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demon2091tb 2nd October 2005 04:13 PM

Opinions on Zaph's Seas Kit
Not new to the DIY market, but still a beginner, First DIY HT effort consisted of a Vifa P17 6.5" and a LPG 26nafm, sealed .3cf (choked the low end below 100hz with an f3 of 90hz, very nice sound overall, lacked lots of midbass. Madisound made xover.

This time i'm going to be building Zaph's Seas design using the L18, 27TBFCG and i'd like opinions on the sound compaired to price. I know its going to sound very nice, but overall opinions of what i could expect going from the Vifa/LPG to the Seas. I will be arranging the xover as per his design requirements.

The Seas combo as far as aesthetics they look awesome. I just hope they sound as good as they look, as far as SQ is concerned. Sub end is taken care of with a Single 15" Tempest, @ 7cf 21hz.

I would like to use a pair of 3" aeroports that i ordered a few weeks ago, but using winisd the 1.6"x5" port goes to 3x27", is there anyway i could still keep the tuning at 42hz and use the 3"ports without having the port lengths be so freaking long.

simon5 2nd October 2005 09:22 PM

Use a single aeroport per speaker, it will be enough.

demon2091tb 3rd October 2005 03:27 AM

But if i use a 3" port its going to take the port length from say 5", to say 20". Is that acceptable for a .5cf box?

simon5 3rd October 2005 05:27 AM

Yeah you're right, it will take a 20 inches port to tune at 42 Hz. That's too much, unless you want to do an external port hehe!

I think you should scale that down to a 2 inches port, 8 inches long for the same tuning.

demon2091tb 3rd October 2005 11:10 AM

Will need to order a new port then, I mean i could easily use something else like a pvc pipe, but i'd really like to keep things as simple as possible and extreemly clean and the like, as well as match cleanly with my Sub enclosure. Aeroports just work so awesome too.

As far as the Kit goes SQ wise, how good does it really sound. I'm trying to achieve a level of SQ that i've never heard before, as not only a enjoyable experience building the kit, and not only to enjoy the kit as far as the HT SQ goes, but to also have it be my reference as to pure SQ to be used for a/b comparisons for my SQ install in my car. Thats why i wonder how good really is the SQ, as no where that i look does it actually state. Or compair it to setups many thousand more than this costs.

So how does it do.....

tktran 3rd October 2005 01:36 PM

hi demon2091tb.

I built these.

I respect guys who do car audio, because it's such a tough environment. IMHO it's far harder, and costs more $$ to match the level of sonic accuracy that is achieved in the home environment.

I try to forget what I know about car audio SQ.

This is an entirely different ballgame. A definite step up from your the P17 based system. Built it. Enjoy!

demon2091tb 3rd October 2005 04:19 PM

Thats good to hear, I'm really excited about how it may turn out.

First things first though i need to sell off existing equipment, for funds, it sucks but gotta do it to afford this new setup.

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