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Alex_B 3rd December 2002 09:50 PM

Centre Sheilding
Hi guys, long time listener first time poster,

Now I'm wondering if it's possible to Shelid a centre speaker by using say +-4mm plate/sheet metal/alloy under the base and ontop?

following config: 0o0

Vifa C13WG | Vifa D26NC | Vifa C13WG

the D26 is a Neo magnet and sheilded but the woofers aren't. The reason i ask is after seeing some pictures of sheilded woofers it looks like it's been surrounded with say 3-4mm metal,

if this isn't possible is there any other way?

and also do non-sheilded driver magnets interfere with your receiver/amp?

thanks in advance, and merry x-mas,


Alex_B 3rd December 2002 09:57 PM

Or could you make i DIY sheild aorund the magnet? is the metal sheild allowed to touch the magnet or does it need to be spaced?


pinkmouse 3rd December 2002 10:44 PM

Hi Alex

Contact Dave (Planet 10) one of our trusty moderators, he had some MU metal available which is the only method of screening drivers, and not totally effectively at that. Beware, however that using sheiding will affect the magnetic field of the driver and may alter its response. If you can buy sheilded versions of the Vifa drivers that would be preferable.

do non-sheilded driver magnets interfere with your receiver/amp
they can to an extent, but not as much as the sound and/or vibration from the speakers, if they are too close.

Alex_B 3rd December 2002 10:55 PM

MU Metal? can that be bought in Australia? what is its code i.e. T-6061, i'll message dave.

yes i've heard about it altering the response but after a little googling i read that you can get reverse magnet's? to put onto the driver and a shielding cup over it? are such a devices available at a reasonable price? but i belive it must be match with the same power of the std magnet for it to work

Unfortunatly the vifa dosn't come in a Shielded version as it's a pretty old model now and the aussie supplier is having 50% off on certain models this being one. Being a cheapy bargin hunter i wanna make use of 2 for the price of one,

thanks so far,


Alex_B 3rd December 2002 11:04 PM

the only other thing i can think of is hanging it from the ceiling/roof with wire cable, directing the tweeter to the listeners ears and keeping high enough from tv screen for no interference. But that's a last resort hopfully,


pinkmouse 3rd December 2002 11:12 PM

Humm Australia... thats a long way to post lumps of heavy metal...:(

I have never found a supplier of magnets on the web, but someone here may know different! If the drivers are very cheap, you could buy an extra couple and use the magnets from those.

Flown centre system- very rock'n'roll:cool:

Alex_B 3rd December 2002 11:23 PM

hehe i'm liking my hovering centre more and more every minute! me thinks i'll string it up on fishing line, hehehe:D look dad a UFH (Unidentified Flying Home theater), lol fishing line it is! would it matter what cable you use? i.e. monofilament fishing line, wire, braided spectra, silk, speaker cable!;)

i'd think i'd need 3 cables to stop her from rock'n'roll'n'

but if there's a way to shield please tell, good idea on buying a few more and using their magnets might do so, their only $24AUS,



hehe, just had another idea, how woul a suspended hometheater go? great for rooms with little space (mine) - not the sub of course:eek:

Alex_B 4th December 2002 08:09 PM

abit off topic but can some tell me if suspending my 4 surrounds and centre (not the sub) on fishing line or wire cable will degrade my sound quality significantly? these speakers are not made yet but the enclosures will look like ice-cream cones and would look pretty smick suspended

I've seen speakers hanging on wire before but only in really big buildings.


pinkmouse 6th December 2002 10:50 PM

Hi Alex, sorry to take some time to reply but I have been away...

As long as your suspension method can take the weight I personally see no problems with this technique, in fact as you are isolating the speakers it might work quite well.

For suspension, I would use steel cable or chain, as it will have a good safety loading, if for instance, someone decided to have a swing on them:rolleyes:

Alex_B 6th December 2002 11:03 PM

FYI i've just bought 6xC17WG vifa woofers, 5x D25NC tweeters and one M25WO for the sub, which should be here in a few days


have a swing on them
lol:D some people just can't resist. weight isn't an issue as they'll be fixed throuh plaster into support rails


as you are isolating the speakers it might work quite well
i also though the same, plus less cost on me for making stands, the only thing that 'may' happen is the cable singing, from vibrations but i don't see that happening.

I would think that say in space or a space shuttle (weightless environment) sound would be better, but isn't there no air in space? how do communicatrions work in space?

well this is gettin way off topic now, gonna ring round today, see if i can find some MU metal.

here's the type of enclosure i'll be using, designed by andy one of the members here, it will look pretty knarly when suspended!

Click'a'roo Here

merry xmas,


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