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Westrock2000 27th October 2002 11:18 AM

Found Lowe's in Ft.Worth selling "sonotubes" (price is good)
The Lowes at I-20 & Bryant Irving in Ft. Worth sells "sonotube" lookalikes made by that concrete company you see everywhere, like quickcrete or something. Anyways that had two sizes that were 8"x48" and 12"x48" each was about 1/4" thick walls. Not sure what a real sonotube measures in the walls as I've never seen one. The great thing was the price, and even though I've never priced real sonotubes these puppies were about $5 for the 8" and $8 for 12". Seemed pretty good to me. the 12" would make a great HSU lookalike sub and the 8" would make good tower or bookshelf in a D shape. They are in the Masonry/Brick area by the lumber.

Good Hunting! And sorry if this is old news, I've just never heard someone mention a home depot or lowes for sonotubes.

Westrock2000 27th October 2002 11:22 AM

also a question about ports on subs. Can I stick a pipe into a hole in a sub enclosure and push it in and out to find a good tuning length, or does it not matter since the tube is always the same length whether completely in the enclosure or sticking half way out. In other words can I tune it by pusshing in/pulling out or do I have to cut a certain length, try it, cut another length, try it, and so on?

Fred Dieckmann 27th October 2002 11:53 AM

Port tuning
"Can I stick a pipe into a hole in a sub enclosure and push it in and out to find a good tuning length?"

No. It is the enclosed air mass in the tube that does the tuning.
Good question that alot of people wondered about I am sure.



"pusshing in/pulling out"
"Can I stick a pipe into a hole"
"do I have to .... a certain length"
I can hear Sigmund Freud spinning in his grave. :spin::RIP:

Are there some kind of subliminal messages:hypno2: going on here that I should know about?:blush:

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