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nerd of nerds 27th April 2006 02:16 AM

Tang Band/HiVi 2 way....

I am here to present my ideas for a project i've been kicking around in my head...

Tang band W5-704S woofer paired with a HiVi K1 Tweeter for a nice budget speaker.

I was wondering what you guys think of pairing the K1 with the pyle waveguide that zaph used in his Seas wave guide project.

The reason he chose the seas woofers for that particular project was because they were so well behaved in the upper ranges, making the minimalistic crossover possible.

Well, the graphs on his site are gone, but the tang band woofer was VERY well behaved and the idea popped into my head to use the waveguide with it for a minimalist crossover.

I'm working on setting up some measuring equipment so i can (providing you guys think its an okay idea) measure the K1 tweeters with a waveguide attatched.

I'd like to get the pyle waveguide but it doesn't seem to be available in the US at the moment.

Dayton has a nice looking six inch wave guide on parts express but zaph had tested the 8 and 10 inch models and didn't get great results...

None the less the six inchers are cheap and it would be worth experimenting seeing as in the event that i use the pyle waveguide it will actually cost more than the tweeter...

Cal Weldon 27th April 2006 11:52 PM

I like the K1. I think it is an underated tweeter. I'm not talking how it measures, I'm talking how it sounds. I use them in my HT system and am very happy. The only problem I see is that with such a large flange (because of the large magnet) you can't get them very close to the woofer. I also wonder if the woofer will keep up if you use the waveguide. You might have to pad the tweeter.

nerd of nerds 28th April 2006 02:18 AM

This project has been put on hold as i need to fix one of my turntables...

I am still very interested in persuing this though...maybe even in a tmm format...

but first i have to get my measurement system setup so i can actually measure the K1 with the waveguide.

And i too think that a lot of hi vi products are underrated...

I want to see more measurements of their tweeters as the k1 is their cheapest model...i'm wondering what an extra six bucks gets you as far as hi vi goes...

cotdt 28th April 2006 03:42 AM has tests showing that these tweeters are amongst the best he's tested, and these are dirt cheap too.

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