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Dumbass 25th July 2005 10:42 PM

Jordan JX92S + Hi-Vi D10G + passive 1st order crossover?
Jordan JX92S full-range driver
Qt 0.40
Fs 45 Hz
Vas 15 liters

Hi-Vi D10G woofer
Qt 0.44
Fs 25
Vas 138 liters

Jordan goes flat down to 100Hz in a small sealed enclosure. The freq curve for the D10G looks like it breaks up around 400Hz. Is two octaves enough overlap for a passive 1st order crossover?

Would this be a reasonable approach?

Dumbass 25th July 2005 11:15 PM

A second idea:

Since a .7 Q sealed enclosure rolls off at 12dB per octave (is that correct?), let the Jordan do this naturally without any filtering, simply apply a second-order low-pass filter on the woofer. What sort of phasing issues would be presented here?

Colin 26th July 2005 10:21 AM

A number of people use the JX92 in a sealed enclosure and allow that to roll off the bass and have reported good results. On the other hand, a recent thread extolled the virtues of an active crossover at 150Hz and said it made a big difference. The box approach is at least cheap to try and you can add filters later.

Jordan used to recommend a 1st order roll off for their bass drivers, crossing over to the JX92 in a sealed box (with no x/over), crossing at around 110Hz. Although I'm using the 92 full range (down to the mid-30Hz), as an experiment I tried the passive roll off using the inductor value on the Jordan site. Interesting - playing test tones the bass units were still clearly audible up to almost 1kHz (albeit at reduced volume). So if I used a 1st order x/over on the bass, I'd want to add to the rolloff by having the bass units face the floor.


DarkOne 26th July 2005 12:57 PM

I'd like to build very similar system using JX92S and Seas L22RNX/P which according to simulations make very deep bass. I plan to use it in active system with 1st order crossover at 150-300Hz.
I think that Jordan has to be highpass filtered, because cone excursion goes rapidly up as frequency goes down, so you can easyli exceed Xmax. Vented enclosure for JX would help a little, but not enough. Depends on how loud will you play.

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