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Tenson 3rd March 2006 11:00 PM

Aurum Cantus Woofer - AC200MKII

Can I have your subjective opinion or experience of this woofer please?

I was thinking of using the Volt B220.8 Bass/Mid woofer in my TL speaker but ideally I would like deeper bass. The AC200MKII seems nearly ideal. Apart from a 2.5dB peak around 1KHz it is pretty flat and has an FS of 26Hz. It may need a notch filter to tame a peak even higher up so I get a smooth Xover, but maybe not…

Anyway, I am worried that as it is a lot cheaper than the Volt, it won't sound anywhere near as good.

The idea is a money (pretty much) no issue, two way TL. I want to use the Fountek NeoPro5i ribbon so I need a woofer that goes LOW (I want 25Hz in room or lower) and is smooth to a high enough frequency to cross at 1.5KHz.


Nemophyle 4th March 2006 12:55 PM

the aurum cantus is having very low Q, and although i'm no expert regarding TL, i can remember that this was not a good thing at all regarding TL.

The USHER 8137A is cheap, is having excellent measured linear distortion , and a pretty good extension to 3khz. It has an fs of 33hz, but a Qts of .4 wich is pretty ideal for a tl i think.

Also as you are in europe you could purchase this crazy woofer from visaton : Visaton TIW 200 XS
this one , according to the hobby hifi measurements, also have very good distortion, and it is having fs :26hz + Qts : .41 + xmax : 11 mm one way.

it would be the crazy horse for bass application in TL i think, but a well tamed breakup node begins at 2,7 khz so , a 24db/octave may do the trick ,but you may also have to add a notch.

Tenson 4th March 2006 05:23 PM

Sorry to bother you guys again,

But has anyone got experience of the MOREL H10.1? It has a nice low FS of 25Hz but they say it is useable as a midrange as well. up to 3KHz. I can't find any response graphs for it though. Does it have any major peaks and dips?

It has a 3inch voice coil and I have been told large voice coils are good for midrange. Is this true?


GOWA 6th November 2008 12:01 AM

I don't think I would rely on the published specs for this driver if I were you. I purchased this AC200mk-II and the measurements I got are quite different that the published ones. I am waiying to hear back from PE to confirm my findings.

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