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bbksv 1st October 2004 11:13 PM

Nearfield vice Farfield
What is the difference between listening in the nearfield vice listening in the farfield??

claudio 2nd October 2004 12:16 AM

in the NF what you hear is mostly the direct sound from the speakers, while in the FF what you hear is the combination of loudspeakers direct sound + the reverberated sound of the walls and objects in the room.



bbksv 2nd October 2004 04:34 PM

Is there anything special you have to do to set up in the nearfield??

Are some speakers designed specifically for the near/far fields??

claudio 2nd October 2004 06:05 PM

The speakers used in recordings studios are designed for NF; at home I never heard of someone listening to music in the NF. In the NF you are very close to the speakers.

jcarr 2nd October 2004 06:32 PM

I listen from about 100~150cm away from the speakers. I design commercial audio equipment, and I am always interested in finding out in what areas my designs and prototypes are weak.

Far-field listening tends to gloss over differences, while with close listening the problems are literally in your face, which is exactly what I want. As Claudio mentioned, this is the same thinking as for recording and broadcast studios.

I find that speakers suited for close-up listening usually have the midrange driver and tweeter in close physical proximity. I normally run a two or three-way compact monitor with a separate pair of subwoofers, crossed over normally at 80~120Hz, sometimes somewhat lower.

hth, jonathan carr

THOR 3rd October 2004 05:20 AM

I have been listening near field(43"-~ 107cm) for over 5 years now in my living room and wouldnt have it any other way. However the road to nirvana was paved with the carcasses of many moniter 2 ways with sub.
Midbass/mid+tweeter may work for mastering , but not for recreating music in the home, in my expierience. All of them sounded "split" and not coherent. In my expierience its impossible to get the tweeter close enough to the mid, unless its a concentric co- ax.5 years ago i switched to the Jordan JX93S "full range" with sub . This was the answer! While not perfect, I was finally listening to coherent MUSIC , not HI FI. i listen to some pink floyd, country, female singers , but 90 % to classical from full orchestra with double chorus down to chamber ensombles ( almost ALL acoustic instruments ) . The 2 Jordans are 64 inches apart but 43 " to each ear , toed in to cross just in front of my face. The 2 subs are directly beside my listening chair , 1 on each side, also at 43" to my ears ( time aligned with sats) all the speakers totally dissapear and the image is between 5 ft and 14 feet wide ( a solid 90deg. angle from my seat) depending on the music/ venue and from 5 to 40 feet away. There is virtually no intreaction from the room compared to the direct sound. My room vanishes and what is heard is the recording venue. There is practually no sensation of the performers being in the room with me (it is not "they are here") but i am almost totally transported into thier original venue space ("I am there!") The ambiance is retrieved in a most amazing way. I am seated in front of the performers in thier own orig space . This makes for an exciting, imersive, emotional musical event drawing u completely into the music.
The sats are run "full range" ( not cut off on the bottom ) , are max flat to 100 HZ and sealed so roll off @ 100 Hz, and the subs are sealed and XOed @ 100 HZ and EQed. They are - 4 or 5 Db down @ 20 hz
The *MAX* spl i listen to is 103 db.
The room is 14 X 30 feet , The wall behind the speakers is covered by heavy wool Berber carpet 6' high X 18 ft long set out 2" from the wall forming a 25 cubic ft. bass trap (it also covers a window soffit ). Its taken me 50 years of DIY to arrive at this point and im happy:)

mazeroth 3rd October 2004 05:43 AM

THOR, I never thought about making a setup like yours, but man, after reading what you just wrote I'm REALLY thinking about trying it out! Any chance you could post some pics of your setup? I'm dying to check it out!

Also, with your setup do you think the results are because you're using only one full-range driver per side, or do you think I could get similar results with a mini line-array, using 4-6 of these highly praised 3" Tang Bands:

I listen to a lot of rock and some metal, with the ocassional Norah Jones or classical, so I'm thinking I'll need a bit more volume.


THOR 5th October 2004 05:32 AM

hi Mazeroth
I just happen to have 7 of those TBs that we are building for a friends ht and we placed 2 side by side for a center and i stood them up and a/b them with the single driver jordans. MTMs and mini line arays do not work nearfield it too just sounds split, with the singers mouth seeming to strech from the bottom edge of the lower one to the top edge of the top one . it didnt sound too bad till i played it against the jordan , hoping it would be a match. no such luck! The Jordan simply killed it dead (2- TBs=$24, 1Jordan =s $135 ) so whats new? The nearfield, the wall treatment, the Jordans, tubes on the Jordans,room size all contribute to what i described. Away from the jordans in his room the ht sounds great for what it is, with an 8" JBL sub. But he still wants my jordans LOL. Thats what he gets for pinching dollars (and he has the $$$ ) i took my jordans over to ab them and he almost cryed!

inertial 5th October 2004 09:40 AM

(sorry for my english)
Hi Thor,
IMHO the" nearfield experience"show a simply thing : line array concept is "erroneus" .
I have some doubt about 1,07 m stereo triangle,
(big orchestra,etc) i prefer 1,8-2 m triangle with "coventional" minimonitor and heavy control of firsts reflections .
In your setup why not Manger instead jordan? :)
Hi !

THOR 5th October 2004 12:42 PM

hi Inertial
good question . 1) i have heard dificulties with the mangers
2) im retired on a tight fixed income and here the mangers are $$$)
If i were to change it would be to supravox 215 signature bicones that are not so pricey and play glorious music on open baffels, not mangers:)
90% of my listening is acoustical instruments, so tone and music is my goal not "hi fi" sound. ill take a few small warts as long as it recreats true to life ( as close as i can get) tone, timber, image and musical emotion from the artists :)
The Jordans do this and the supravox to a higher level .
My other 2 "wi$hed for" $peakers are the Tannoy dual concentric 15", simply the finest co ax i ever heard, and the field coil supravox, perhaps the finest FR ever made. i prefer all of these to manger . sorry , but thats me. I live 1 1/2 hrs from Las Vegas and the CES, so have heard most. another fave are DR. Bruce Edgars horns for different reasons but beyond my reach $$:) I have heard them extensively at Bruces SoCal Horn Club meetings. they are supurbe.

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