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facundonu 19th June 2006 01:26 AM

70cm tall, 3 way, diy speakers based on 10"/4"/1" japanese ken brown drivers.
with some advice from members of this forum, a couple of months ago i've decided to begin the construccion of my first diy speakers.
they were to be used with a lm1876 25+25 diy chipamp.
as a start, i got this 3 way ken brown kit.
10" woofer (fs=30hz)
4" midrange (sealed back)
1" dome tweeter
crossover provided with the drivers

facundonu 19th June 2006 01:27 AM

having thielly small parameters i designed a vented box using winISD.
and it looked fine, so i started the woodwork.

18mm "aglomerado" (i don't know how to call it in english, it a kind of MDF with bigger particles). glued and screwed.

some tools, really amateaur as you can see.

facundonu 19th June 2006 01:29 AM

3 coats of satin black spray paint, on top of 2 coats of white base for wood.

inner side sucks...

acrilic sealant to form a sealed union between driver and box.

watching corea vs france, happy with our 6-0 on friday.

placing the midrange,


and woofer.

very little stuffing, and almost no bracing.

facundonu 19th June 2006 01:30 AM


later i'll be adding some protective grill or cloth. and it stands on 4 plastic feet each speaker.

well, having showed this, let move to the talking.
happy with the aesthetics.
happy with the sound.
the 3 way driver set has a sensibility of 94dB, wich is awesome for my 25w+25w amp.
it sound very good to me (i'm just a begginer in audiophile, hi fi, and all that stuff, but i know i like a infinity/technics/jbl speaker, and not an aiwa one).
i was afraid it was going to be boomy with that little amount of stuffing and bracing, but luckily it wasn't at all. maybe it's because it's not working at big SPL.
bass go deep (lower than 35hz for sure)(bass in stoner rock sounds great), not much group delay (jazz drumming sounds very good, i think i have bill martin in my speaker when listening to medeski's tonic), decent midrange (voices are clear and not distorted by any crossover point. i don't know if you heard something from spinetta. he is an argentinian musician (the greatest for me) with a great voice and i love the way he sounds in my speakers), and "sweet" high frequencies (i always liked soft dome tweeters because of this).
i have listened to several records today, some quite loud, and it wasn't exausting for my ears at all, i guess the dome tweeter does that.
that's all folks.
do you like them? any comments?

thanks for watching this and excuse my english (i don't even know wether it's good or bad english).

facundonu 19th June 2006 02:28 AM

by the way, thanks a lot "bickeler" for your advice and for not leting me buy those sony and hitachi bookshelf speakers!!

xstephanx 19th June 2006 02:42 AM

its definately a start! reminds me of those big 3 ways of the 70s and 80s i didnt grow up in....

soon youll be bitten by the upgrade bug!

also the materical you used is called particle board.

i dont know if you can take the back off
but if you could im sure a single shelf brace in the middle would help alot! make the bass much tighter.

facundonu 19th June 2006 03:50 AM

thank you very much!.
i know that, after enjoying them for a short time, i'll be desperate for an upgrade. i think that shelf brace you mentioned is a goof idea. the back panels are removable. there's some room for the brace to fit, right below the woofer and above the port. i suppose i'll be gluing it since i dont wont to drill the painted wood to place a screw.

Ap 19th June 2006 05:35 AM

Wow, welcome to 1970!

jamikl 19th June 2006 05:45 AM

Nice job facudonu. Nothing intrinsically wrong with the 1970s look either. If they sound good to you - they are good. You are the sole judge as to how you like your music to sound.

esuko 19th June 2006 11:43 AM


Nice speakers...happy that 3-way systems appear once in a while. So sound is good? 70's speakers are not necessary bad sounding if u prefer sweet sound from modern popular analytical sound. I found myself often enjoying my friend's parents old old speakers and marantz amplifier.

Now i'm wondering building these speakers
If anyone have build these give a comment.

Thanks and keep the good work up!

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