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beamnet 19th January 2006 12:58 PM

tl, tl with other drivers or no tl at all?

I am a regular on the tube side of this forum. Eventually, i had to end up here.

I made a BIG tube amp, capable of about 75 pure tube watts.

Now i have been captured by the tl for a long time. And built a tl sub. (i had a small aiwa sub lying around. Ripped it apart and made a tl enclosure for it. No measurements done, but it sure sounds about 20 fold better)

Now i am thinking of making a tl for my amp.

First of all: does that make a good match? It is a 0 feedback penthode pushpull amp (might add some feedback later).

Now i have two designs i like: The peerless flatline and the optimo by tony gee.

The peerless is cheap. dirt cheap. but about my maximum budget.

The optimo is expensive. So i would definitely have to change the drivers for that.

Does anybody know of better cheap designs? Woodworking and stuff is no problem.

I would like to minimize components. I just don't like complicated crossovers. Two way seems the only plausible solution.

The music i like to listen is strong and dynamic. Lots of rock.

Help is greatly appreciated!


Tomac 19th January 2006 02:48 PM

I notice that you live in Nederlands. Monacor is, according to my knowledge ,well distributed there.
Monacor Sph-165 kep in a 180cm long flat pipe. 3Sd on both open and closed end. Vifa XT25 for tweeter. Don't know about crossover, you'll have to do it by yourself.
just my proposal

knifeinthesink 19th January 2006 04:33 PM


peerless pipes

gr research av3

lots of TLs here

knifeinthesink 19th January 2006 04:50 PM

p13 daline

the tweeter on this one is unknown but it seems the p13 is well suited to 1st order xo so you could probably work that one out easily enough.

knifeinthesink 19th January 2006 04:55 PM

one more

martin king fostex 206

this would probably suit your budget. Really efficient too.

One of these days i want to try this one myself

edit: hmm, just reread your post. Im not sure if this is a good rock speaker. If it interests you maybe you could solicit some more opinions.

beamnet 19th January 2006 05:39 PM


Cool project. But somehow i don't see how two bass drivers, being at fifferent phases in the tl could produce detailed bass.

I like simple....

Peerless pipes:

good option. However, i would go for a constant crosssection pipe...


same as db717tl...

the daline: cool! But still. i wouldn't know how to pick drivers!

I know the fostex thing. Lots of fostex fans on the web. But i don't think i will enjoy a single driver unit.

I allso have seen the t-line speaker site. I made my calculations on the sub using those equations.

I like the monacor idea....

Some other thing that wondered me: All blh designs have such small horns! I can't find any cool two way designs with BIG bass horns

Yhanks for all those plans!


knifeinthesink 19th January 2006 06:02 PM


Originally posted by beamnet

the daline: cool! But still. i wouldn't know how to pick drivers!

this might work.

you could search this forum for the diyaudio reference project with the same drivers as the link. If i remember correctly it has no crossover. Or a 1st order. Cant remember.

knifeinthesink 19th January 2006 06:08 PM

found it


this ought to be up your alley. One component in the XO.

beamnet 19th January 2006 06:13 PM

it's no tl, is it?

but...making atl with these drivers and that xo would be a good speaker?

I'm not sure i understand the thought.

but thanks!


knifeinthesink 19th January 2006 06:29 PM

the daline uses the p13 but an unknown tweeter. You said you wouldn't know how to choose the drivers. I think you could use the p13 and the d27 in the daline successfully. I vaguely remember someone commenting that the dalines sounded nice.

Im just throwing ideas out there for you. I cant say for sure that this is going to be a great speaker, but if i was looking to build a speaker like you are thinking of, id be comfortable with the gamble. Besides, the p13 is a legendary driver so its not like you wouldn't be able to find numerous other projects to use it in.

Personally, Id build the gr reasearch av3 kit, partly to save complication, or something with the dayton rs drivers, as i have never heard any complaints about mtm transmission lines. In fact some of the very best diy speakers, such as the seas thor, use this configuration. But of course the shipping in your case would be a killer.

Id love to find a design with the peerless 850488 in a TL but i dont know of any.

Maybe try asking at There are great designers there who champion the dayton rs drivers. Maybe they could suggest a TL with a single rs woofer. Those drivers have got to be the best buy going right now. Maybe even worth the shipping cost. The projects to try with a rs180 are endless. Very popular driver.

Whatever you decide good luck.

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