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singlemania 23rd December 2004 07:17 AM

Celestion Ditton 15XR
I have recently sold my Ditton 15XR's on ebay which I put through and extensive upgrade. This included silver wire, rebuilt crossover, binding posts and new damping material. The guy that bought them already had a pair but he wanted to hear more of what this classic standmount could be capable of. I think he was quite impressed with the upgraded version. It may be of possible interest to any Celestion lovers that I have also experimented by replacing the ABR with a second 8" driver which is a mod I carried out on a second pair of 15's (early model of late 60's vintage). When I demonstrated the twin 8" driver version to him his jaw nearly hit the floor. I have a strong feeling that I will be assisting him in the New Year with fitting the second 8" unit in place of the ABR! I would like to hear from anyone else who may have carried out work in looking to improve the Ditton 15.


Brett 23rd December 2004 10:00 AM

I have a pair of these speakers floating around chez Brett, and am curious to the details of all your mods.

singlemania 24th December 2004 08:20 AM

Celestion Ditton 15 Upgrades
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Hi Brett

Well I started of by replacing those dreadful binding posts that were so prone to becoming loose. The posts were replaced with quality gold plated posts which accepted bare wire, banana and spade connectors. Interally was where the major work was carried out. For starters all the foam was removed and discarded. Some of this had already started to deteriorate. I replaced with with BAF wadding. The crossover is a simple ahffair with one CAp value 4.7mic (this was sourced from Ansar model SPA with sliver lead outs) and qty 2 inductors 0.8mh and 2.2mh (both made by Volt) . These were clamped to a new board and then hard wired together using silver solder. The wiring was all replaced with 20awg 99.9(7n) grade solid silver in teflon coated sleeve. I fitted deadsheet to the sides (1/2" thick covering approx 50% of the area of each panel). The end result was such a measurable improvement. The guy that bought then could not believe the level of detail that they revealed from a recording that he brought with him. The cost of all the bits was about 75 (excluding the wire which was another 30). If you ever seriously contemplate buying any speaker up to 750 ($1500) make these upgrades and you'll save yourself 600! Better still see if you can get hold of a 2nd pair of the bass units and do away with the abr. Taking it a step further you could always choose Hovland Musicap instead of the Ansar for a marginally sweeter treble. I have also modded to 15 b replacing the HF1300 tweeter with a Morel MDT30. Whereas it fits the rebate you still need to shave widen the hole by 12mm because of the bigger diameter magnet. This unit integrates very well and is a signifcant upgrade (mo opinion anyway) as it provides better focus and is more effortless in its rendition. Personally I prefer the older 15 models which had a superior bass unit.

Bennyboyph 15th May 2005 06:37 PM

Very Excited
This looks like a very exciting summer project, as I have been lusting after a new pair of speakers for ages! I have got my dad's old pair of Celestion ditton 15 speakers that I've already had a play around with. I rewired them completely, and changed the capacitors. Made a nice difference in sound. I have never been very happy with the funny looking tweeters, they just don't sound right. I am very intrigued by your modifications. Will the Morel MDT30 work well with the older 15 model? You said something about prefering the bass unit of the 15 over that of the 15XR. How have you got the second bass unit wired up? I might find a cheap pair of 15's on the net and get the bass units out of them!!
Failing this, should I just buy a pair of ditton 44's?
I'm quite a newbie to this game, but can learn pretty quick.


mysticfred 26th May 2005 01:07 PM

can anyone help..............!!
if you could let me know of a supplier who can supply better quality tweeters to those already installed in the celestion ditton 15xr as standard, also where i can obtain correct capacitors for these?????

Bennyboyph 26th May 2005 02:44 PM

Not quite sure what you mean. If you want the original ditton 15xr tweeters, have a look on ebay, the model number is HF1300. If you want a modern replacement for the HF1300 tweeters get a set of Morel MDT-30 tweeters from . You can also get replacement capacitors from the same site. Read previous posts in this thread for the exact values.

mysticfred 26th May 2005 03:14 PM

many thanks for your advice!
cheers steve

planet10 26th May 2005 08:57 PM

I assume the Morels gave you top that was missing with the HF1300s? I always considered the HF1300 more a midrange driver... but even the low end ones in the Ditton 15 have some value on eBay.

The 3 pair of 15s i've had cost me less than you spent on mods (did that include the tweeters?)

Does anyone know if the replacement butterflies for the 1300 are available (i've a dead pair of the higher end ones that i'm sure someone with IMFs would like)


Bennyboyph 26th May 2005 09:49 PM

Not done the modifications yet, so don't know! I can only assume that the morels will give the result of an extended top-end.
Don't suppose you know of a cheap supplier of the Morels?? How about decent inductors/capacitors???

I am quite intrigued by your phase plugs. Do you reckon I could add a set into my ditton 15 bass drivers? Have you tried this??

You should try these mods in your ditton 15's, though without the Morels, and see what you think. Even just re-wiring mine made a decent difference. Try the double bass driver mod, and remove the ABR.


planet10 26th May 2005 10:24 PM


Originally posted by Bennyboyph
I am quite intrigued by your phase plugs. Do you reckon I could add a set into my ditton 15 bass drivers? Have you tried this??
Seems to benefit most drivers (well the 1st big improvement comes by removing the dust cap... but the hole needs filling, best do it with a phase plug that has additional benefits, What is the voice coil diameter?


You should try these mods in your ditton 15's, though without the Morels, and see what you think. Even just re-wiring mine made a decent difference. Try the double bass driver mod, and remove the ABR.]
All long gone...


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