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morbo 9th February 2005 12:54 AM

Microwave 'ultratweeters'

Anyone tried these? ;) According to the literature, they can be placed anywhere in the room that is convenient, because they operate outside the audible range. :clown:

motherone 9th February 2005 01:17 AM

Holy cripes.. I hope that's an early April Fools joke :D

454Casull 9th February 2005 01:31 AM

You should see the stuff that's usually listed along with it. Ridiculous ****.

Stocker 9th February 2005 01:31 AM

for crying out loud! click the home page and check out all the other amazing(ly expensive, useless) stuff they have for sale.


I suppose they are working out what shade of pink T-shirt sounds best as we speak, though I think the T-shirt and magic ring will tend to counteract each other.

HeatMiser 9th February 2005 01:31 AM

That whole site is a fantastic laugh - Let's see, so far I've seen

- a $300 magic cable tie

- a "magic chip" which, placed on top of your CD player, processes your CDs to improve the sound - good for 10 discs then you have to buy a new one

- a $99 pill bottle full of little rocks that magically kills room nodes and absorbs excess EMI/RMI energy

I won't comment on their primary line of isolated platforms/shelves, since there may be some basis in science fact there and I don't want to start a war. :hot:

morbo 9th February 2005 01:43 AM

Yeah I didn't want to bring up the other stuff being this is the speaker forum... but now that you mention it;


"It's no exaggeration to say that with the Pebbles in place
regular CDs now sound better than SACDs did before." -- Gabriel G., PhD

Stocker 9th February 2005 01:47 AM

Is it just me, or are the photos from various shows suspiciously alike in appearance to rooms in someone's house?

And dig the blurry photos.

merlinx76 9th February 2005 02:27 AM

Sites like this are worth it for the sheer enjoyment of reading the pseudo-science. I find most of it hilarious.

Golden sound intelligent chip: (for improving your CD's)

Just set it on top of your CD player and play your CD...

" The upgrade takes less than 2 seconds and is permanent. Once the disc is upgraded, either remove the Intelligent Chip from the player and return it to its protective case or leave it on top of the player and insert the next disc to be upgraded into the player; discs may be upgraded sequentially, at one time, with the Chip in place on the top of the player. If left on top of the player, the Chip will not function until the next disc to be upgraded is inserted in the player and played. If you attempt to upgrade a disc that has already been upgraded, the Chip will "sense" that the disc is already upgraded and spend no energy on it, thus avoiding using the Chip unnecessarily "


xplod1236 9th February 2005 03:04 AM


The Magic Ring (Standard size) is a 1 3/4-lb, dark metallic-gray, thick-walled cylinder with OD = 2.5 inch, L = 2.5 inches and H = 2.75 inches (including flat base).
Now that I know the OD, all I need to know is what the "dark metallic-gray" material is so I can figure out its density, and then using the weight given, figure out the ID to see if all my wires will fit in there.


The Large Magic Ring weighs 2 1/4 lb and is slightly larger than the standard size Ring.
It's only slightly larger, but the price is three times as much.

morbo 9th February 2005 03:12 AM

here's a link to the manufacturer's site, with more in-depth explanations of how these things work.

Here's the detailed technical description of the ultratweeter:

"JS ultra-high loudspeaker
This product is designed and produced by adopting the quantum waveguide technology. Its working frequency band is in the very high frequency (microwave band). So there is no such question as the match with the loudspeaker systems. Instead, it is suitable for all audio systems. It can thoroughly widen the original working frequency band. The sense of air has been enhanced obviously. The sound field has become wider and more far-reaching."

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