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JRKO 22nd October 2004 10:46 AM

where to stick it?
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PINK = equipment which my wife says I cant move!
RED = Current listening postion
BLUE = possible change to remove bay window between speakers
GREEN = shorter listening distence but amps closer to driver. Also allows system to not get pounded by loudspeakers directly

My room is roughly 4.6m (15feet) long by 3.37m (11feet) wide. The gaps are doors and the lump is a bay window.

I have noticed that some peoples systems place the speakers close together and close to the listener.

Which would be best and why?

mike.e 22nd October 2004 11:01 AM

"Room Reflection
Response Calculator]

The green is obviously closer and the speakers arent located in corners- better IMHO- for both reasons id prefer this location.

It depends on alot-im not qualifed to answer \


JRKO 22nd October 2004 01:20 PM

Thanks mike.e

Any other reasons out there or is it a try it and see thing?:smash:

agrobler 27th October 2004 01:32 PM

Different speakers do different things to a room... What do you have?

Some people (first saw it by JG of Audiophysic) now advocate put them against long wall, you sit in middle of room far from back wall... Speakers pointing a foot or less infront of your nose... minimise room interaction this way....

Shorter distance between you and speakers need drive-units that integrate quickly... otherwise you hear drivers as separate units... also am not to sure if the distance from you to each speaker must be larger than distance between speakers - probably different for different speakers. But that is traditionally the case.

Dunno about chair in centre of room and WAF

BTW, why would you move from current posi, seems cool, maybe move speakers a bit away from corners as mike.e sez

JRKO 27th October 2004 05:33 PM

Thanks for replying Agrobler

I have Tannoy Berkerleys. Thats a 15inch Dual Concentrics (so integration is no problem as they are basically single point source) in a 98litre ported enclosure.

I am interested that Audiophsycic now recomend placeing the system on the long wall.

I moved it aroud and now have that exact setup. It sounds much clearer than before less boom in the bass and the positioning of muscians in much much better defined.

One other positive thing about it is I can get really good cables because I only need 1.5m max!!! With the preamp placed centrally and the power amps either side swapping between amps will be even easier as well...

Oh...and the wife likes it!!!!!!!

agrobler 28th October 2004 08:33 AM

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Glad to hear!


I hope the url still works, this was where I found it... also other acoustic stuff.

I think what helps with new setup is the lower amount of first reflections, that arive very quickly after the direct sound... and the glass that doesn't resonate as much...

See the new sketch... two less major first reflections... bigger dots major, smaller dots minor... same colour as speaker position... Obviously excluding ones on floor and ceiling

Next nice thing would be absorbtive panels... at remaining first reflections... BAD WAF:whazzat: Remember thickness of high density foam / fibreglass at least half of required wavelength... 1000Hz = 17cm... and standing 5 cm of wall... as I said, bad WAF...

But test it with big pillows floating over first reflection point to see if it does anything at all...

Sorting out speaker placement and little bit of acoustic treatment is cheapest and best tweaks there are!

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