 2006 06:15 PM


Just for example. My friend have a pair of Mirage M1si. How do they sound?
Depends from your criteria.
In terms of SOUND they are good: fast, punchy, dynamics,etc.
Maybe you can correlate your measurements with this . A bit loudness
maybe, but a great sound.

But in terms of "imaging" , localisation, reltive size of the instruments,
etc I must classified as poor, not credible. And this IMHO is not acceptable . This is IMHO the issue.

With only one M1 (in mono), what can you listen?
A "perfect" sound.
I hope I am sufficient comprensible.


johninCR 15th August 2006 06:30 PM


I ALWAYS listen both ways when evaluating a new speaker. I find it much easier to hear exactly what a speaker is doing by listening to a single speaker. Of course listening in stereo is important too, but the stereo illusion itself can mask problems that are readily apparent when listening to just one.

pinkmouse 15th August 2006 06:33 PM

Problems that only are audible when you move from a single to a stereo pair are most likely due to the room, in my experience.

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