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Ahmad_tbp 16th June 2006 08:36 PM

studio monitor ...
hi , what s exactly diffrence between an studio monitor and hi fi system ?

mr-mac 16th June 2006 08:50 PM

I assume you meant studio monitor and hi-fi speakers???

Not a heck of a lot

most studio monitors usually have a less home friendly appearence, are often designed with near field monitoring (so quite close to person in studio) and most cases are designed to be ultra revealing so the engineer can easily hear if there is somthing wrong with the recording....

There may be more but it's not a hard and fast rule...

ATC are a company that came from the pro/studio field. I think their speakers are fantastic but have noticed they without exception will tell you straight away if the recording was badly made or if even a tiny hint of tape hiss existed on the masters (I noticed this on a freddie king CD I had which had not revealed any tape hiss on any other system or speaker I had tried it on - wich included Living Voice Auditorium and B&W CDN7NT's and other speakers in the 1500 range.


phn 16th June 2006 08:53 PM

The name.

You find B&W speakers in professional studios. B&W doesn't make any "studio monitors."

mr-mac 16th June 2006 08:55 PM

I meant ATC (from pro field now doing hi-fi with pro attributes) compared to hi-fi speakers form Living voice, B&W etc... etc...)

Zombie 16th June 2006 09:58 PM

Tannoy SGM-10B
I use them at home...little fatigue, ruthless on bad material and equipment, the music hits you straight in the face
I've heard VERY expensive speakers that "hide" crappy digital recordings, these don't...

xstephanx 16th June 2006 10:02 PM

studio monitors=photograph
hi-fi speakers= painted picture

see what i mean? a studio monitor shows whats there, exactly whats there, nothing more,nothing less(ideally). whereas a hi fi speaker is usually the engineers interpretation on what a good speaker should sound like! personally, i used to be a studio monitor guy, hell i listened to my music on monitoring headphones(when i couldnt use speaker). But now that ive tried fullrange, i dont know, theres something to be said for so called "musicality"(distortion). currently im really liking my sound, as colored as it is.

phn 16th June 2006 10:05 PM

John, we posted almost at the same time. Had I seen your post I wouldn't have posted.

There are differences, indeed. Hi-Fi speakers from a "Hi-Fi perspective" tend to be superior. The popular Yamaha NS10 near-field monitor is universally considered a poor monitor. It was made to sound like another poor monitor, the JBL 4312. It's the sound most sound engineers are familiar with.

"The people that hate this little speaker have several reasons for doing so. They say the speaker just doesn't sound good. They say it's too bright, especially in the upper mid frequencies. Actually, the NS10's have a 7dB peak around 1500Hz. Then, of course, there's the bass response problem. There isn't much there to work with. These are all good reasons not to like this speaker, yet it's an important component in most recording studios and is used by many successful recording engineers worldwide. There must be a reason for this."

The full article is here, for those that care.

Then there are the purely aesthetic differences.

mr-mac 16th June 2006 10:15 PM

ope sorry yeah see what you meant now (thought it was a reply to me the mention of B&W)....

Re Yamaha... they also did make some superb monitors. The NS1000M with it's mid and trebble berillium domes. They are very very good monitor speakers. Though are revealing to the extreme and hard to drive ( a lot of amps will just trip the protection circuit within no time if you try to turn the volume up)...

I would say if you like a lot of older music (<50's 60's studio monitors are a definite no no as they are really critical)....

However if you are in to really good quality recordings then they can make the better recorded music sound sublime....

Partly why I like ATC's domestic speakers as they tend toward monitor sound but not too far it's rediculous. Having a system good enough also makes it easier to live with monitor-esk speakers...

Well it's my humbe opinion anyway

Zombie 17th June 2006 07:18 AM

Isn't the purpose of this monitor to sound "bad", to imitate the average crappy stereo or boombox?
Sometimes one sees car speakers in studios or mastering rooms, too...

mr-mac 17th June 2006 10:01 AM

No the studio monitor is supposed to be ultra transparent and overhighlight any problems in the recording.

You may find in the studio (esspecially with pop) they will do some post production where they will compress the sound etc. to make it sound good in a car. However, no such thing should have been done to the masters


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