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Michail Bugaria 13th May 2006 03:28 PM

Monacor MSH-115 (116)

Anyone measured or used Monacor MSH-115?
Looking good for midrange in 3-way design ~500-3k
Specs promise good FR...
Maybe too good to be true? :)

Well, any advice will be welcome.

bombardon73 13th May 2006 10:17 PM

I have used the msh-116 before, very good midrange driver from 500-6000hz. Easy to crossover because of the smooth frequency response. It's probably one of the best 4" midrange papercone drivers.

Michail Bugaria 15th May 2006 11:33 AM



It's probably one of the best 4" midrange papercone drivers.
Why then it has not received greater popularity in DIY community? So strange... :confused:
But most of all me stops from its test it is its awful stamped frame...

Thanks for reply :cheers:

Calvin 15th May 2006 11:52 AM


both drivers work very good. As said before the 116 is probabely one of the best midrange drivers You can get. Imo the reason that it is so underestimated in the DIY family is, that imagery like cast baskets, huge dustcaps, and other fancy stuff is valued more than a good and straight construction! It simply doesn´t look expensive and it simply is not it can´t be any good.

"Hey look at this Scan I bought...saved my bucks for 2 years to afford it....and hey, do you see the fancy damping where the membrane is snipped into pieces? Great...That´s leading edge technology! Yeah, it reduces resonances....."
"So what??? My little 116 features linearity and a near perfect rolloff without cutting a nice diaphragm into wiggly-wobbly pieces.... and glueing all together afterwards :-)"


Karsten Sømand 15th May 2006 01:01 PM

Hi Michail!

Good choice. However, try to give the Monacor SPH-130 a look also. It might be interesting for you. It was used when making a proto type of the very good and expensive Gryphon Cantata D´Appolito loudspeaker.

I have heard the SPH-130 in a 3-way system (TMWW) and it was fantastic. The SPH-130 was slightly modified, but anyway.....

Kind regards


Michail Bugaria 16th May 2006 07:45 AM

Thanks for your help guys!

Has looked on Monacor SPH-130. The interesting driver, but unfortunately it not absolutely approaches me on sensitivity. Are declared 89dB but if to substitute it TS in lspCAD and to count, it turns out only 86,7dB. I search for something not less than 89dB for successful marriage it with bass driver.

The basic applicant on midrange at me likely all the same Seas H1262 (MCA15RCY). Almost all arranges except for the price (68 euro in Russia). Monacor MSH-115 I consider as alternative. It has very attractive the price (32 euro in Russia)

With H1262 all is clear - the excellent driver, and here Monacor for me in a novelty. It will be necessary to listen to it somewhere. And then already to think.

Once again thanks!

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