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sqlkev 16th July 2004 09:43 PM

line arrary with PE buyout drivers??
I've never build any line arrays before and been wanting to try this route..
are there any current plans for this driver ?

and maybe i could mate them with the AR buyout tweeter as well??
any suggestions?
I'm very new at this...but i'm willing to learn as i progress with this project.

chipco3434 17th July 2004 01:12 AM

I'm listening to those 4" Pioneers right now with Dayton ribbons in 7' open baffles. They sound fantastic.

Running with a BrianGT NIGC. Adcoms, JBL's and Klipch's haven't been turned on for months...

Line array's :) :)

AJ 17th July 2004 02:07 AM


I just bought 40 of the PE 4 inchers and I've been looking at the PT2 planar tweeters. Is that the same tweeter you have mounted in your picture?

Also, I was considering open baffle as well with a 4th order XO to stereo subs at ~150Hz. Are you high passing your array or just letting them run free?

Nice looking speakers!


Hybrid fourdoor 17th July 2004 03:20 AM

I'd say you might get better response from the 299-492 Infinity 4.5" and the 269-702 Onkyo Tweeter (without the phase shield) crossed over with 2nd order or higher at 4.5K-5KHz.

You'd save about a $1 per woofer, and about $1 per tweeter, so if you buy 8 each per side, you'd save $30 right there. Plus the above combo would have a descent freq response. About $80 worth of drivers....not too bad for an experiment :)

EDIT: Also with the above Vifa drivers, you could buy a 4" hole saw and cut perfect holes real fast.

A hole saw in case your not familar....I love these things for smaller woofers/midranges

sqlkev 17th July 2004 05:35 AM

what you have there looks fantastic :cool:
exactly what im looking for but i want my cabinet black
would u happen to have the link to the 4" pioneers??
and is the line array open back??
i love messy wirings :o

when do u plan to start with ur project?
it would be nice if u could get some pics of the project as it progresses..
maybe i could copy off something from u? :D

wouldnt the high FS on that infinity woofer limits my lower midbass reponse??
i dont expect to have massive midbass from the line array...but i dont think i would want to cross the sub that high either..
btw...i dont have any plans for a sub yet :(

keep the suggestions coming guys...i appreciate it..
the 4" pioneer array looks promising though:)

oh..and im lucky that i have that exact hole saw kit..

TheoM 17th July 2004 05:40 AM

I'm working on a line array myself. Read this:

Its Jim Griffin's guidelines for small line arrays - highly recommended.

sqlkev 17th July 2004 05:51 AM

impressive document..
thanks for the link..
ill find some time to read the article later this weekend

chipco3434 17th July 2004 06:02 AM

I used these tweeters and like the sound better than the Onkyo's used in my first effort

Version 1

The Daytons in Version 2
Dayton ribbon PT2

I crossed the array at 5000 with a second order Butterworth using polypro caps and air coils. In the case of a 5000 Hz cross, this puts about 90 percent of the music through the 4" drivers. I supplement with a POS sub cranked up to 180Hz. The overall effect is breathtaking. I listen to classical and rock. I enjoy high SPL's and these deliver. The open baffle thing is new to me. But the clarity is remarkable.

I used a hole saw to construct. Spray some Pledge wax on the saw. It will cut more freely. Drill the back side first a quarter inch deep and then drill from the front side to avoid breakout. It helps to drill some 1/4" holes in the hole saws kerf in the wood to give the place for the sawdust to escape. I radiused the back edge of the holes and put a slight counterbore (with a router) on the front to accept the drivers a little more flush.

You can make one set of speakers with 1 piece of 3/4" mdf veneer and four pieces of 1-1/2" material for the stiles. The baffles are 12" and the side bracing is cut on the diagonal, 9" at the bottom and 3" at the top (thus making 4 braces out of two 12" x 8' pieces). The side braces are biscuit joined to the stiles and similarly joined to the baffle. The overall height is 7'4". Be advised that this design assures absolutely no WAF.

You should start building tonight. Wire them in your den. Don't worry, if your wife bought a good vacuum, it should be able to pick up the sawdust, bits of wire, and stripped insulation from the Burber carpeting. Just don't drop the soldering iron on the floor. You will be obliged to surreptitiously purchase a throw rug from Walgreens at 2AM (they're open 24 hours!).

Knock yourself out! :smash:

sqlkev 17th July 2004 06:10 AM

wow chipco..thanks for the woodworking tips..
i really want to start on ur project now..but i cant seem to find any more pioneer buyout drivers from partsexpress..
maybe theyve ran out of them :( barely 22 and no wifey yet :o
the only whos doing the vacuuming would be me and solely me

can i at least get the details of ur plan to keep?
the numbers are playing tricks on me at this hour :xeye:

chipco3434 17th July 2004 06:13 AM


Are you high passing your array or just letting them run free?
I let the Pioneers run free on the bottom. They're all done at 200Hz I think. That's where the (sub-par) lofi sub will almost go when turned all the way up. Close enough. WTF? They're $200 speakers after all. That wouldn't cover the cost of a converation about an IEC power cord at Audio Asylum's cable forum!

...and yes, they're open backed with lots of wires 'n stuff in plain site. However, I usually listen from the front so I don't notice.

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