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bigswede 15th October 2002 02:20 PM

Lowther Fidelio - anybody?

Im thinking of building a pair of Lowther "Fidelio" horn speakers. Is there anybody out there who has any experience of this loudspeaker? How does it sound? Lowther of course says it sounds excellent...

If it doesnt sound exceptionally good I will probably build a couple of Voigthorns instead, since they are much easier to build...

bigswede 16th October 2002 07:54 PM

hmm... no answer so far...

...I take it they are not so common? Cmon, there must be at least one lunatic DIY:er among you guys who nows something about this loudspeaker...!


MJK 16th October 2002 11:44 PM


Does not look like there are any other Lowther users here but you and me. Sorry, can't help with your enclosure question but you might want to try the Audio Asylum High Efficiency Forum.


bcherry 17th October 2002 01:51 AM

This one uses the Bicor horn. It has a nice footprint and narrow baffle but in side by side comparisons with the much simpler Acousta, although cleaner sounding, it didn't have much dynamics or presence. Better to build the TP1 if space allows.

planet10 17th October 2002 04:41 AM


Originally posted by MJK
Does not look like there are any other Lowther users here but you and me.

Does this mean your next project is Lowther based?


bigswede 17th October 2002 06:33 AM

Hey Martin

Thanks for the link!

MJK 17th October 2002 10:45 AM


Yes. I have DX2, DX3, and DX4 drivers in the basement. Each has 120 hours of break-in, the T/S parameters measured, and I am starting to make the SPL and impedance measurements to use in the design effort. I will start putting data on my site in a couple of weeks.


bigswede 18th October 2002 11:28 AM

Im asking everybody again:

is there anybody who has ever listened to a couple of Lowther Fidelio?

(acousta and similar designs are not really interesting since I want a direct radiating thing with crystal clear sound, not some kind of design with drivers radiating in different directions - with other words: no "fake surround")

tubetvr 9th January 2003 07:02 AM


I built Fidelios some years ago and still use them. They are equipped with Lowther PM6A with Alnico magnets. The boxes are not that difficult to build if you can get the material pre-cut, I used Mahogny, (Luan) Plywood.

I choosed the Fidelio after listening to several Lowther speakers and I think Fidelio is a good compromise with reasonable space requirements, in my view there are no other Lowther speaker with similar size that gives better sound. If I build new Lowthers it will probably be Audiovectors as I think the improvement is not worth it with other designs. I have also influenced some friends here in Tokyo to also build Fidelios after listening to mine.

I use my own designed tube OTL amp to drive the lowthers with very good results.

My Fidelios can be seen here:

Regards Hans

Mohan Varkey 9th January 2003 09:49 PM

Hello BigSwede,

I am sorry, that I missed your post as I was busy designing and building my dedicated amp for Quad ESL57.

I was distributor for Lowther until the dawn of the millennium. So I have a little practical experience with them. Mind you, I am still a Lowther enthusiast.

Yes, I have listened at length to Academy, Acousta, Alfredo Horn, Bicor 200, Mau Horn-TypeIV, Oris Horn and TP1. I understand that Audiovector as Hans says, is the finest cabinet for Lowther drivers. However, the Audiovector and TP1 are rather large cabinets and quite complex to build.

All front horn loaded cabinets add colouration to varying degrees but are more dynamic than back wave loaded horns. My preference is for back wave loaded horns. My favourite cabinet is the Alfredo Horn designed by our club member Alf Lepp. PM7C driver works well in this cabinet. My recommendation to you is to select a cabinet that has the horn opening to the front.

I hope that this is helpful.

Hans, how long have you used your OTL with Lowthers? I was always afraid to put out an OTL for Lowthers because of the systematic attention these amps require to maintain minimum DC. Is your amp capacitor coupled to the Lowther?


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