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KBK 21st January 2005 05:44 AM

Skanspeak ring radiator? anyone try them?
I have to buy a matching tweeter for my MTM 2 ways, done with the Skanning 18 cm midbass c-quenze drivers. A Tweeter that matches them in quality. Not much choices up there...

The one I'm looking at is the 2904/70000, ring tweeter.

any other possibles?

I'm looking at the Morel MDT-33SE, which I have few of in current proto models. I know how to handle this unit already. Fabulous, if re-done, physically modified, in the way we are wont to do here. All custom loading, etc.

I'm not sure I want to buy (employ in a production model) a tweeter I can't take apart and modify, in the way I do the other tweeters we use. I'd hate to buy the skanspeak units,and find they don't come apart in the way the MDT-33 does.

anyone handled these yet?

Ah, I'll probably have to call them and ask.."Hey, can I take these puppies apart?" The unspoken part being...'we feel our loading design and practices are superiour to yours'.

I'm not sure they'll like that. Even if it is unspoken.

Taco 21st January 2005 01:18 PM

Try the Morel Supreme 110, I've combined a 18H cquenze with the Morel Supreme 110. The combination is better then the sum of the two parts. In other words a perfect match. Also for the ppl in North America the tweets sell for only ~290/pair (Madisound).

ermes 21st January 2005 02:17 PM


the " MDT-33SE " is a copy .a clone of the patented mdt-33 handcraffed by morel !!!!
do not buy it,is not the new version of mdt33.

the official site product of morel is : here you can find all official morel products.

i'm according with taco about the supreme : it is the TWEETER.
the 33,that i prefer,is slower than supreme.
the sound of the 33 is almost identical.
the 33 is more sens than supreme.

if you want the sound of 33,but with more speed choice the supreme.


KBK 21st January 2005 02:19 PM

The Speaker is a MTM, so the efficiency of the tweeter must be, quitel likely, higher than that of the Morel 110 Supreme unit.

I have a pair of both units, the MDT-33,and the 'SE' as well. I'm not sure the SE is any better than the original 33. Seems slower and a bit more cloudy. The drivers are new (the SE versions I have), as well, so I don't wish to cast a bad light on a tweeter that is not broken in.

Also, for the morel, they do not supply frequency response graphs/imp graphs, of any kind..that I have seen so far. I know I can get the morel MDT33 unit to work with the 162,144, 164, MTM configurations. But not anything about this Supreme unit.

The US distributor of Morel units is NOT carrying the Supreme units, for some unknown reason. I have spoken directly on this subject with them.

Due to the sensitivity requirements of the C-Quenze drivers in a MTM configuration, the Skanspeak Ring Radiator is looking like the best choice. However, their load ingof the chamber appears to be pushing or pressuring the unit into a false low end output in the 500-2k range. It appeas as if their might be a linearity problem in the lower ranges, which the Morel does not suffer (MDT-33) from, to too much of an extent. You just have to know how to load them.

I spoke to them in Denmark this morning (here in Canada) but.. of course, all the people had left the factory already. It was 4pm in Denmark, 10am here in Canada. I did get an answer to the back plate removal issue, but it was entirely inconclusive.

I'll try the US office in the next hour or two.

foo 21st January 2005 02:29 PM

You can try focal tweeters .
They have some high efficiency tweeters,too.
But IMO , I think it's better to go for TM config for CQ18cm,or use some 86/87 db midwoofers instead of AT midwoofer .
AT woofer's high efficiency is quite a limit for MTM config.

phase_accurate 21st January 2005 02:34 PM


However, their load ingof the chamber appears to be pushing or pressuring the unit into a false low end output in the 500-2k range.
I once read in a German mag that AudioPhysic is using them with the cap on the back removed and install them into an own compartment instead.



nate 21st January 2005 06:56 PM

I've heard the scans in the Meadowlark Blue Heron 2s. They were great IMO. In my last project, I used the Accuton C23-6 1.2" tweeter and it is quite good also. It has an extremely low fs, good power handling and efficiency. I haven't herd the Morels, but I can reccomend the scan and accuton tweets.

Jonasz 21st January 2005 07:11 PM

You can wait until the new Seas T29CF002 hits the market. I understand that it's their new top of the line tweeter. It's sensitivity is 92,5 dB and FS at a low 500 hz.

You can find more info here:


David Gatti 21st January 2005 10:53 PM

Lots of Morel driver info here : &

By the way, what's your opinion of the 18cm Cquenze?
I'm about to start using the 15cm version.

KBK 21st January 2005 11:35 PM

I like Mr. Skanning's drivers very much. The 18 seems a bit better in excursion capacity than the 15, but both are excellent. They tend to sound more like music than all the rest, whomever's driver it may be. I don't like complex crossvers, and skannings drivers allow for proper simple crossover design. This, in my opinion, is critical. There is a incredible amount of driver design wisdom hiding in what appears -on the surface- to be very simple designs. A critical lesson for the rest of the driver design world, in my opinion.

Thanks for the links.

As for Seas drivers.. every single one of their driver's I've had a chance to design around..sounds... how to put it politely....uhmm.... "GREY". Like a 70's recording out of California.

Slightly hard, slightly grey.

And overdamped.Ie, dead. lifeless. The notes are too similar, etc. These effects are minor, to be sure, but enough that I personally don't use their products. However, I am very willing to be proven wrong, on any of their drivers I have not encountered.

Everything I design around has to be for extemely tightly sealed systems. This means no phase plug drivers of any kind. The boxes are so tight that if I was to push a driver cone in, it takes about a minute to return to it's resting position. We have to remove the bass driver(s) to ship them by air. The bass drivers will pop from the pressure changes on take-off.

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