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slicemaster101 27th June 2002 02:24 AM

Slices BIG Home Theater project
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Many of you have shown interest in my project witch I have been talking about for some time. The project of course is a commercial grade home theater. I have been scrounging up information from here for some time and I have learned quite abit. I hope you will take and interest in my design as I have. The theater will cost no more then $76,000.00!
This includes everything from speakers to lightfixtures. This seems like a lot but I have been looking around and in high-end home theaters it is not uncommon for prices to go well over $100,000. My father who I am designing this for is a vice president of a large general contractor and has worked on many acoustically sensitive projects for the government. I have much to learn still but what I have put together so far seems to be more then enough. The theater will be fully featured with the best in audio and video components. I have designed this layout for ease of upgrade as technology betters. I excited to see what you guys think and why. Here are some excel spreadsheets of components and MSRP prices. Pretty much they are self-explanatory. If anyone has problems reading my sheets just ask.


markkanof 27th June 2002 03:59 AM


I don't mean to be over critical but it seems in your plans you havn't included construction materials. I don't know what is going on with the room that will be the theater, so maybe these things are already taken care of. But it seems at the very least you will need, drywall, trim of some kind, electrical wiring(possibly a seperate subpanel for the theater.), maybe some overhead lighting to complement the sconces (you may be choosing to omit this because lights will mostly be needed to enter and exit the room, and nothing else.), possibly some heating and cooling equipment for the room.

I didn't see on you list any kind of sophisticated room control unit. Something that controls all the equipment,lights and climate from a touch screen. Just mentioining this because that would be something I would want if getting into such an extensive home theater project.

Last thing, what are you doing about sound proofing. You have damping material on your list. My understanding though is that damping material is usually intended to stop reflection of sound within the room. However other methods are usually used to keep sound from being heard in other parts of the house or vise versa. An example would be varied stud walls that isolate each side of the wall from the opposite side.

So there is my thoughts. Hope it helps.


slicemaster101 27th June 2002 04:20 AM

::thanks for the feedback::
I do have overhead lights…namely the recessed ceiling lights…they are my favorite.
Anyway the room itself is part of a different budget and has been taken care of. As for the room control unit kit... Where can I find one? I am not sure what to look for… Thanks for the feedback. What did you think about the rest? I am defiantly interested.
Could you post some links to some high-grade room control unit kits?
how much would it cost? 2-3k?


markkanof 27th June 2002 05:02 AM

Well first there are two magazines which you may or may not have seen yet that you should check out...

Home Theater Interiors
Audio Video Interiors (

Both these magazines have some example theaters with lists of equipment. Interesting to look over and includes things like automation controls. As I said before these controls can do everything. Dimming the lights when the movie starts, closing blinds on windows, lowering the movie screen, controlling all the equipment, controlling the climate, etc.

Since you probobly don't have either of these magazines in front of you now, here are some links to get you started...

As for the rest of the equipment it looks good. Any reason why you are going with JVC for the source equipment. I don't necassarily have a problem with JVC but in my opinion they have never impressed me that much either. It seems like you are going with higher end equipment for amplification, speakers and video, so why skimp on the source equipment.

Last thing, have you ever considered some sort of computer audio player. Such as an mp3 jukebox or other compressed but lossless audio format. In my home we store all of our CDs on a computer and then they are right there with the click of a mouse(or possibly a control device in your case) to listen to. In my opinion it is much easier than haveing collections of CDs around. Also it can be used simultaniously in many parts of the house.


slicemaster101 27th June 2002 07:44 AM

I’ll check those links out… As for a computer audio player…I will definitely have one…
I have been into computer construction for about 10 years now and I am definitely going to have a computer as part of the system. I have built every type of computer you can imagine… servers, personal computers, storage arrays, and even car mp3 player. Sorry I didn’t mention anything about it. As for why I chose JVC. I have one of their ht receivers now and I love it. It is easy to use and very dependable. As for sound quality…my ears love their receivers…
:::::I hope more people get involved with this discussion:::::

swede 27th June 2002 09:54 AM

When you have such a budget for your home theater, it is wise to consult one of the many professionals in the field. No offence, but if this is your first home theater and plan to spend so much money in hardware, it might be a good idea to have it done by a professional.


slicemaster101 27th June 2002 10:06 AM

I see why you would be worried but I disagree with you. It seems kind of arrogant but I have setup several home theaters and I feel it is time to do a full on job. I have done a few DIY speaker projects and I plan to do at least 2 more before I start this BIG project. I know some people in the biasness of custom speaker and home theater design and implementation and they said if I run into a wall they could help any time. I thank you for you feedback and I am looking forward to hearing more form you as well as other people.


baby_huey0 27th June 2002 12:48 PM

As with markkanof; I'm curious about your use of JVC equipment. I'm used it with good result but for the quality of the theatre your building it would probably be one of the weal points in the chain. Something like a new preamp/processor would be better. I know the new bryston processor does 7.1, as with Anthem, Sunfire, Rotel, and a bunch of toher companies.

Another thing is your dvd player, upgrading that would also be a good thing. Since you are going to have a projector you would want a progressive scan dvd player. Something like the Sony DVP-n9000ES would definitley work well with the system.

I didn't notice a price for cables either. You can build your own cables if you want to, or buy them. I'm not saying spend insane amounts, just don't skimp on cheap ones.

One more thing is the tweeter you plan to use. The others can correct me but its Fs is very high, it would be easier to cross over one with a lower Fs.

Now that i've written a book I'll stop now.....Don't worry, I'll be back!


Apogee 27th June 2002 06:19 PM

Slice -

I too would buy the Bryston preamp for this project...

For your subs you might consider going with the Bag End ELF series... Buy a pair of ELF 18's and an ELF 1 processor. The system is good down to 8 hz... It does require LOTS of power though... figure on 500 watts per sub so I would buy 2 amps and bridge them... This is what I use...

For sound dampening you might check out the various links on this page... It'll get you started...

You will need acoustic panels behind the curtains so plan on it... Sheetrock walls by themselves just don't cut it...

Lastly, I would consider bumping up your speaker budget amount a bit... I don't think $5k is enough... It would be a shame to build such a nice theater with such good equipment and then skimp on the speakers... I would be plan on 4 identical matched speakers for your mains and rears, same brand for your center and then two smaller satellites for your sides....

Finally, you might consider something like this to tune the room... It'll let you correct for all sorts of stuff... The 482 is all you will need - you use a computer so set it up and basically forget that it's there...

Should be pretty cool!

Have fun!!!


slicemaster101 28th June 2002 12:16 AM

I am a fan of JVC but I am not set in stone. I have experienced nothing but quality with them. I am open to using BRYSTON but what about cost? How much does the sucker cost? And I am going to design and build the speakers for this system and that’s that. I understand the concerns about the tweeter though and what wondering if the Vifa D25AG-35-06 would be a better choice? It is a 6-ohm driver so it would make the crossover slightly more complex. Another concern is would the BRYSTON processor be compatible with a theater automation system? No offence but I like astatically pleasing things in my house and the BRYSTON remote control is dam ugly. I could live with it though. Baby_huey0 you are mistaken because it is a progressive scam DVD player. And I would never get a Sony. I have had some bad experiences with Sony. Just remember I come here to hear your ideas and this is great I am getting this type of response. As for sound dampening I have that in the excel spreadsheets Apogee. If you mean soundproofing the room that is in another budget and that is my father’s responsibility, and he knows what he is doing. The subs I think are a bit overboard as well as tuning the room. They are good ideas but they are just not for me.


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