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tktran 21st July 2004 05:38 AM

Peerless exclusive tweeter comment?
Has anyone heard and care to comment on this tweeter?

What can we deduce from the datasheet?

rabbitz 21st July 2004 12:17 PM

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It's a special that only WES carries and it is supposed to compliment the HDS drivers. WES use it in their kits designed by SSS.

I've used it on a couple of different bookshelf speakers with the 850488 and the results were very good indeed..... a pleasant surprise. A very smooth detailed tweeter with no harshness and a very good off axis response.

Much better than the tweeter in the B&W DM303 which was the benchmark for these bookshelf speakers and probably better than those in the 6 series as well.

Better than the Peerless 811827, Vifa D26NC but not quite as good (not by much) as the SEAS 27TFFC which is around the same price. The SEAS is probably a bit more robust and can handle a bit more abuse.

This is one bookshelf that they were used in.

Dave Bullet 21st July 2004 01:11 PM

I had to look at your homepage after that comment - anyone who has any music by The KLF is worthy of a bow :D

What woofer are you looking to use? I'm after an in-expensive 2 or 2.5 way design (8 ohms) with parts sourced from Aus / NZ due to shipping $ from USA (even though our kiwi $ for forex isn't too bad at the moment)

I'd really be interested in your plans....


zed 21st July 2004 05:19 PM

I can't see any homepage url.
Can't contribute with any comment on the tweeter, sorry.

tktran 24th July 2004 09:42 AM

Thank you for your helpful reply Rabbitz,

You've put to rest my concerns about the quality of this tweeter.

For lack of time to build boxes I'm considering the WES HDS150 which pairs the 850528 (shielded version of 850488) with this tweeter, but the frequency response looks like long term listening may possibly be fatiguing- the crossover looks like it runs the the tweeter a bit on the hot side:

page 5 of 1.2MB PDF-

Had any experience/audition of the WES kits?

rabbitz 25th July 2004 01:43 PM

Hi tktran

I've never heard any of the WES HDS kits.

The one I've built has about an extra 2 litres volume. If you find the top end a bit hot you can always pad it down a bit with the L-pad. Took a while to get the level right in mine and is not hot at all. I built a second set for my daughter and had to pad hers down a tad further as her amp is quite bright...... one of the plusses of DIY you can tailor to the equipment.

For a comparison mine is 380H x 180W x 275D using 16mm MDF. Vb=11.3 litres, Fb=65Hz, F3=59Hz, 58 x 120 port. Uses a series crossover (3450Hz).

5th element 25th July 2004 02:24 PM

The top end does look a bit ott but usually fatigue is caused by peaks or a slightly raised ouput around 1-3k (maybe more) this makes the sound very foward and edgy which is most unpleasent and hard on the ears. A raised trebble output usually just adds a bit of sparkle to the sound adding false openess etc.

Ap 26th July 2004 06:16 AM

To Dave Bullet; If interested Ive got a design using the 850488 & the Vifa D25 both available from WES in Australia. Has been built by a few friends who love em, Ive also got a matching centre & a sub design as well for the HT crowd.

Dave Bullet 26th July 2004 10:20 AM

Thanks Ap, - but isn't the 850488 an 8 Ohm driver? Sorry if I didn't make myself clear - but I was after a dual woofer per side (2 way or 2.5 way) presenting a total of 8 ohms to the amp?

If you have any designs that are nominal 8 Ohm (or 6 Ohm at a pinch) I'd really appreciate anything you could share.


rabbitz 26th July 2004 03:18 PM

Hi Dave

You're going to be pushing to find dual woofers to give you an 8 ohm load. The only 5" I know of is the Vifa M13SG-09-16 that is 16 ohm (from WES) and will give a nominal 8 ohm in parallel. You can find a few 4 ohm ones out there that you could run in series to give you a nominal 8 ohm.

Good luck.

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