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tald 15th August 2005 09:36 AM

3-Way speaker building
I want to build 3-way floor speaker. The room is 4X4 Meter.
Can you recommend a good designs or DIY ?

tald 16th August 2005 12:28 PM

No one have any idea ?

amirmk 16th August 2005 01:33 PM

You'd have to be more specific about budget and what are you looking for. Also, your woodworking skills should be taken in mind.

altor 16th August 2005 03:02 PM

No sence to make 3-way floor-standing speakers, for 4x4m room !!!!!

I suggest you to build 2-way book-shelf, for example - "Mark-Morel" speakers (designed by Mark Feldsher, Haifa).

Drivers will cost you ~1300-1400 NIS at Morel's factory (Nes-Ciona), case and crossower you can make youself, all information - at my web-site.

DonoMan 16th August 2005 03:05 PM

If it makes no sense, then what do you think he should do?

Seems a lot of you guys look down on those of us that don't have huge listening rooms.

You might go with an Extremis for the bass.

altor 16th August 2005 03:16 PM


Originally posted by DonoMan
If it makes no sense, then what do you think he should do?

I've edit my message


Seems a lot of you guys look down on those of us that don't have huge listening rooms.

At 1st - it is impossible to get low frequencies in so small room (standig ways, wall reflactions).

At 2nd - 3-way speakers with usially used lower crossover frequency (300-700Hz) are not suitable to listen from the small distance! You will listen woofer and middle from the different directions.

Only one exception - if You 3-way speaker have low crossover frequency below 200Hz, but this is an expensive way (I've done this - my speakers have 100Hz F1).

More chipper way - is to use 2-way book-shelf speakers with lower freq. (-3db) near 50-60Hz (in any case - 90% of music content does not have frequencies below 50Hz, and 99% of music - there is nothing below 40Hz) and if it is still not enough "bass" - use a subwoofer.

tade 16th August 2005 03:34 PM

i agree, plus bookshelves can be simple, lovely, and easy to set up.

DonoMan 16th August 2005 04:54 PM

I think an Extremis-based 3-way could be very good in the near-field.

regal 17th August 2005 12:44 AM

Personally I don't like two ways. Three ways have better midrange because the crossover is higher. A nice looking small 3-way design is Jim Holtz JH3. Looks perfect for a small room.


janusz 17th August 2005 05:02 AM

3 way speakers
Hi Tald,

You may be happy with a 3 way in a 4x4m room. As regal said 3- ways have better midrange. According to my experience well designed and built 3 ways are generally better than 2 ways at most frequencies but if you were to opt for a 2 way use a good quality widerange plus good tweeter with the lowest Fs you can get. The other alternative are electrostatics. These can be brilliant at all frequencies except bass so good sub(s) is/are needed. But it is an expensive alternative.

My current listenning room is only a touch bigger than yours (4.1x4.3m) and I have a 3 way with 4 speakers: 2xDynaudio W75XL (12 ohm), Audax HM130co as midrange and Dynaudio Esotec for high frequencies. At the moment boxes are closed but will be variovented. I have variovents ready but no time to install them.

It is a semi-active system with 4th order Besseel active crossover cutting at about 600Hz (I am still experimenting) and a passive first order with impedance correction (Audax only) at 5kHz. They work beautifully in my current mini-lounge, although a large room is better for them. True, but I would not exchange them for a two way system. When I built them a few years ago I had a bigger listenning room. When I have a bigger room again I'll add some active servo subwoofers and maybe upgrade the midrange to a 5" from Audio Technology.

If you want top sound go for an active system. No passive system can compete with actives - especially at higher listenning levels.


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