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multiplexor 20th September 2002 05:54 PM

What's the best brand speaker/box?
Hey guys, i'm just curious.... :)

I've heard JBL speakers before and i love the crisp clear sound they deliver.

What are your opinions on the best speakers/box out there?
Maybe even what application for each?

ie: I heard cerwin vegas are good speakers, but mainly for rock music.

Bill Fitzpatrick 21st September 2002 12:43 AM

And this guy is a moderator? Give me a break.

multiplexor 23rd September 2002 12:40 AM


Originally posted by Bill Fitzpatrick
And this guy is a moderator? Give me a break.
Oh, I apologize Bill. I guess the question might be too easy to answer? Or?

My hobby isn't loudpeakers. Though It is something that interests me greatly.

I mainly stick to the Video section, attempting to build a large screen projector tv. If you ever need any questions answered, please do ask, I would love to help out.

If you do have an answer to the question I had asked, I would love to hear it. It's always good to learn new information.

Thanks :)

till 23rd September 2002 12:44 AM

look what Nelson wrote....

Peter Daniel 23rd September 2002 12:58 AM

Maybe his knowledge about loudspeakers isn't up to your standars Bill,;) but he surely has a right attitude to be a moderator.

mrfeedback 23rd September 2002 01:56 AM

What Does 'Best' Mean ?.
Ken, those questions are a little too broad.
Applications ? - Big room ?, small room ?, max SPL ?, lowest frequency ?, power handling ?, classical ?, rock ?, techno ?, HT ?, etc, etc, etc.......
And perhaps the best speaker for you is not the optimum for someone else.
My advice is to look around in the retail stores and find a sound you like, study it and then try to emulate it.
You should be able to do this for half the cost of retail - typical retail markup is 100% and 1000% for Levinson stuff.


Bill Fitzpatrick 23rd September 2002 02:04 AM

Attitude? Sure, Multiplexor seems polite and perhaps unassuming. Is that all it takes to be a moderator?

Maybe I just don't understand the function of a moderator.

I assumed that a moderator had the following qualifications:

1. Tact and the ability to help keep the peace.
2. A reasonable amout of practical and theoretical experience in ALL the areas that the forum covers.
3. Intelligent.
4. Fairly world wise with at least a small understanding of how a broad spectrum of people think.
5. Unbiased and open minded.
6. Possibly additional attributes.

Would someone kindly explain?

Dustin Haug 23rd September 2002 02:23 AM


Would someone kindly explain?
Not trying to start flaming anyone Bill your list of qualifications would certainly yeild a fabulous moderator. However realistically I don't think too many people fit the bill, much fit the bill and are willing to be a moderator. It's one of those thankless jobs, no one notices you till you **** them off ;)

planet10 23rd September 2002 02:25 AM


Originally posted by Bill Fitzpatrick
2. A reasonable amout of practical and theoretical experience in ALL the areas that the forum covers.
I don't think this is required. For instance i'm lost when it comes to video, or digital, understand a bit of the SS stuff, know enuff about tubes to make it look like i know something, but my main experience is in speakers.

Would making you a moderater get you to pay attention to 1, 4 & 5?


There are many valid flavors and approaches to building speakers. Every speaker is a set of compromises and which set of compromises you find most suitable to you depends on many factors including the room, the kit you are driving it with, your listening experience ....

I have used an approach which i call mostly Full Range -- a single driver covering most of the range with some help at the extremes (always active at the bottom). I used to use ESLs but am currently playing with more efficient FR cones (partly so that i can get the required levels out of small wattage tube amps).

Some of the guys here and elsewhere have found nirvana with JBLs, most of my experience was with their commercial offerings of the 70s & 80s (which IME sucked) during a time when they weren't at there best.

So tell us more about your needs and we can narrow things down.


Jason 23rd September 2002 02:32 AM


The question you've asked is very general. You are most likely looking for some kind of pre-existing FAQ or reference material that covers currently available loudspeakers. Not being 'in the scene' at the moment, I can't suggest a particular link, thread or document that covers the whole schebang.

Perhaps one of our friendly loudspeaker guru's has something in mind to help bring you up to speed on what is available.

Bill, this is OT but Ken is the moderator of the <i>video</i> section. I'm not here to add fuel to the proverbial fire, but I think I would add #7: Has both the time and balls to stick his neck out and increase the amount of positive energy in the world.

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