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XOtothelight 10th November 2005 05:43 PM

HT Speakers?
Don't want to spend the big bucks and feel I can do better with less money. Nuff said there! I'd like to build at least 5.1 system possible 6.1 or 7.1 expansion). The system is part of a bonus room, HT, I'm finishing out. The room is roughly 15' x 22'. I'd like to build 4 2-ways with a sub and MTM center channel. I looking at movies and music to be played thru the system. Any suggestions to start with? Tweeters? mids? woofs? XOs, active or passive? Active for sub probably? Vented or sealed? I am adept in circuit building and carpentery. No worry there. :idea:

XOtothelight 10th November 2005 06:56 PM

The loudspeaker wiki has a lot of great info, construction design etc. I've seen a number of posts talking vifa, seas, peerless and others. I am looking for a well rounded combo set, movie and music quality. Not as much classical music but more towards the pop and alternative side.

Grahamt 10th November 2005 07:05 PM

What is the budget for speakers and the sub. Are you designing your own crossovers?

XOtothelight 10th November 2005 08:12 PM

I am designing myself. I'd like to keep the total cost of all speakers and piece parts under $1k (maybe under 700). I can rule out scan-speak! :eek:

Cal Weldon 10th November 2005 09:56 PM

Are there contraints on the box size?

Do you want 6.5", 5.25" woofers or...?

Do you want dome tweeters or...?

What amp will you be using?

Have you decidied on the woofer driver yet?

Lots of information required before we can help you much further.

In regards to the MTM centre. It's not necessary, you can just build another of the L&R units. My take on those is that for a centre channel you can't just sell the public one half a pair of speakers for a centre channel. Hmmm...what shall we do? I know, let's add another M and sell them specifically as centre channel speakers. Eureka what a genius! Another thing to sell joe public. They'll never figure it out.
One of the advantages of having the centre the same as the others is that you can swap them around every so often to ensure equal usage over the years.


XOtothelight 10th November 2005 10:40 PM

I have not decided on any of the woofers or tweeters. I have looked at some: tweeters w/spl around 90, 91 and woofers about 3dB down from there. Basically, thumb through the Madisound and Parts Express wish books. Based on my room size will 6.5" woof benefit over a 5.25"? As far as the center, are you suggesting a 2-way maybe with a different xo (or all 5 identical)? Box size, I'd like to keep med-to-small, that may mean 5.25s". Does this also bode well for vented over sealed? For surround effects (dbx, dolby, thx, etc) do I need to setup the rear L&R xo different or just let the rx processor work its magic?

Grahamt 10th November 2005 10:45 PM

What equipment do you have for measuring drivers and designing the crossovers? Just trying to help.

The lower end Vifa, Seas, Peerless and HiVi drivers are popular for budget projects.

Cal Weldon 10th November 2005 10:51 PM


Originally posted by XOtothelight
As far as the center, are you suggesting a 2-way maybe with a different xo (or all 5 identical)?
All five identical or all seven if that's in your future.


[i]For surround effects (dbx, dolby, thx, etc) do I need to setup the rear L&R xo different or just let the rx processor work its magic? [/B]
All speakers should be identical.

OK, so go look at what you can afford and get back to us with some choices. The next step will be the XO. Premade or diy? Have you done them before? XO's can be tricky.

Oh, and the Denon will be fine. ;)

wintermute 11th November 2005 12:58 AM

Vance Dickason uses audax AP130Z0 mated with morel MDT40's in his home theater project at the end of the LSDC 6th edition....

edit: I should probably mention that the fronts and center were both MTM's in that project....

though you may wish to use a cheaper tweeter as 5 of them may start to blow the budget :)

he actually uses completely different drivers for the rears which have dual side firing tweeters.... not everyones cup of tea :)

for the sub he used this the parts express Titanic

at the end of the project he estimates you would need to spend $2000 or more on a comercialy available system to equal it.

might give you some ideas....


AJinFLA 11th November 2005 01:03 AM

I'll throw in my suggestion .

5 X

Mad will do the XO's or do 'em yourself. The EXACT same speaker with very uniform power response at each channel. No MT or MTM or whatever. Near point source. Nice drive unit from SEAS. You could face the rears pointed upwards or tilted back for more diffuse coverage (since it would be a monopole)
Thats about $600.

1 (or 2 if you want to go nuts/over budget) X


Possible amp:

$240. A little over budget, but it would rock the house. Parametric EQ is just dandy;) .
My 2 cents.

Cheers, good luck


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