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m1abrams 26th May 2004 11:28 PM

Looking for a "thin" center speaker design
Ok well I thought I had decided on the following Audax kit

for my first diy speaker setup. However I have run into one snag. The center speaker for that kit is TOO tall for the location I need to place it. Due to constraints placed by my wife, the center speaker needs to be no taller than 7". It can however be up to 34" wide and 25" deep.

The Audax kit has a center with a 11" height :(.

With a constaint of 7" I am thinking that pretty much rules out any speaker with a 6.5" driver. Not even sure a 5" driver would fit.

I have been looking around the web for a speaker kit, and or design that fits my requirements and have yet to find one. Does anyone here have any suggestions?

Timn8ter 26th May 2004 11:45 PM

It's sold as a kit but the GR Research AV3S is only 8" tall. If you have to go less than that perhaps the Spires center would work.
Creative Sound

m1abrams 27th May 2004 12:06 AM

Thanks for the input. I actually had already considered the AV3S, however that is just a little too tall :(

The Spires look very interesting, and the center speaker would fit very well. They are also a bit cheaper to build then the Audax kit would be.

Need to do a little research on how people thought of them, sure there are already threads about that. My first concern is the size of the "tweeter", seems a little big. But maybe through research I will discover why ;)

johninCR 27th May 2004 01:29 AM

I'm guessing that this is for on top of a TV, but under a shelf. If that's the case it's a good opportunity for a dipole center channel. The TV and shelf would form baffle wings. Since you don't have enough width for an array, something like a couple of Adire AV5's with the audax tweeter they recommend in a sideways MTM. All you'd have to build is a front baffle to attach under the shelf and fit reasonably well above the TV (use a dark foam rubber as a gasket for the TV since an airtight seal isn't critical) and maybe some polyfill behind the drivers. Nice, simple, cheap, and more natural vocals and dialogue than a box speaker can produce.

m1abrams 27th May 2004 01:42 AM

johninCR - you guessed right, this setup is going inside a armoire(sp?) with between the TV and the top of the unit.

If I follow your idea you would not have a box, but use the armoire itself as the box and just build a baffle.

another interesting idea, however I would not even no where to begin for the crossover points (this is my first project).

johninCR 27th May 2004 05:10 AM


My idea would work if you took the back off of the armoire. If it's up against the wall, that would be a problem too, because you don't want it to become just a sealed box. If you don't want to mess with a crossover, then you need a full range driver. If you want to go boxless you need a Qts of at least .5 , which severly limits selection. There are a number of good 4" , 5" , or 6" full range drivers that can be boxed. Even ones with good enough sensitivity where just one will make a fine speaker.

Also, you said it was a center channel. Your center channel should match your mains for best results.

What's your budget?

navin 27th May 2004 06:53 AM

under 7" means that the inside box dimensions will be at best 5.5".

this means that if you are looking for a MTM you are looking at 4.5" woofers. I have bult a MMTMM using vifa tc series drivers. if you bug me in private i can send you a photo. i dont want to crowd this forum with big photos.

however i can tell you from my expereince that this is anot an ideal location for a MMTMM. I might consider a fullrange based on th TBW3-871, FE107, FF85K, JX92 etc. You can use multiple drivers (say 3) and roll of the outer 2. so you get a sort of MTM but the Xo freq is around 300-500Hz and not 2-3k as it would be in a more conventional MTM or MMTMM.

Greg B 27th May 2004 07:23 AM

It looks like a full range driver or coaxial driver is the only thing that can really meet that requirement.

The fostex FE127 is shielded and would be a good choice. You could use the FE167 or FE207 for the mains. The fostex drivers are quite good.

Or, Seas makes some small shielded coaxials that would work. There's various DIY plans on the web.

I'd be inclined to go for the Japanese full range solution myself.

'Sideways' MTM's are best avoided IMHO.

Greg B

navin 27th May 2004 07:29 AM

107 center and rear with 167 mains are an excellent combo from what i hear.

m1abrams 27th May 2004 12:12 PM

hmmm, sounds like from the comments that the Spires kit might be a good choice for my situation.

I have read more and more about them and they seem pretty good.

I also understand that my current location requirements are not ideal, however I am sure as most people with wives know this is something you don't argue with much.

My plan though is this is my warmup project, I hope to build many more. So it is very important the wife FULLY approves of this one, the next one I may be able to push a little more to "remove" the armoire ;).

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