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path914 14th February 2005 10:14 PM

Help with enclosure ideas

I am a complete newbie when it comes to DIY audio, I come from a car audio background. I have been lurking around here for a while trying to learn what I can.

Anyway I have a pair of Vifa PL18 7" woofers and Vifa D26NC05 tweeters with custom Madisound crossovers. I would like to use these to make a bookshelf speaker pair, but have no idea what enclosure size or type to use. Please help...

morbo 14th February 2005 10:23 PM

The crossover is matched to the baffle dimensions, so you should use whatever baffle size the crossover was designed for... presumably the crossover came with this information?

path914 14th February 2005 10:33 PM

Actually, I currently have these drivers in my car. So maybe the crossover was designed with IB in mind? I have the original charts from Madisound that show the freq, but I have no knowledge of how to translate the information.

I can email or pm scanned images of the different charts if that would help. I think these sound wonderful in my car, but got the idea in my head that since all the crossover work has already been done, I might be able to simply put them in an enclosure and use them for home use.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking...?

morbo 14th February 2005 10:44 PM

It really depends... if you described where in your car they would be to madisound, they most likely designed for that spot. So like you said, IB and quite likely (assuming they are in kickpanels) tuned to sound best significantly off axis. Then again maybe I am overestimating how much goes into these madisound crossovers, for all I know they plug manufacturer's curves into LEAP and do a basic crossover without considering such factors.

In either case if you don't have measurement/crossover design capability, I would use the crossover you have as a starting point, and tweak things like baffle step correction from there. If you do that, I would download something like WINISD, plug in the T/S params for your woofer, and find a suitable bass alignment, which will tell you what your box volume should be. Then design your bookshelf based on that volume.

path914 15th February 2005 06:56 AM

I have the woofers in my doors and the tweeters mounted on my A-pillars. I didn't mention placement to Madisound when they were designing the crossovers, so I believe they just used a basic leap design.

I appreciate the suggestions for software and stuff, but I'm really at a more beginner level than that. I wouldn't even know what I would be looking for. Unless it is really as easy as plugging in the T/S numbers and having it spit out the proper enclosure.

If you could maybe suggest what I should be looking for from WINISD, that would help. I would think that with the drivers I have, I would be looking at around 55-60 cycles or so and higher? Vented, sealed?

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