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kmj 22nd April 2005 08:29 AM

High sensitivity(>90db) budget speakers wanted
Hi one and all.
I'm looking for a pair of floorstanding speakers that are to be used with various Tube-amp setups so a sensitivity above 90db is wanted.

-A price around 350$ (preferably below) excluding cabinet for the pair.
-No electrostats.
-No bulky cabinets, (30x30x120cm approx)

Since I lack the knowlage to design crossovers and cabinets building instructions are a must. And ofcourse best possible clarity (instrument separation, atmosphere?).

Any suggestions good people?

Ropie 22nd April 2005 09:18 AM

Buschhorns! (the Mk2 version):

The sensitivity is around 93dB, I seem to remember.

If you have $350 to spend you can fit the Fostex FE108EZs instead of cheaper drivers.

rick57 22nd April 2005 09:46 AM

The Buschhorn link is n.a. for me just now.

If you dont want the building complexity of most horns, a Fostex 206E (fullranger = no crossover, 96 db): not sure of their min Hz.

You may want to add an active sub (eg with a gainclone), Peerless XLS 12 (90 db) or other to make the bottom end really good. :up:

Ropie 22nd April 2005 10:07 AM

There's this one:

Or this one:

Yes it involves a bit of woodwork, though nothing really complex.

kmj 22nd April 2005 10:15 AM

Oh, forgot one thing.

No sub for now.

And one more thing. If possible, could someone add some links to European vendours of the elements involved? The swedish prices are insane.... (200$ for the FE108EZ sigma compared to Madisounds 85$)

plovati 22nd April 2005 10:52 AM

BCI Acoustech TH-75 towers.

Are a Klipsh RF3 clone and are priced 270$/each or so.
But with cabinet and 96dB. Are sold also on e-bay.

It is impossible to find 'em in Europe. If somebody knows some European dealer ar sell himsefl a pair of these speakers, please let me known.


rick57 22nd April 2005 10:59 AM

Few conventional mid-bass drivers are 93 db.

PHL who are well regarded, make an extensive range, inc some that dont need a sub eg 1220/ 1230, which are 93 db. click on - Products, 6.5, Bass

This avoids needing say two 87 db mid-bass drivers, which causes lobing problems).

Zalytron have some PHLs on sale at present.

To find > 93 db, choose from those coloured pinkish here:
Seas 27TFF or Morel MDT37 would be good for $.

Hope this helps.

Got to go

kmj 22nd April 2005 11:34 AM

So, if i go with the horns and the FE108EZ sigma, is it just use Buschhorn MK2 drawings or must i use the more complex "Fostex recommended enclosure" ?

Ropie 22nd April 2005 11:55 AM

Some people say the Buschhorn sounds better than the Fostex recommended enclosures, others say they are very similar. I've never heard the Fostex enclosures but the Buschhorn is definitley a more elegant looking speaker, and simpler to build as you point out. BTW, the Buschhorn works well with a number of Fostex drivers and can be tweaked to optimize it with whichever driver you choose. I mentioned the FE108EZ because it is supposed to give the best results overall, and would fill your budget.

There is a UK site that sells most of the Fostex range, and their prices compare well to Madisound's (once you add postage):

joensd 22nd April 2005 12:04 PM

Id use FE166/7E or FE206/7E and eventually a supertweeter (thatd be also in your budget).
You can put them in ML-TLs or horns and so floorstanders.
There are loads of designs out there:
Also check out the recommended enclosures given in the datasheets by Fostex.

greets from a happy owner of a FE167E

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