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Zero Cool 27th March 2005 11:20 PM

Box Info For DELTALITE 2510
Anyone have any experiance building abox for the Eminence DELTALITE 2510 speaker? I need some help.

The specs say the reccomended enclosure volume is 1cu & vented but gives no further info. I downloaded some free box calculation programs but something doesnt seem right and i need to figure out how to figure out the port size.

This will be for a bass guitar, single 2510 driver and i rectangular port or a round piece of PVC pipe if that works better.

Anyone have a good box program that you could throw the specs into and help me out a bit??


John Sheerin 28th March 2005 12:30 AM

The T/S specs on the deltalites are a bit weird. I have a 2512 I've been thinking about using in a 1 cubic foot sealed box for bass guitar use. A vented box basically gets you the same response as with a sealed box but more excursion control around the tuning frequency and less control at low frequencies. Either way, you're not going to get really low frequencies out of this driver.

Zero Cool 28th March 2005 01:30 AM

Yeah i figured that. Im going for lite weight more than anything, BUT, i want to maximize the low end extension as best i can. I play a 4 string so i think low E is what 41Hz if i remember correctly?? or is it 43??? something like that. but put this thing in a box and the FS seems to jump up around 63hz not good. SO.... this is only for a practice amp anyway so im not THAT concerned about it.

I was noticing with the program that i had that no matter what port size i used, the specs seemed to stay the same. I do want to go with a ported cab anyway because i intend to make the cab very light weight. I am expecting some cab rez and flex, but if i go sealed it will just make it that much worse. i figure as long as it doest buzz or rattle im ok. i will use something like dynamat on the inside, or i have been thinking of trying a space frame like the Tannoy DMT series possibly. Some sort of design that is light.


basseuphoria 29th March 2005 07:32 AM

delta lite 10"
go to and type in 290-592 for part # on upper left hand margin. this will pull up the deltalite 10 you are looking at. underneath the description you will find "design ideas." this will give details for optimun box and tuning in a printable formate. i have used this site for years and would be lost w/out it! also, go to for freeware downloads of vented, sealed and bandpass software.
good luck,

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