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-_nando-_ 9th March 2006 02:19 PM

A little help with "concept" guitar amp! Plain Response?
Hi !!

I'm thinking about build an guitar amplifier diferent from those that we have in the market.

Here in Brazil, since the most cheaper till the best, all them have a "hard" sound, without any smoothness, and they change a lot the natural sound from the instrument. All those amplifiers have EQUALIZER too, Bass, Mid, Treble... Plain response? Don't even think about it hehehe... :xeye:

I wan't build an "guitar" (I'll call it guitar amplifier, because it's mono, and I'll put some more things that guitar players will like) amplifier with smooth and detailed sound, without being too much transient sensible.

Okay, now the point is:

I'll use a 12" principal driver (because it must be LOUD and bass players will use it too), and two more drivers, mid and high frequence ones...

I didn't choose them, but obviously they will have diferent sensivities and will work at diferent frequency ranges.

I want all them playing at the same VOLUME, so, does exist any calc that I can do, to calculate the power needed for each driver?

Thanks !!!

-_nando-_ 10th March 2006 04:13 PM

Thank you all for the positive feedback ! :clown:

I already know how to solve this thing... It will have two amplifiers, one for midbass, another one for the mid high and tweeter.

I'll use passive crosovers too, and I think it will be fine...


nobody special 10th March 2006 04:24 PM

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to make a clean and accurate guitar amp?
If this is for electric, that is a sound most people don't desire. The amp's distortion(s) is (are) as much a part of the instrument as the guitar itself. The cleanest amps are usually preferred by steel guitar players.
If it's for an electric-acoustic, then I can understand why you want it clean.
I am interested in hearing about your design, so tell us more, if you want to.

TheKidd 11th March 2006 09:45 PM

Nando, if your idea were desireable, companies would be cranking them out by the truckloads. Guitars have very different requirements than bass guitars when it comes to drivers and cabinet designs. Sure, you can design a speaker system which will work with both, but it will be a compromise, with neither sounding as good as specifically designed systems.

As for your dislike of most guitar cabinets you've heard, it could be that you simply have not yet found a guitar driver which is voiced to suit your particular taste. If you are after a very smooth, uncolored response, you might want to try an Eminence Alpha8, which is as smooth as glass and comfortably covers the guitar's entire frequency range.

Best of luck to you.

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