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hifiZen 29th December 2004 08:04 PM

Fostex FE166ES-R Limited Edition
Looks like Madisound still has some available if you haven't pre-ordered... the 700 released in Japan are sold out. Better get in while they last!

Here's a few pictures:

And a google translation of a Japanese page on the 166ES-R:


Limited sale full range & speaker


It continues to adhere to the back load, ' the ES series '
Is enjoyed easily the 16cm full range which appearance

New development radial paper making technology is thrown,
You adopt the copper & silver alloy wire for the voice coil anew.
Powerful magnetic circuit of diameter 145mm lanthanum cobalt

Standard price 12 and 600 Yen (1 unit / including tax)
Reservation acceptance start: November of 2004 25th
Departure sale due date: Middle the of December of 2004

Main feature
- It throws new development radial paper making technology to the ES cone which actualizes the smoothness of medium high pass.
It throws the radial paper making technology where the fiber to be thin in the ES cone where the density which is pliant is high, controls density distribution and gathers the fiber to radial pattern, the extension and the umbrella and delicacy of the middle treble limits it actualizes.

- You adopt the next generation magnet " lanthanum cobalt magnet " of high residual induction.
With the 16cm you adopt the powerful magnetic circuit of exceptional case, actualize strong silent playback.

- It actualizes the Q o which is optimum to the back load.
The Q o = it actualizes the specifications which are specialized in 0.21 and the back load.

- Copper & silver alloy wire voice coil adoption.
You adopt the copper of high grade cable " WAGC series " adoption & silver alloy wire for the voice coil anew.
It guarantees the form rigidity which is superior, while responsiveness is high, it contributes to limits which is high pass and the power impression playback low.

Correcting/rule case
- Impedance = 8 Omega
- Lowest resonance frequency = 50Hz
- Playback frequency zone = fo - 22kHz
- Output overpressure value = 95. 5dB / W (1m)
- Input = 75w (Mus.)
- Mo = 7. 44g
- Qo = 0.21
- Effective vibrating radius (A) = 6. 5cm
- Magnetic weight = 899g
- Gross weight = 2. 8kg
- Recommendation enclosure type = back load type

hifiZen 29th December 2004 08:15 PM

See also:

Anyone out there plan to try this in something other than the recommended folded horn? MLTL maybe? I'm looking for cabinet suggestions here...

oface 6th January 2005 08:02 PM

"How about something like TC's I-BEN?

I'd kind'a like to see this with glass panals on the sides to show the "horn" profile. (should also make the speakers less visually imposing but a LOT heavier..) "

I was wondering the same thing too while i was out on deployment,, i worked up a sketch drawing ,, but i haven't had any software to simulate it . i dont really care how they look on the graphs though , i always have built, listened, tweak , and if i didn't like, well i just made new enclosures for the drivers

but i was just thinking of building the prototype out of cardboard,, i can get really thick stuff called"triwalls" .

let us know how those drivers sound/perform


ScottG 6th January 2005 09:28 PM

the problem with this driver is that by the time you get a chance to hear it you out-of chances to purchase it (I think).

Cardboard would generally be BAD (for horn mock-ups with low freq.s). It's a fairly complient material and horn walls and flares require stiffness. Still, it might give you the most basic idea.. Chip board is pretty cheap and it should do well - hell, with these "lengths" dry-wall might work for a suitable low-cost mock-up material (except possibly the side-walls which would need several layers not to flex terribly). Its certainly is easy to "cut" (though not very accuratly).

oface 7th January 2005 06:50 AM

yeah , i figured that i would try it with cardboard or hell chipboard is a good idea,, but the cardboard is over a inch thick,, really heavy duty stuff, now i wouldn't use it for my main rig ,, just like i said , to get a feel for the design,,

true, the major thing would be the lack of stiffness as in mdf,plywood, etc... but it would give me an idea (basis) to pursue and to improve upon ,, btw , it is very cheap, (free),, so it can't hurt too bad,,,

btw, i am thinking about using it with this driver or the 206 flavor,, IE as in the I-ben clone,,,,,

i will try the fostex design 1st ,then roll from there,,, then get brave and do the I-ben clone,, all rady have had the wifey's approval,,,heh "just as long as it looks good " she says !!

i was just wondering if anybody had tried to do a diy version of it,, and what were the results,,,


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