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metal 26th November 2005 09:44 PM

Audio Tester Software
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I want to carry the Impedance & TSP test on some speakers I got, as I will connect a power amplifier on the output of the sound card because its a must, as the sound card can't stand driving an 8 Ohm speaker, but I was not sure about the input of the sound card, is it allowed to connect it that way, I think it will get the sound card dead. If so, is there a way to prevent the sound card inputs being destroyed....

Is there any user who used this software and can describe how to do the measurements practically, I appreciate illustrated connections.

PS...the resistor is not 0, its going to be 10 Ohms...


paologatto 26th November 2005 10:36 PM


metal 26th November 2005 11:07 PM


Thank you, but does that work for audio tester too, like it works for sample champion.

Thank you very much any way :)

metal 27th November 2005 11:23 PM


Audio tester yields too many errors, also the resluting graphs are just not what they should be, at least they don't look like any thing !!

How can I assign a graph to measure some thing in audio tester, also can you experts explain hot to make it really work now.


bzdang 28th November 2005 03:32 AM

Hi Metal,
Audiotester Demo is limited in session run time, and will end itself after some number of minutes, but it is fully functional while it runs. I liked it and bought it because it worked well the first time I used it. But I had already made an Eric Wallin Jig2, and thus had suitable hardware to connect the soundcard to the loudspeaker under test. I recommend that you make one, it will be useful with many pc soundcards and audio measurement software packages.

You are right that soundcard line-outs don't like to drive loudspeakers.
You will have to use an amplifier and mess with soundcard settings to get good measurements.

metal 28th November 2005 03:57 AM

Hello bzdang

Thanks alot for your help, as I said, sound crds don't like driving loudspeakers, any way, my built-in Realtek AC79 audio sound card was capable to do so. I did try not to do so, but I was just ready to buy an external sound card if this one gets destroyed...

Even if I mute the mic input, I get erronous graphs, I will read what you have already laid thouroghly and see what I can do, I will first read, then see what to add to the test bench to get that software working.

Anyway, it seems you got audio tester working at the first glance, I will see if it works with JIGII, and let you know what results I will get. BTW, I always get runtime errors while using audio tester, I don't know if this is a mistake in software it self, or the settings I am using, usually VB applications issuae a runtime error when there is an overflow, not-found file, or an erronous parameter....

I have only tested audio tester software in deed, as I have not downloaded any one else, in addition to speaker workshop, which I don't know how to use yet, I will read its manual, and see...

Thanks very much :)

wintermute 28th November 2005 04:34 AM

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Hi Metal,

I got your email :) I haven't tried using Audiotester for measuring T/S params, I use speaker workshop for this and find it very successful (though that is with my current sound card).

I have used the following cards. Creative ISA soundblaster 16 (the original non plug and play one) not very good.

Turtle beach montego II much better than the SB16 but still not real good.

AC97 sound card built onto my motherboard (Asus A7v333) not very good (worse than the Turtle beach), probably better than the SB16

Audigy II ZS excellent and it will drive the speaker directly (for impedance measurements) without an amp giving excellent results.

when I say not very good for the above cards, the impedance plots were very noisy, the Audigy gives a completely clean impedance plot with no need for smoothing to get a good looking curve. It is important though to properly do all of the calibration!

I use a wallin Jig II.

attached is a pic of an unsmoothed impedance plot taken recently with speaker workshop and wallin jig II with the speaker/jig driven directly off the soundcard line level output.


edit: also both the turtle beach and AC97 required an external amp, and I couldn't get repeatable results.... the audigy II give very consistent results.

MBK 28th November 2005 10:36 AM


I use and bought Audiotester, mostly for MLS though. I found it easy to use and set up. BUT: while working fine on mu USB M-Audio pre on a lapop, I do get a lot of runtime errors using Soundblaster live on my desktop. You may have to fiddle with the soundcard setup files, there may be something proprietary to the soundcard that Audiotester doesn't like. Try toggle WMA driver model as well in the sound in/out setups.

Noisyness: likely a sampling / resampling issue; try different sampling rates / mixer settings as well. Also, try different "latency" settings.

Hope this helps - I found AT reliable and very simple (after despairing with Speakerworkshop)...

Irwin AR 28th November 2005 10:57 AM

Well guys... do give this recently pre-released software a try.
Looks VERY promising and should be adequate enough for
your loudspeaker testing.Fully working program i believe.
Just found it a few days ago while browsing so i'll give it a
try later.

Thank you to Mr. Ivo Mateljan for releasing this to the public.

B4 28th November 2005 11:30 PM

Thanks for the link Irwin AR. I am going to try it also, seems like a good product.

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